How to Create Artistic Fashion Films

first_imgWhether you’re shooting the runway or a stylized documentary, here are a few great examples and tips for creating engaging fashion film projects.Above image from DANSE À DEUX TEMPSFashion films are a cinematographer’s dream – moody, stylized and often experimental. Unlike commercials, which are forthright in their messaging and typically utilize an “appeal to the masses” approach, fashion films aim for a softer sell and typically target a niche audience. The proliferation of web video has led to an increase in this ‘genre.’ Brands have taken notice, using this platform as way to forge deeper connections with their audience.Whether it’s through product placement in narrative form, documentary-style personal profiles or simply through a video lookbook, the following projects represent some of the best fashion films. Then, read on for considerations on gear, music and talent when shooting your own fashion film project.This post comes hot on the heels of New York Fashion Week, the industry’s preeminent bi-annual event. Our friends over at Shutterstock are covering this year’s NYFW, with loads of footage and photos that you can license for your own fashion related projects.Fashion Films: Story & StyleYour story will differ depending on your audience, product, and client, but the goal is all the same… inspire people to buy the product. Obviously this looks much different than simply creating a commercial. In fact, most fashion films don’t mention the products at all. Instead, good fashion films often highlight the products in a subtle way. What story do you want to tell?Different Fashion Film GenresAlthough ‘fashion film‘ is a bit of a nebulous term, we can break it down into a few potential subgenres…1. Product Placement FilmsUnlike traditional commercials where the product takes center stage, the following videos don’t push the sell.For example, this film created by Jessy Moussallem for Vanina is a great example of an inspiring fashion film. Part music video, part choreography video…you wouldn’t overtly know they were pushing a product at all. Some incredible cinematography work went into creating this stunning fashion film.The following video created by Öctagon was designed to inspire people who like skateboarding to buy their products. It’s an unconventional approach for a skate video – highly stylized, black and white color grade, visual effects. It’s futurusitic, a bit dystopian and edgy…and it works.In this skateboarding video created for New Balance, we see a few skateboarding celebrities using the products. The video is a little more “corporate” than the other videos in this genre, but it’s a good practical example of that sweet spot where a commercial meets a film.2. A-Day-in-the-Life Film“Day-in-the-life” documentaries are arguably the most popular style of fashion film out there right now and for a good reason….the “lifestyle” approach connects with audiences. These documentary-like films showcase a subject doing various things which the potential audience would find interesting, but unlike ‘Cool People Doing Cool Stuff,’ day-in-the-life films focus on the beauty in the mundane.In this film created by Free People, we follow a girl as she travels throughout a mountain landscape. Notice how the style of the film complements the clothes she wears. This is a topic we’ll discuss in more detail below.The day-in-the-life style has become so synonymous with fashion films that it’s become a parody in itself. In this mockumentary, Viva Vena flips the script and makes fun of the day-in-the-life films that they frequently create. While you’ll probably want to take a serious approach to your film, it’s definitely a funny watch.3. Narrative FilmsOne popular way to create an artistic fashion film is to use a narrative approach. A narrative fashion film typically focuses on thematic mashups where the filmmaker will try to combine different styles and themes to complement the clothing or products.This film created for Bibi Lou showcases two themes that were clearly an objective for the filmmakers: class and fun. The cinematography, location, and clothes highlight the high-class nature of the clothing, while the content, music, and VO make it more fun. You’ll notice that the narrative isn’t quite as traditional as a ‘normal’ short film.This film created for Ted Baker is more traditional in its approach to storytelling, but you’ll notice that the clothing seems to ‘pop’ a lot more than in a traditional film. This is because when making a fashion film, there’s a focus on making the products look good. This also translates into making meaningful set design choices and spending extra time on color in post.This film created for Love Stories is exactly what the name brand implies. The film is simply a narrator talking about his love for a girl, with lighthearted cinematography to make the entire film feel more empathetic. It’s interesting to see that, instead of focusing on spectacular cinematography, the filmmakers focused more on creating a fun story.4. Music-Driven FilmsA music-driven fashion film will highlight the clothing by cutting incredible cinematography together with a good music track that evokes the right tone for the clothing being presented. If you’re looking for the right music for fashion films, I highly recommend checking out our library here at PremiumBeat.This film created for JT by Jessica Trosman is one part music-driven video, one part experimental film. The film definitely complements the artistic nature of the clothing Jessica is trying to sell.Another great example of a fashion film is this music video called  Snooze created for Forty Five Ten, Tootsies, and Haggar. The film is essentially indistinguishable from a traditional music video. This style can be a fun way to showcase your client’s brand in a non-traditional way.5. Experimental Fashion FilmIf you want your fashion film to stand out, experimental is the way to go. However, the biggest challenge when creating an experimental film is to create an engaging film that doesn’t isolate the audience. You don’t want someone to be so weirded out by your unconventional storytelling that they don’t look at the clothing! It’s a fine line… but when done correctly, an experimental fashion film can be quite effective.This film created for Upton Belts uses contrast to emphasize the bold nature of the belts being sold. The film is successful by being visually stunning and approachable for mass audiences.This film created for Ioana Ciolacu is a little more experimental in it’s approach to storytelling, but if you investigate the brand, it actually falls right in line with their clothing style.6. Fashion DocumentaryA behind-the-scenes or documentary approach can give viewers a behind-the-scenes look, while humanizing a brand.This documentary simply showcases Naked and Famous Denim’s process and values through interviews and b-roll footage. As far as craft goes, the film looks fairly easy to create, yet the content makes it just as good as the other videos in this post.This film created for Helen Rödel is a simple VO with b-roll footage of the creation process. But the thing that really makes this film stand out is the cinematography. The shots are up close, intimate, and raw… just like the clothing brand.7. LookbooksIn fashion, a lookbook is simply a booklet that showcases clothing or products that will be released in a given fashion season. Some companies are choosing to create lookbook films as well. These can look very different depending on the brand/intent.This lookbook created for Urban Outfitters is simply a series of models on a white backdrop wearing the clothes with a very unique motion graphics effect applied to them. The result is a cool overview of the clothing styles and an entertaining video.This is another example of a lookbook created for Ezekiel. The film pairs footage of a small European village with the clothing to supplement the tone that Ezekiel was going for. Finding Music for Fashion FilmsBehind every great fashion film is a great music track. Music has the power to radically change the way your audience perceives your film… and subsequently the clothing. When picking the right track, you want to focus more on how the track will complement the clothing. This all depends on the type of clothing you will be selling. For example, if you are creating an ultra-sleek modern fashion film, you might want to choose an edgy electronic track. Whereas if you are creating a lifestyle video for a sweater brand, you might want to choose something a little more folksy.When it comes to selecting the right music for a fashion film, you have two options: pay an artist to create a custom track or license a royalty free track. Paying an artist can generate some amazing results, but it can also be crazy expensive. Not to mention the process of creating a custom track can take a lot of time and effort.So your best option is to license a track from a royalty free music site. Here on PremiumBeat we have thousands of custom tracks designed to be embedded seamlessly into your fashion films. Our artists handmake tracks with character and emotion. I especially recommend PremiumBeat’s fashion page for upbeat fashion-inspired tracks (also perfect for covering runways and live events).Color Considerations for FashionIf you want to take your footage to the next level, then color needs to be a cornerstone part of your post-production workflow. This is especially true if you’re creating a fashion film. Color, or more specifically color palettes, can make the clothing ‘pop.’ While the example below is a bit extreme, it does highlight how important it is to think about all of the colors in your scene.You’ll notice in the video that the colors seem to be more vibrant than most videos you watch, but that’s simply not the case. Instead, the colors are emphasized because they contrast well with the other elements in the scene. You won’t just see someone wearing a bright shirt… you’ll see the shirt as it stands in contrast with the mountains and snow.The entire frame was colored to make the clothing colors stand out the most. It’s basic color theory. When you intentionally draw out colors in your video through set design and post-processing, you can make your footage look very professional and inspiring.One color resource that I like to use is On their site you can lock in certain color values and see what colors go well with them. When fashion designers are designing clothes, they use color palettes… so why should you abandon color palettes when you edit the footage? Spend a little extra time planning out your footage color and you’ll be amazed by the result.Gear ConsiderationsWhen making a fashion film, tone is king. Before you select your camera, you need to figure out the overall tone of your scene. Will it be modern, hipster, authentic, etc.? After you’ve chose a style and tone, then you should select your camera. Most fashion films want to showcase how beautiful the clothing is, so you probably want to get a camera with a high dynamic range. Also, for color purposes, recording in RAW is a must.If your budget is slim, you could go with a Canon DSLR like the Mark III with a magic lantern hack or a Blackmagic Cinema or Pocket Camera. If your budget is middle-of-the-road, you could use something like a RED SCARLET or a Blackmagic URSA. If you’re going high end, you will always get good results with a RED EPIC or an ARRI ALEXA. Be sure to bring enough cards as well. RAW footage ills up cards incredibly quickly.While the camera is certainly important, don’t forget about lenses. If you’re wanting to get really up-close shots, you’ll want to make sure you rent or buy a macro lens. And while we’re on the subject, you should probably use prime lenses only when shooting a fashion film, as they will generate a shallow depth of field and a crisper image.Where to Find Models for Fashion FilmsIf you don’t already know a good model, then there are a few online resources out there to help you find the right model for your gig. The most popular site to find models online is Model Mayhem, but the models are almost all amateur. They’ll require quite a bit of direction once they get on set. Model Mayhem is cheap though — sometimes free, actually — so if you’re working on a low-budget fashion film, it’s probably the best way to go.Another option would be to call a modeling agency in your area. They will likely be able to find you an experienced model, but you’ll pay for it. If you’re working on a medium to high-budget shoot, this is the way to go.For more fashion film inspiration, check out the fashion section on Vimeo where they hand-select only the best fashion films.Have any other tips for shooting a fashion film? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Roger Federer bows out of Rome Masters

first_imgRoger Federer’s campaign at the Rome Masters ended at the third round, losing 7-6 (7/2), 6-4 to Austrian 13th seed Dominic Thiem on Thursday.Playing in Rome is Federer’s fourth tournament of the season after making a comeback following a knee surgery in early February.The Swiss third seed made a last-minute decision to play Thiem and the Austrian taking advantage finished off the match in 1 hour 18 minutes.In the quarter-finals, Thiem will either face Richard Gasquet or Kei Nishikori.It could be the beginning of a Rome Masters fairytale for the 22-year-old Austrian, who is approaching 30 wins for the season having secured two titles already and suffered defeat to Germany’s Philipp Kohlschreiber in the final at Munich nearly a fortnight ago.last_img read more

Zlatan Ibrahimovic rumours don’t bother Sweden, says Erik Hamren

first_imgSpeculation surrounding Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future is not affecting Sweden’s Euro 2016 campaign, coach Erik Hamren said on Thursday.After a lacklustre 1-1 draw with Ireland in their opener, Sweden have their work cut out to escape from Group E which also contains Belgium and Italy.Talismanic forward Ibrahimovic, who left Paris St Germain at the end of last season, failed to shine in Sweden’s first match, leading to suggestions that his uncertain future was a distraction.”No, it doesn’t bother us, we’re used to it,” Hamren told journalists. “Players play for club teams and international teams and there are a lot of rumours going around.”Of course, with a big player like Ibrahimovic there are always rumours,” he added. “It doesn’t bother us.”The 34-year-old forward scored 38 league goals last season to help PSG romp to the Ligue 1 title and has been heavily linked with a move to join Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.Sweden meet Italy in their second Group E match in Toulouse on Friday.last_img read more

The 4th Santorini Experience Draws 6,000 Visitors from 45 Countries

first_imgATHENS – The 4th Santorini Experience drew professional and amateur athletes, and over 6,000 visitors to the enchanting island of the Cyclades, October 5-7. The top sports tourism event in Greece was a success with a record number of participants from 45 countries and 5 continents in the running and swimming races. In fact, 60% of the visitors stayed in Santorini for more than 5 nights.Participants included swimmers and runners from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, USA, Russia, Qatar, South Africa, United Kingdom, Japan, and China. Greek-American Dean Karnazes, the ultra-marathon runner and author, was among the celebrities in attendance. World class names as well as the elite of the Greek national open water swimming team were also present.The top Hungarian swimmer Attila Manyoki, who excels in open water swimming races and is a member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) returned for another year to the event which is a member of the Global Swim Series (GSS). Along with him, the British two-time silver Olympic medalist at the Rio Olympics in 2016, Jazz Carlin swam for the first time, as well as the twin Greek expatriates racing with the colors of the national team of the Netherlands, George and Timos Skotadis.Swimmers at Santorini Experience have an impressive view of the island. Photo by Elias LefasThe elite of the Greek national team along with top professional athletes had a dynamic presence in the swimming race. The national team consisted of George Arniakos, Dimitris Negris, Stellina Aplanti, Dejan Giovanovic, Dimitris Manios, Irene Diakoumakou, Maria Filopoulou, Maria Liossi, Anastasia Kyrili, Konstantinos Konstantineskou, Panagiotis Alogakos, Maria Kirykou, Triantafyllia Diakoumakou, Marianota Elmali, and Melina Trochalaki.The federal coach and technical director of the 1.5 miles (2.4km) open water swimming by Vikos, Nikos Gemelos applied FINA’s regulations on Sunday, October 7, and implemented the race with the approval of the Hellenic Swimming Federation, following all safety rules. At the same time, the event took care of the amateur athletes with the addition of the safety buoy and other high standard safety measures. The swimmers started in two groups from the volcano, ending their race at the old port of Fira, with the impressive view of the island in front of them. The Men’s winner was Dimitris Negris, George Arniakos finished 2nd, and Dejan Jovanovic in 3rd place. In the women’s race, Olympic medalist Jazz Carlin was 1st, Irene Diakoumakou finished 2nd, and Maria Filopoulou came 3rd. Detailed results are available on the official page of the event: the safety of the race, 50 specialized escorts in the water assisted with the help of Lifeguard Patrol, which also had several lifeguard boats beyond its staff and the people of Santorini who assisted with their own boats, the Voluntary Lifeguards of Santorini, Atlantis Dive Center, Mediterranean Dive Club, Santorini Nautical Club, and most of all the Boatmen Union Santorini which carried the athletes to the volcano and helped in the smooth implementation of the open water swimming race.On Saturday, October 6, the 15km, 10km and 5km “Aristides Alafouzos” running races were held. All routes started from the desalination plant in Oia, with parts of trail track and a background of the magnificent images from the volcano overlooking the Caldera, as well as the settlements of Imerovigli, Firostefani, Oia, and with a finish in Oia. The running routes are designed by the former marathon runner, Greek classic route record holder, running trainer and director of All About Running, Nikos Polias. Santorini Experience has joined the World’s Marathons global community. The running results are also available online: should be noted that many athletes decided to run for the joy of sports without being timed.From the left: two-time silver Olympic medalist in taekwondo Alexandros Nikolaidis and Olympic and European champion in 400m with hurdles Periklis Iakovakis. Photo by Mike TsolisIn terms of the social events, Municipal Sports Cultural Environmental Organization of Santorini (DAPPOS) hosted an open concert with the Greek-German artist FIONA, in the surrounding area of the Indoor Hall DAPPOS, on October 6. The International Dancing Group of Santorini “Stamatina Xiarchou” and Association of Pontians Eptamyloi Serres “Akrites” opened the concert.On October 5, on the occasion of Santorini Experience, Samsung (as the official technology partner), in cooperation with the local Kotsovolos store, organized the event “Kotsovolos and Samsung present the Hotel of the Future” at the conference hall of DAPPOS informing the island’s hoteliers of all the latest developments and the benefits of technology in their industry. Samsung enriched the experience of those participating and attending the event with the innovative Samsung Galaxy ecosystem services, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, coupled with the Gear 360, the Gear VR, and unique 360 degrees content.Santorini Experience is co-organized by the Municipality of Santorini, Municipal Sports Cultural Environmental Organization of Santorini (DAPPOS), and Active Media Group. The event was held under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization and approved by the Hellenic Swimming Federation. More information is available online: festive end to the open water swimming race by Vikos. Photo by Babis GiritziotisThe elite of the Greek national open water swimming team was present at Santorini Experience 2018. Photo by Mike TsolisThe Santorini Experience running race. Photo by Babis GiritziotisFrom the left: Konstantinos Konstantineskou, Santorini Mayor Nikos Zorzos, President of the Boatmen Union Santorini Makis Kanakaris, George Arniakos, Dejan Jovanovic, President of DAPPOS, and Lefteris Tzouros. Photo by Mike TsolisThe Santorini Experience running race with a view to the volcano. Photo by Elias LefasGeorge Arniakos in the Santorini Experience open water swimming race by Vikos. Photo by Elias LefasA unique image from the Santorini Experience running race with a view to the volcano. Photo by Elias LefasTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

‘It is an honour to be linked with Barcelona’

first_imgTransfers It is an honour to be linked with Barcelona, says Brandt Matthew Scott Last updated 2 years ago 17:09 10/28/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Brandt - cropped Bongarts Transfers Barcelona Primera División Bayern München Bayer Leverkusen Bundesliga Athletic Club The Liga club have been credited with an interest in the Bundesliga star, but he is not getting carried away Julian Brandt described reports linking him to Barcelona as “an honour”, but the Bayer Leverkusen star is wary of letting the interest go to his head.After four seasons of consecutive Champions League qualification, Leverkusen dropped out of the top four last term, ultimately finishing 12th in a campaign which cost Roger Schmidt his job.15/4 for Bilbao and Barcelona to draw Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Missing out on European competition came with fears that Germany international Brandt could leave, with Bayern Munich strongly linked, but the winger opted to stay at the BayArena.He has now been mentioned as a potential January target for Barca, who remain on the hunt for attacking options after failing to land Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool.”This is an honour in any case, I will not deny that now,” Brandt told Omnisport. “Of course, this is always a sign that your achievements were not for nothing.”And like I said, of course it reflects your performance on the pitch, but you have to block out something like that in the end.”If you always float on a cloud and say: ‘I’m such a cool guy, because this club wants to have me’, this is the wrong way, because then you drop with your achievements.”HD Julian BrandtHeiko Herrlich has taken charge of the Leverkusen first team and they are on the up after a shaky start, winning three and drawing two of their last five in all competitions, including a 5-1 win at Borussia Monchengladbach last week, leaving them ninth.Brandt remains hopeful Leverkusen can get back amongst the front-runners, but is taking things one step at a time.”That will be tough. I guess first of all we want to settle in the top half of the league. That should be our first goal,” he added.”Since a few weeks we are something like 11th, 12th, 13th in the table.”That we don’t feel that well about that is obvious, but now the goal should be to distance ourselves from the lower spots. After that the sight goes to the top spots too but everything at its time.”last_img read more

Kevin Durant is the NBA’s best player, but the Warriors are way more fun without him

first_imgShare on WhatsApp US sports Golden State Warriors Players cut harder. They zoom to the basket with more force. The ball skips across the court. Curry and Klay Thompson play with a different energy. They know they’re needed. Thompson gets to contribute properly, not just spot up in the corner or curl off screens.Durant’s arrival at Golden State in 2016 took a 73-win juggernaut and turned it into a basketball supernova. Luck, Draymond Green’s antics, and dopey league rules (veteran players – the ones moaning about the unfairness of Durant’s arrival, by the way – opted for a spike in the salary cap, rather than the “smoothing” proposal offered by the league, which would have seen the cap rise more steadily and not allowed a superstar to join forces with three others) conspired to allow the best regular-season team in league history to add the second biggest star of this era for cash.For two years Durant has been dominant. He’s been the key cog on back-to-back championship teams, the two-time Finals MVP. Just this year, everything was going through him. The Warriors’ riverdance often made way to Steve Kerr begging his seven-footer to bail him out. Durant delivered – he was averaging 34 points with five rebounds and five assists in this year’s playoffs before he sustained a calf injury. It felt like he had gone to another level. Whispers started: “Where would this team be without Durant?” As it turns out, they’d be fine. The Warriors cruised to the NBA finals without him, finishing off the Rockets in six games and sweeping the Blazers.Time apart from Durant has reminded people just how special Curry is. He has become strangely underrated in recent years. He’s the nice guy. The goofball. But he’s also the guy who makes the Warriors sing. His unselfishness is contagious. Pinpoint him on any Warriors possession, and you’ll see two or three defenders scurrying after him. Everybody gets easier shots just because he’s on the floor, even if he’s having an off shooting night. He’s closer to the best player in the NBA than he is to the fifth – the Warriors are now 31-1 in the last 32 games they’ve played with Curry but without Durant.Durant heading to New York has been a constant storyline. His looming decision has bugged the star and his teammates all year. Leaving would now be the best outcome for all. The Warriors will be permanently fun again. Any of the bitterness that has built up over the past three seasons will dissipate. Fans will get a more balanced league.Durant will get a chance to win a title on his own, break the Knicks’ 46-year curse and become a basketball immortal. Those who place a giant asterisk next to his time with the Warriors will have no comeback. And that is the most likely outcome. Any hope of Durant sticking around has all but evaporated thanks to this playoff run. Share via Email The Rockets lost more than a playoff series. Their title window has closed Share on LinkedIn Basketball Since you’re here… NBA finals Kalyb Champion features Support The Guardian Topicscenter_img Share on Twitter The first thing you need to know is a cold hard fact: the Warriors are a better team with Kevin Durant on the floor. The discourse surrounding Golden State’s fifth-straight trip the NBA finals might have you think otherwise. The Warriors wrapped up the series sweep on Monday with a 119-117 overtime win in Portland. They did so without Durant, currently the best player in the world.This series wasn’t always easy. The Blazers held leads of 17 points or more during three games of the series. It didn’t matter. It rarely does against these Warriors. Once they get rolling, really rolling, and the threes are falling, Curry is scoring, and (pardon the rhyme) Draymond starts soaring, there’s nothing anyone can do. Leads disintegrate in the blink of an eye.One thing is undeniable, however: the Warriors are more fun without Durant. It’s about aesthetics versus raw output. How comfortable the team looks without him is almost alarming. When Durant sits during games, it can take time for the team to find the old rhythm. Things get a little clunky. But given some runway, the old, pleasing, egalitarian style flows back. Which is what made the Warriors so infectious in the first place. Reuse this content NBA Share on Facebook Durant hears all the noise. Modern stars do, whether they admit it or not. In the social media age, it’s pinged directly into their inbox. Basketball players are not regular famous people. They spend a lot of time on the road in hotel rooms. They cannot go outside if they want to stay anonymous: not only are they celebrities, but they’re also unusually tall. And so they stay inside. They sit in their rooms. They order room service. They play cards. They talk with their inner circle. They stew. In that environment, resentment builds.It seems to particularly affect Durant. Rarely have we seen a superstar who is so in his feelings. He claps back at random people on Instagram. He created a slew of burner Twitter accounts to defend himself against criticism for leaving OKC and seeking the “easy” path in Golden State. Remember: this is the best player in the NBA, the reigning two-time Finals MVP. And he’s getting upset at Mike from accounting.All of these things can be true at once:Durant has usurped LeBron James as the best player in the NBA.The Warriors won the last two championships because of Durant.Moving to Golden State made Durant’s ability to win championships significantly easier.Moving employers to make your life easier and career more successful is a perfectly reasonable decision.The Warriors are more fun without Durant.The Warriors don’t need Durant.Many people focus on the last two points. So, seemingly, does Durant. Winning cures all, we say. People forgave LeBron for The Decision once he won in Miami. They saw how hard the struggle was. But winning for Durant in Golden State hasn’t brought the adoration he was seeking. He thought winning would fix everything, but winning was precisely the reason people were mad in the first place. They knew it was going to be easy. Proving them right didn’t garner support, it entrenched them in their opposition.Durant has gained respect throughout his time with Golden State. Whichever team he winds up with next season will instantly vault to Serious Contender status. But this year’s Warriors run will forever linger. And for a star so keen for our acceptance, that’s going to sting. Read more ‘Sweep ya dorm room’: The strange day Kevin Durant took his beef with me to Instagram Share on Pinterest Read more … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on Messengerlast_img read more

a month ago​Tottenham striker Kane: No more excuses

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Tottenham striker Kane: No more excusesby Freddie Taylora month agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham striker Harry Kane says there are no excuses for their disappointing start to the season.Spurs have two wins in their past eight games, while their run of form looks even worse if you count games from the end of last season.They are already ten points behind top of the table Liverpool.And Kane believes they have few excuses for the malaise.”I’d say it’s been disappointing, I don’t think there’s any hiding behind that,” he said to Sky Sports. “To only win two games out of our first seven is not the standards that we’ve set in previous years.”Obviously the two draws at (Manchester) City and Arsenal are not terrible results, but being 2-0 up at Arsenal and drawing does feel like a terrible result.”We’ve put ourselves in good positions this season, we just haven’t managed to see the game out or find a way to win like we have in previous years.”It’s a disappointing start, but there are plenty of games to turn that around, starting with the game on Saturday [against Southampton].”[Game management] is something we need to get better at, when we go ahead in games we need to be more confident, to see the game out, whether we drop behind the ball or carry on playing, whatever suits that game.”We’re not inexperienced any more, we’re not young any more, the excuses aren’t there for us any more. It’s down to us players to take responsibility.” last_img read more

Farmers Happy For Hounslow Animal Research Centre

first_imgFemale farmer, Judith Grant, who hails from Accompong Town in St. Elizabeth, and who operates a farm with more than 30 heads of goat, tells JIS News that the research centre will literally breathe new blood and life into the small-ruminant sector.Ms. Grant says although she is yet to benefit from the goat-revolving scheme, she is supportive of the centre, as farmers now have a source through which they can get much-needed support.“The farmers have been silently calling for this kind of support, and now that it has materialised, their farm stock will improve leaps and bounds. I hope they are open to the training and guidance that they will receive, and once that is done, the prospects for the goat industry will surpass everyone’s dream,” she argues.Another farmer, Seaton Pence, from the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland, says the research centre will also improve animal health, and support the traceability system that has been implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture.“We will now be placed in a better position to trace our animals from the time of birth to the time the meat shows up on someone’s plate. We will now be producing animals that are of the highest quality, and with the traceability programme in place, we will be able to know where the animals came from in terms of their bloodline. I am very happy for the establishment of this facility and will make use of it myself, while encouraging other farmers to join the happy band,” he tells JIS News.Meanwhile, the Hounslow Animal Research Centre is expected to play a major role in the education of agricultural science students in western Jamaica. A programme is already being worked out to include students from the nearby Newell High School, where the Ministry of Investment, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries adopted the institution’s agricultural science department. Farmers across western Jamaica, particularly in St. Elizabeth, are optimistic that the US$5-million Hounslow Animal Research facility in the parish will go a far way in improving both the quality and quantity of the nation’s small-ruminant stock. Another farmer, Seaton Pence, from the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland, says the research centre will also improve animal health, and support the traceability system that has been implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is estimated that approximately five million kilogrammes of chevon (goat meat) and just over two million kilogrammes of mutton (sheep meat) are consumed in Jamaica each year. Manager of the Hounslow centre, Audley Facey, who is also the Chief Livestock Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, notes that more than 120 goats and 60 sheep have been distributed to farmers under a livestock distribution project at the facility.Mr. Facey says the research centre will also assist farmers in not only developing new bloodlines of goat and sheep, but in controlling diseases.He points out that the facility is equipped to do testing of samples taken from animals in order for the proper treatment to be recommended and given.Mr. Facey notes that farmers are also being educated at the centre in areas such as animal husbandry, and, so far, more that 80 farmers have been trained.It is estimated that approximately five million kilogrammes of chevon (goat meat) and just over two million kilogrammes of mutton (sheep meat) are consumed in Jamaica each year. Farmers across western Jamaica, particularly in St. Elizabeth, are optimistic that the US$5-million Hounslow Animal Research facility in the parish will go a far way in improving both the quality and quantity of the nation’s small-ruminant stock.The facility, which was officially opened in 2016, offers artificial insemination and embryo transfer services to farmers who are involved in goat and sheep rearing.It was built jointly by the Agriculture Ministries of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, with support from Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), through funding from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Government of New Zealand, which also funded similar projects in six other Caribbean countries – St. Lucia, Guyana, Belize, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and Grenada.In interviews with JIS News, the farmers said the centre is providing a vital service to the agricultural sector by adding new bloodlines to the goat and sheep industry, while rebuilding the animal stock.Paul Walker, a goat farmer from Southfield, St. Elizabeth, says it will improve not only the quality of the stock but the numbers.“As farmers we are always on the hunt for new bloodlines and species of goats and sheep as we seek to satisfy the growing demand for meat. We have heard that over 10,000 new hotel rooms are coming on stream in Jamaica within a short time, and I know that they will be needing goat and sheep meat to feed the guests. It is left up to us, the livestock farmers, and particularly those of us who are involved in the small ruminant sector, to satisfy the demand,” he adds. Story Highlightslast_img read more

Pacific Basin Eyes Rights Issue to Navigate Tough Market

first_imgzoom Hong Kong-listed dry bulk shipping company Pacific Basin Shipping is planning to raise approximately USD 150.6 million through a rights issue. Pacific Basin says the proposed rights issue is to add a long-term equity capital which will be used to strengthen the company’s balance sheet and liquidity position and allow to reserve cash for potential acquisitions of second-hand Handysize and Supramax vessels ‘at historically depressed prices’.Under the move, the company is to grant its shareholders to buy shares at a subscription price of approx. USD 0.08 on the basis of one rights share for every existing share. A discount is approx. 58% to the closing price of USD 0.19 on 15 April 2016.“This rights issue represents a significant transaction for the company, adding new equity by offering existing shareholders the opportunity to buy new shares in proportion to their existing shareholdings. This fundraising removes any doubt about our ability to safely navigate the protracted weak market and the expected put of our 2018 convertible bond in October 2016. Instead, it puts us on the front foot and enhances our ability to carefully assess and potentially capitalise on opportunities in the weak market,”  Mats Berglund, Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Basin, points out.Pacific Basin’s underlying loss in 2015 was USD 27.8 million driven by continued oversupply and reduced dry bulk demand. Due to the challenging market conditions, the company underwent many changes trying to reduce expenses such as the exit from RoRo and towage business and focusing fully on dry bulk business.last_img read more

Pakistan didnt enter Indian airspace after Balakot IAF Chief

first_imgGwalior: Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa has said that Pakistani fighter planes did not enter Indian air space after the February Balakot strike. Talking to the media here the Indian Air Force Chief said: “I want to make it clear that Pakistan never entered the Indian airspace after the Balakot operation. “None of them let me tell you crossed the Line of Control.” He added: “Our objective was to strike in Balakot and we achieved it. Their (Pakistan) objective was to strike our Army areas and they could not. “We achieved our military objective while they did not achieve theirs.”last_img read more

Ed Too Tall Jones To Host Celebrity Charity Bowling is teaming with one of the biggest NFL legends of all time to host the 9th Annual NFL Foundation Super Bowl Celebrity Bowling Classic at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers.Emceed by celebrated Super Bowl champion and football star, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, the tournament aims to increase awareness and bring in donations for the NFL Foundation.“I’m so proud to once again team up with to host this great event that combines two of America’s favorite pastimes, bowling and football, all to benefit a terrific cause. The Classic has become an annual tradition and its continued success speaks to both the enduring popularity and the fundraising power of bowling,” said Jones. “With more than 69 million people taking to the lanes every year, bowling is our nation’s number one participatory sport and an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age, any background and from all walks of life.”The NFL Foundation Super Bowl Celebrity Bowling Classic brings together fans and NFL heroes alike for an exciting day of bowling. Bowlers will be teamed up with current and former NFL stars, Pro Football Hall-of-Famers and wounded warriors from joint base McGuire Air Force, Fort Dix Army and Lakehurst Naval Air in New Jersey, who will serve as rotating celebrity captains throughout the event. Fans will get an opportunity to bowl and engage with the honorary legends on an up-close and personal level.“There’s no other event like the Classic, a day where fans get to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with NFL legends in a fun and relaxed setting, and knock down some pins all for a great cause,” said Frank DeSocio, president of Strike Ten Entertainment (STE). STE is the centralized sponsor-activation arm for bowling and the creator of, the top online destination for bowling fans.Added DeSocio, “This will be a special year for the Classic as we host the game with one of the NFL’s ‘biggest’ legends of all time in the Big Apple. We’re also pleased to welcome a number of past and present NFL stars who will take part in the tournament.”Prominent NFL stars and Pro Football Hall of Fame members confirmed to participate in the Classic include: OJ Anderson, John Baker, Erich Barnes, Lem Barney, Hank Bauer, Scott Brunner, Jarrod Bunch, Greg Buttle, Chris Calloway, Harry Carson, Parnell Dickinson, Carl Eller, Chuck Foreman, Nesby Glasgow, Rodney Hampton, Thomas Henderson, Ted Hendricks, Paul Hornung, Lamonte Hunley, Ricky Hunley, Brian Kelly, Jerry Kramer, Sean Landeta, Tom Mack, Curtis McGriff, Erik McMillan, Chuck Mercein, Michael Merriweather, Tom Nowatzke, Bart Oates, Brig Owens, Joe Pisarcik, Gary Reasons, Steve Reece, Willie Roaf, Pete Shaw, Mike Sherrard, Jim Taylor, Sandra Taylor, DeeDee Trotter, Justin Tucker, Everson Walls, Chris Ward, Ickey Woods and Garo Yepremian.The event will begin at 10:30 am EST on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers in New York encourages interested parties to sign up in teams of four for a total donation of $3,000 or for $750 per bowler. Guests of bowlers may also attend the event for a charge of $250 per person. Each bowler will receive a limited edition commemorative Super Bowl XLVIII bowling ball, pin and bowling shirt as well as a buffet meal and soft drinks. All proceeds will benefit the NFL Foundation, a non-profit organization. Interested parties should contact Tournament Director Nick Nicolosi at 201-489-0049 or Newswirelast_img read more

Petco Foundation Honors Animal Welfares Best In Show

first_imgThe Petco Foundation gathered approximately 500 guests at this year’s “Celebration of Love” awards gala, which recognized seven organizations and individuals from across the country for their dedication, determination and actions to create lifesaving impacts for pets in need.The Petco Foundation’s Helping Heroes Award, presented by Natural Balance, went to Houston-based non-profit Mission K9Hosted by the animal-loving emcee, Jane Lynch (“Hollywood Game Night”, “Glee”, and “Best in Show”), the evening also featured the first-ever “Innovation Showdown.” In partnership with the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, two organizations had the opportunity to pitch their innovative lifesaving ideas for pets to a panel of expert animal welfare investors.“The Petco Foundation’s awards gala is an inspiring evening for all animal lovers,” shared Susanne Kogut, Executive Director of the Petco Foundation. “The organizations and individuals honored at this year’s event offered unique, eye-opening stories and testimonials of the dedicated hard work taking place across the country to create lifesaving communities for animals.”Dog behaviorist, Victoria Stilwell (“It’s Me or The Dog” host and author), and State Farm presented Karl Booker with the special “Unsung Hero Award” for his dedication to tirelessly working to save Lifeline Animal Project’s hardest-to-place dogs.The other 2017 awards and recipients included: • Paul Jolly Compassion Award presented by Central Garden and Pet to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association: Located in Charleston, South Carolina, the association led a dramatic shift in saving animal lives. In 2012, the lifesaving rate was at 35 percent, jumping to 63 percent in 2014, and eventually to 91 percent in 2014, staying greater than 81 percent ever since. • Spay Neuter Award presented by Merrick Pet Care to the Los Angeles Coalition for Pets and Public Safety: The organizations’ high-impact spay and neuter clinics, which first started in the city of Los Angeles, have expanded to the greater Los Angeles County, sterilizing over 100,000 animals, helping to reduce shelter intake in these often underserved communities. • Helping Heroes Award presented by Natural Balance to Mission K9: A Houston-based non-profit serving retiring and retired Military Working Dogs, Contract Working Dogs, and other Dogs Who Serve, was recognized this year for their work to reunite these heroes with their former handlers or adopt them into new loving homes. • Love Amplified Award presented by Petco to NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations for Clear the Shelters: In recognition of NBC and Telemundo owned stations marketing and community outreach efforts, in partnership with hundreds of animal shelters across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico, the stations’ “Clear the Shelters” pet adoption campaign was inspired by a local pet adoption effort spearheaded by NBC 5 (KXAS) and Telemundo 39 (KXTX) in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas and expanded nationally in 2015, resulting in more than 70,000 pet adoptions. • Lifesaving Impact Award presented by Blue Buffalo was given to Atlanta’s Lifeline Animal Project: Recognized this year for achieving a nearly 90 percent save rate despite taking in more than 16,000 animals in 2016. • The Founder’s Award was presented by Lucy Pet to Brian Devine: As former Petco CEO and Chairman, Brian Devine was honored this year for his creation of and commitment to the Petco Foundation.About the recognition, Mission K9’s founder’s Kristin Maurer said, “Receiving the Helping Heroes Award from Petco Foundation was such an incredible honor as well as a surprise. The Petco Foundation has done so much for Mission K9 Rescue already by providing life-changing financial support that we never expected more. This award not only gives us legitimacy in the non-profit community, but it also makes us proud that people recognize our work with retired working dogs!”Friday’s “Innovation Showdown” competition between animal welfare finalists – the Brandywine Valley SPCA and Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) – to present their unique ideas to save lives also drew attention from attendees and a celebrity and expert panel of judges that included Daymond John (“Shark Tank,” NY Times Bestselling Author, Founder/CEO of FUBU, and Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship under the Obama administration), Jackson Galaxy (cat behaviorist, author, entrepreneur, founder of the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, and host of “My Cat from Hell”), and Susanne Kogut (Executive Director for the Petco Foundation).Both Showdown finalists received investments from the Foundation to bring their lifesaving ideas to life, which included: • Brandywine Valley SPCA who presented “Mama in the Box,” a kitten feeding solution with a portable design to make care for bottle-baby kittens easier and safer. • Animal Care Centers (ACC) of NYC who pitched “The ACC Digital Shelter,” a digital kiosk experience that brings adoptable pets directly to where New Yorkers are as they go about their day. This interactive experience is designed to keep shelter pets top-of-mind.“Building an active animal welfare community is the key to making a city the best it can be for our animals and the people who love them,” explained Risa Weinstock, President and CEO of Animal Care Centers of NYC. “By bringing ACC directly to the people through our digital shelter platform, we are giving our animals the best chance at finding loving homes. The lifesaving investment the Petco Foundation has made to make this idea a reality will touch the lives of all New Yorkers and help to end animal homelessness in New York City and across the nation.”To help celebrate and honor all the finalists and award recipients, the awards gala also featured a paw-printed red carpet with “pawparazzi” and a photo booth for guests to capture selfies with adoptable puppies and kittens.To learn more about the Petco Foundation and awards gala, visit: read more

Darfur UN agency calls for ensuring safety of aid workers after latest

24 April 2008The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is urging the Government of Sudan and all parties on the ground to ensure the safety of aid workers after one of its drivers was shot dead while delivering vital food relief to Darfur, the second such killing in two months. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is urging the Government of Sudan and all parties on the ground to ensure the safety of aid workers after one of its drivers was shot dead while delivering vital food relief to Darfur, the second such killing in two months. The latest incident comes days after the agency announced it will have to cut food rations to the strife-torn Sudanese region by half because attacks on its trucks are preventing critical relief supplies from getting through. Mohammed Makki El Rasheed, 58 was killed on 21 April while travelling on a main transport route between North and South Darfur. The father of six was on his first-ever delivery trip to Darfur, where WFP is feeding over two million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees. “WFP is calling on all rebel groups and their commanders on the ground to ensure safety along the roads where they operate, so that humanitarian food relief can arrive to those who need it,” according to an update issued by the agency. It is also asking the Government to increase the number of police escorts for WFP convoys, so more food can get through. So far this year 60 WFP-contracted trucks have been hijacked in Darfur, with 39 trucks still missing and 26 drivers unaccounted for. Another driver was killed while transporting food in South Darfur on 24 March. The attacks have meant that WFP deliveries have dropped to less than 900 tons per day. Normally, around this time of year, the agency’s trucks should be delivering 1,800 metric tons of food daily to supply warehouses ahead of the rainy season, due to begin next month. read more

Urgent funding needed to fill teacher gap in developing world UN warns

Over 10 million teachers need to be recruited worldwide to reach the internationally agreed target of reaching universal primary education by 2015, according to new figures released by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In a message marking the 15th anniversary of World Teachers Day, observed annually on 5 October, UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura underscored the tremendous efforts many countries are making to meet that target, set out in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). “But they will not make it without recruiting and training many more teachers,” said Mr. Matsuura. “We cannot let the financial and economic crisis cut into education budgets.” He noted that lower spending on education will have dramatic short and long-term consequences on the quality of education, expressing particular concern over the 22 per cent drop in aid to basic education in 2006 and 2007 which threatens progress in low income countries. Over half of the 45 sub-Saharan African countries face a deep teacher gap, according to the new projections from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. These countries need to increase the number of employed teachers by almost 50 per cent – from 2.6 million to 3.7 million – in the eight-year period leading to 2015. “Learning conditions are already very tough in many countries,” added Nicholas Burnett, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education. “Higher pupil-teacher ratios, heavier workloads for teachers, freezes on their recruitment and lack of training could aggravate the quality deficit that already exists.” Without investing in education, especially investing in teachers, economic recovery is unattainable, said Mr. Burnett. In a joint statement marking the Day, the chief executives of UNESCO, International Labour Organization (ILO), UN Development Programme (UNDP), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Education International said that the 21st century “calls for new approaches to learning, innovative thinking, the acquisition of specific knowledge about the environment, health and citizenship and the promotion of ethical values and attitudes. “The ability of education systems to respond effectively to the needs of today’s learners depends largely on the action that is taken now to recruit, train and support teachers and to ensure decent work for them,” the statement read. Despite determined efforts by governments in developing countries to protect education budgets, sharp drops in fiscal revenue and the prospect of reduced external aid could seriously undermine national efforts to expand, or even sustain, a quality education system. According to UNESCO, Mexico is among the countries to introduce a stimulus package that provides for improving educational infrastructure, while Egypt has voted on a budget that increases education expenditure. Ghana, however, has frozen teacher recruitment and Pakistan has cut its budget for elementary education. World Teachers Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing in 1966 of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers and celebrates the role of teachers in providing quality education at all levels. 5 October 2009A chorus of United Nations officials today warned governments of the dangers in slashing education budgets in the face of the ongoing global economic recession, spotlighting the critical shortage of trained teachers. read more

Annual perennial exchange takes place Wednesday May 21

The Dig Brock Community Garden is hosting the University’s annual perennial exchange event on Wednesday, May 21. Everyone is welcome.Here’s how it works:8:15 to 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m – 12 noonDrop off up to five perennials (in pots, labelled with name of plants and sun/shade preference) to the front of the Schmon Tower. You will receive a ticket for each plant that you bring to be used at the plant exchange.12 noon to 1 p.m. Return to the front of the Schmon Tower and use each ticket to redeem a different perennial.If you have seedlings or additional perennials that you would like donate to the community garden you can bring them at any time through the day.For more info or to join the DIG Brock Community Garden, please contact or see read more

Annan welcomes Milosevic arrest urges Belgrade to cooperate with UN tribunal

“The arrest of Slobodan Milosevic is an important step in the process of healing after the tragic events in the Balkans since 1991,” the Secretary-General said in a statement released today in Nairobi, where he is currently on an official visit. “I commend the authorities in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for this decisive action.” Mr. Annan noted that while Mr. Milosevic is being charged for crimes under national law, the suspect has also been indicted by the UN war crimes Tribunal for serious violations of international law. The Secretary-General expressed confidence that the Belgrade authorities would cooperate with the Tribunal, in accordance with their obligations, and urged them to immediately discuss with ICTY officials how this cooperation should be extended. “It is important that those responsible for the violations of international humanitarian law and the laws and customs of war that occurred during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia are brought to justice under due process,” Mr. Annan stressed.For their part, ICTY President Judge Claude Jorda and Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte called the arrest a “positive development,” and expressed confidence that it would make it possible for the Belgrade authorities to fully comply with their obligations under international law. In a joint statement released yesterday, they noted that among other requirements, the authorities are obligated to transfer Mr. Milosevic and all other indicted persons to The Hague.According to ICTY rules, when an accused person is arrested, the State in question must detain him and promptly notify the Registrar. Rule 57 specifies that the transfer of the accused to the seat of the Tribunal “shall be arranged between the State authorities concerned, the authorities of the host country and the Registrar.”The ICTY officials also announced that they had mandated the Tribunal’s Registrar to travel to Belgrade as soon as possible in order to remind the authorities of the practical modalities of their obligations pursuant to the court’s Rules, including Rule 57. The Registrar will also request a copy of the national indictment against Mr. Milosevic, as well as all other useful information, the Tribunal’s statement said. read more

UK automotive industry urges rethink on Brexit red lines as uncertainty bites

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) New report highlights importance of UK Automotive to economy – with manufacturing turnover at record £82 billion in 2017.Brexit uncertainty thwarting investment as SMMT repeats call for customs union membership.New production efficiencies drive record levels of sustainability, with waste to landfill and water and energy use at record lows.The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) today called for swifter progress on Brexit and a deal that, as a minimum, maintains customs union membership and delivers single market benefits. With investment slowing and time running out, negotiators must get on with the job of agreeing a deal that will put an end to uncertainty and prioritise the needs of the automotive sector. The call came as SMMT published the latest industry figures showing record turnover, the result of long planned investments, but amid growing concern that progress could be reversed in the absence of clarity on our future regulatory and customs relations with the EU.UK Automotive’s 19th annual Sustainability Report reveals the manufacturing sector turned over a record £82 billion in 2017, marking an eighth consecutive year of growth.1 The sector’s economic contribution now stands at £20.2 billion, although a recent SMMT study showed its impact on adjacent sectors as significantly larger, at around £202 billion – some 10% of UK GDP.2 Jobs in the UK automotive manufacturing sector rose 2.8% to 186,000, with employment across the wider industry reaching 856,000. At the same time, the industry improved its environmental impact, with waste to landfill falling to a new low of 0.7% and impressive reductions in water and energy use. This positive growth is largely due to significant investment in the sector over the last decade.Despite this positive performance last year, the first six months of 2018 have been less encouraging. Production output has fallen alongside slowing demand in the new vehicle markets; job cuts have been announced and investment has stalled, with just £347.3 million earmarked for new models, equipment and facilities in the UK – almost half the sum announced in the same period last year.3With decisions on new vehicle models in the UK due soon, government must take steps to boost investor confidence and safeguard the thousands of jobs that depend on the sector. Government must end the current uncertainty about the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU, and commit to continued membership of the customs union and maintenance of the benefits the single market delivers. Leaving the single market and customs union will bring an end to the seamless movement of goods that UK Automotive relies upon, with more than 1,100 trucks from the EU bringing components to car and engine plants every day.4 Without the customs union and the regulatory alignment of the single market, there would be disruption at the border undermining the competitiveness of the sector.Speaking today at the industry’s annual Summit, Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said,Today’s figures show the critical importance of the automotive industry to the UK economy. There is growing frustration in global boardrooms at the slow pace of negotiations. The current position, with conflicting messages and red lines goes directly against the interests of the UK automotive sector which has thrived on single market and customs union membership. There is no credible ‘plan B’ for frictionless customs arrangements, nor is it realistic to expect that new trade deals can be agreed with the rest of the world that will replicate the immense value of trade with the EU. Government must rethink its position on the customs union.There is no Brexit dividend for our industry, particularly in what is an increasingly hostile and protectionist global trading environment. Our message to government is that until it can demonstrate exactly how a new model for customs and trade with the EU can replicate the benefits we currently enjoy, don’t change it.Key to the UK automotive sector’s recent success has been its highly skilled and productive workforce, in which manufacturers continue to invest. In 2017, the number of training days per employees rose by almost a quarter (23.3%) to 3.7 days. In addition, Sustainability Report signatories alone reported an intake of 700 new apprentices last year, on top of the 950 apprentices that were retained – 150 more than in 2016.The sector’s improved social and economic performance was achieved while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. In 2017, CO2 emissions per vehicle produced fell by -9.4%, energy use per vehicle was reduced by -0.7% and water use by -7.9%. Meanwhile, waste to landfill was cut by -12.6% to a new record low of 0.7% of all waste produced, with almost 87.4% recycled. Manufacturers also continued to invest in onsite renewable energy production, with signatories to the report producing 60.5 GHh of renewable energy locally in 2017 – enough to power 15,600 homes.Notes to editorsThe 2018 UK Automotive Sustainability Report with data for 2017 is available to download here.UK Automotive and the UK Economy. Read more here: announcements of fresh investments into new plant, machinery, tooling and equipment, models and model development £647.4 million calculated in H1 2017; £347.3 million Jan to 21 June 2018SMMT research coverageBrexit: Car investment slumps as ‘uncertainty bites’ – BBC BusinessBrexit fears putting 850,000 automotive jobs at risk, warns car industry – Sky NewsInvestment in UK car industry halves as Brexit uncertainty bites – The IndependentFall in UK car industry investment blamed on Brexit uncertainty – Financial TimesBrexit uncertainty puts thousands of jobs at risk, car industry warns – The GuardianAs investment stalls, auto industry warns PM May: Avert a Brexit car crash – ReutersCar industry investment crashes by half over ‘Brexit uncertainty’ – The Telegraph read more

Professor studies dark tourism

Natalie AlvarezImagine a tourism experience where you pay to spend hours pretending to illegally cross the American border from Mexico.You trudge through muddy fields under the blare of gunfire. You run exhausted through sewer tunnels. You are placed, scared and blindfolded, in the back of a truck, only to end up where you started — at a restaurant, gift shop and main office, and people telling you to enjoy your stay.This is the new trend in post-9/11 dark tourism, a term that describes the act of visiting the sites of tragedies as a tourist. This experience is called immersive simulation, and Natalie Alvarez, assistant professor of Dramatic Arts, is writing a book about it.Alvarez has received $23,449 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for her research project, “Enactments of difference: immersive simulations and performance from training to dark tourism.” Alvarez will study two types of immersive simulation: that experienced by tourists, and that experienced by soldiers who train in increasingly popular model villages to prepare them for overseas interaction with foreign cultures. Included in that is investigating how performance techniques are used in counterterrorism and intelligence training.One dark tourism experience Alvarez will study is that of El Alberto, Mexico, where the community has been depleted by immigration to the U.S. Mexicans pay $20 (U.S.) each to be taken on an overnight fake U.S. border crossing. Ironically, the popularity of the adventure tourism has rejuvenated the town’s economy. Alvarez has twice experienced the tour, which she describes as frightening and surprisingly political, given that it’s billed as adventure tourism.“It started with a rousing speech by members of the community about how the work is an homage to those who lost their lives crossing the border,” she said. “We sang the Mexican anthem, followed by the sounds of sirens in the distance of the U.S. border patrol and shouts telling us to start running.”Other examples include a recreated Stalin-era Gulag prison camp in Lithuania, where people pay to spend a day as prisoners. In Liepaja, Latvia, tourists stay overnight in a naval jail.Alvarez will also visit simulated villages used to train soldiers for duties in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a recreated Afghani village in Norfolk, England, and simulated Iraqi villages in California and Arizona, where actors are recruited to play insurgents and civilians.Demand for these simulations has skyrocketed since 9/11, she said.“A lot of performance scholars and performance artists talk about the border hysteria and the kind of war on difference that evolved from 9/11,” she said. “There seems to be a desire to rehearse encounters with the cultural ‘other’. I want to know what kind of anxieties are being played out in these scenarios.”While on the surface, immersive dark tourism and immersive military simulation seem unrelated, “there are intersecting themes that make them worth putting together in conversation,” she said.Alvarez will spend the next two years traveling and observing these simulations, followed by a year of writing.Alvarez, who is cross-appointed to Liberal Arts, joined Brock in 2006. She currently serves as a co-editor of the Canadian Theatre Review’s Views and Reviews and has two forthcoming edited books: Fronteras Vivientas, an anthology of Latina/o-Canadian plays, and New Essays on Latina/o-Canadian Theatre and Performance. Both are published by Playwrights Canada Press.Links:• Natalie Alvarez faculty page• Full list of Brock’s SSHRC recipients• Past “researcher of the month” profiles read more

Ohio State mens tennis rides NCAA Tournament triumphs to Sweet 16

The Ohio State men’s tennis team didn’t drop a single match in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and advanced to the Sweet 16. OSU, which hosted NCAA Tournament action for the seventh consecutive season, used the home-court advantage to their benefit and defeated East Tennessee State, 4-0, and Notre Dame, 4-0, in the first and second rounds. OSU redshirt sophomore Peter Kobelt and junior Connor Smith won the first match of the afternoon with an 8-4 doubles match win against Notre Dame sophomore Billy Pecor and senior Sam Keeton. The Buckeye duo of Kobelt and Smith is 26-5 in the current campaign. Senior Chase Buchanan and sophomore Blaz Rola, the nation’s top-ranked doubles duo, won their first match of the postseason and 30th of the season after in an 8-3 victory against senior Niall Fitzgerald and senior Casey Watt. Rola also earned a team-high 32nd singles victory en route to winning the fourth point of the match and clutched the OSU win. Rola, ranked ninth nationally, beat the Fighting Irish’s sophomore Greg Andrews (No. 54) 7-5, 6-3. Buchanan carried the doubles success to the singles competition as well. The co-captain downed Watt, 6-3, 6-2, to push the Buckeye lead to 2-0. Buchanan, ranked 10th-nationally, is now 28-6 overall. Sophomore Ille Van Engelen won for the 27th time this season and 16th time at the No. 4 position after beating Pecor, 6-4, 6-2. On Day 1 of the tournament, OSU defeated East Tennessee State. Junior Devin McCarthy and Van Engelen won the first match of the day, defeating senior Jeremy Bonnevalle and junior Juan Ramirez, 8-3. The duo, ranked 32nd nationwide, moved to 33-9 on the season. After Kobelt and Smith earned a doubles point with an 8-4 win against freshman Rogerio Ribeiro and junior Jesus Bandres, OSU took a 1-0 lead and the Buckeye duo improved to 17-2 at the third position and 26-5 overall. OSU’s No. 2 singles player Rola improved to 14-2 on the season Rola after his team high 31st singles win in a 6-3, 6-2 victory against ETSU senior Sander Gille. The Buckeyes came within one point of winning after Kobelt’s 6-4, 6-2, win against Ramirez. He improved to 25-10 overall with a third-position mark at 16-7. McCarthy won, 6-3, against Ribeiro to secure the shutout for OSU. McCarthy improved to 27-6 overall with a 17-3 mark at the fifth position for the Buckeyes. OSU will continue NCAA Tournament play Thursday on University of Georgia’s campus in Athens, Ga. read more

Irish Architectural Archive appeal for funds they even asked NAMA

first_imgMost of our documents have a very practical use. We have records of buildings that are still standing, so when work is being done on that building, be it refurbishment or repairs and they need to know where the boilers are etc, then they can come to use and we can help.The collection also houses drawings of proposed buildings that never got built around Ireland, be it because of lack of funding or planning rejection. “There is a whole section in the unbuilt buildings of Ireland. It is really interesting to be able to look at the near misses and narrow escapes we had, but also some of the regrettable ones that never got built, ” said Mr O’Riordan.Lack of fundingHe added that they had hoped to hold an exhibition on the unbuilt buildings of Ireland, but he explained that due to the lack of funds the programme has had to be cut way back.We have over 3,500 visitors each year. We are a valuable resource, historically, geographically, architecturally – and even family history wise, if people want to have a look at what houses their ancestors once lived in.He explained that it is very easy for the public to access. “Access is free. All you have to do is come in and register for the reading room and you can browse as you please. The photo collection is organised alphabetically by county, so you can have a look at the buildings that have shaped every town and county around the country,” he said, adding: Every western country in the world – the UK, France, Italy and the US, all have organisations like ours, but they are organs of the state. We are a stand alone group and we fulfill what is usually within the state agencies role. Because we are essentially a private company, we must reduce our own costs. We have cut the programme to almost nothing and have had to look at closing for up to three months. THE ORGANISATION THAT holds the building records for all the buildings in Ireland may be forced to close for up to two months this year if it is not successful in its funding appeal.The Irish Architectural Archive (IAA) collects and preserves the records of Irish architecture – from the earliest structures to contemporary buildings – and even holds records of the buildings that never got past paper.‘We even asked NAMA’Speaking to, Colum O’Riordan, IAA Administrator said they have been in discussions with the Department of Arts and Heritage about their funding problems and said they even asked NAMA for assistance, but “nothing is back from them to date,” he said.The IAA holds up to 2.5 million documents and 500,000 photographs. The oldest document in the collection dates from 1690 relating to King John’s Castle in Limerick.All the documents and photographs are freely available to everyone.The IIA is an independent limited company with charitable status, explained Mr O’Riordan. He said:center_img Mr O’Riordan said they had a target of reaching €100,000 and they are a third of the way there. He said the one resource they are finding difficult to tap into is the corporate donations, explaining that a few years ago, they managed to fundraise €40,000 from seven companies in the architectural/construction sector, but now only one of those companies remain in business. “The sign of the times,” said Mr O’Riordan.last_img read more