Using Wikipedia website can not let traffic doubled

recently love Shanghai adjusted their algorithms, many webmaster friends reflect their website ranking changes more frequently, website traffic naturally also declined substantially, but also many web traffic God began to multiply, why is this? Is it the end of their website to come, Taiyuan pro? Shanghai Longfeng learning network to share — using the Encyclopedia of dry cargo that no ranking sites can also double flow.

2, you may feel that now the encyclopedia to do badly, but also love Shanghai now do Wikipedia also charges, more difficult than before, you say these are not equal to the nonsense Mody, did not stay, click close to it, ha ha! Actually, you want is what I want to, but let me find another shortcut to close with you. read more

What kind of search engine we really need

I think the

love Shanghai’s success is because part of the first part is the demand, why? When we need through the search to find a product, we want to search for presents to us is the real product information, fair. For example, when we enter the "move", we hope that.

Shanghai: love without brain

first, looking for products or services. We hope to find the corresponding product or service through the search. For example, we enter the "notebook" the word, or is looking for laptop sellers, or is looking for laptop repair service. This search needs to occupy most of the search behavior. This search search engine demand is the main source of income, whether it is Google or love Shanghai, or other search engines are from the search demand, manufacturers and service providers are ranked, and obtain income. read more

Foshan Shanghai dragon of love Shanghai ranked 11 whether human intervention

I also recently engaged in Shanghai Longfeng blog, not what Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing, originally the business blog to engage in, now do Foshan Shanghai dragon, but still every day to write a "business daily" Shanghai dragon contest ranking summary record, Shanghai Longfeng electric district contest ranking. In fact, I love Shanghai 11 phenomenon is not very understanding, I just write what you know, I want to say, if the write >


space or the server is not stable to 11, this is a point I think of it. However, if the site does not have access to 80, the server can also link the site, there is absolutely no problem. Because I once tried once, the domain name DNS was strong off 12 hours, has been unable to visit, but the server is normal, love Shanghai as usual is the 200 spider crawling code, there is no 404 phenomenon, therefore, is to love Shanghai spiders crawl web content according to IP address. read more

Click on the website for website brush flow behavior is equivalent to digging the grave

who will be able to control the real traffic, as a webmaster you can. You can imagine today’s Web site because the brush flow reached IP500+, and tomorrow because something did not brush flow, site traffic returned to dozens of long-term, this website is a replacement to the fatal blow in the search engine’s status, we think, search engine to give you better website traffic will not recognized your site’s ranking? Certainly not, probably because the site flow instability and reduce your website ranking, this is the so-called harm to others. read more

How to save a search engine abandoned site

: the first self improvement

content update frequency, on the site after K time, many of the original content increased almost everyday. Enhance the performance of the site’s authority, the ultimate purpose of search engine is the realization of people the final search results. The authority of knowledge website must be the primary choice of search engine.

website appears a wide range whether my website is an example of this. Test of search engine for people not just on their relationship of the audit, and site quality control, the equivalent of our people’s character. I do not mind a man is not worthy of trust. read more

On the construction site outside the chain how to affect the ranking

When the

so that the site outside the chain to choose between the chain and the high quality of the site is the high quality of the chain.

chain in accordance with the above writing to do, that is the high quality of the chain, read the above content, we believe that the construction of the site outside the chain is not so lost, as long as doing seriously, believe that the site outside the chain will be very successful. This article in the first A5, please keep the author links 贵族宝贝caogen88贵族宝贝/ grassroots network. Thank you read more

Borrow 20110826 love to say the love Shanghai Shanghai update algorithm

a lot of people say this day Shanghai update, my own standing outside chain or included and so on have changed, however, the table is not moving, then take this love Shanghai update, say love Zhou Yi or Shanghai each month to update it, after all I feel update the intensity of this time or a lot, released many pages, regardless of the ranking.

finally, on the ranking of Shanghai love, in fact not to love the Shanghai rankings, Shanghai ranked by feeling love too much, some people say love.

first, what is the love of Shanghai update it, some people say that the update is the content, update the chain, included your site, what information shows that love Shanghai has visited your website, just have climbed over the link, but did not put out. The face of the day included included, can not help but doubt that these are the clouds, as long as your site there, love Shanghai climbed, time to naturally put out; nature in my grave, is outside the chain, by my own website said, I did a lot of the chain in the 163 blog blog, 163 the weight is very high, however, today I did put out most of the contents of the chain, that is to say once the spider climb, but not put out, regardless of weight and high, have climbed on the opportunity, As long as you insist every day to do the chain, Shanghai has always believed in love when it is put out, and as long as the love of Shanghai was put into the cache, that represents a link to these is to test your execution. read more

Four methods of hematemesis share rapid and good external links

!The two part,

is a love love fresh and innovative, before reading a lot about how to do the chain of the post, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar BBS signature, blog, classification of information, but also the organization and so on question! Language smoothly, do signature, how blogs are clearly written, but only after you will find the are the same, is equivalent to an article pseudo original tool changes N times, made and changed, changed again, the more I feel hurt my eyes, but to tell the truth, I have to admire the "recycling" the spirit and courage, a further one, over and over again to the old chain practice in a prominent position in various forums, I had to sigh, Shanghai dragon industry does need something new , through continuous research and practice, summed up some good methods for everyone to share! read more

Create web content is king is to survive

www.teahome贵族宝贝.cn/ share button in the view, site visitors every day at around 7000. More than 70 thousand pv. The station hang sharing plugin. The use of consistent style and their blog. While only one month share 705 times. (below)

website and no 10 times on my website. However, they share a day the number is several times a month for my website. The number of users to share, we can see that there is a big difference in my website content and website above. To optimize the adjustment, suitable for communication. Share from the set of data can be seen, the content directly determines the site traffic, and has a high quality content, spread fast. Share many times website, love Shanghai not to rank well justified. So in the website content under the relentless effort. read more

Easy video chat 51VK ultra high fanchon click on ads onlineThe four step is to increase your shlf131

1. optimized ad

makes advertising more appealing to visitors; rather than letting yourself entice visitors to click on ads, you optimize your ad mode and location to allow your visitors to click ads better. Don’t put too many ads on a page, shlf1314 policy stipulates that a page can only place no more than 3 ads, and as much as possible to use some advertising styles, not too simple, do not let visitors disgusted.

four. The most important step is to never cheat. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even do it. Think about it. You’re smart and smart, but shlf1314. read more

Do the chain of common mistakes and how to correct the chain

search engine optimization, if highly summarized, it is with the chain chain, the chain is easy to control, the chain is difficult to control, no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, the chain for Shanghai dragon ranking in the proportion is still relatively large, especially for some small, for example enterprise station, station is not the number of articles, but also optimize the space station is not much, fight to the end, is nothing more than the chain increased more, but in the end how the chain is the chain good? Now many webmaster do outside the chain, in fact, have no choice of channel, as long as the I know where the basic will to do so in the end, and regardless of the long-term development of the site has no use, below I talk about how to do the chain read more

Five tips on optimizing the website images

we all know when to do publicity, there must be a clear theme, not two or three, there is only one. A represents the direction, clear. At the same time in our website design style, want to know what’s your own web site, should use what kind of picture. For example: we do a beauty website, you can put some whitening advertising pictures, not some American movie publicity pictures, here immediately produce a very strange feeling, leaving a clear and professional impression. The user will immediately turn off your website, then you are in the user’s mind into the abyss, spend the rest of his life in complete darkness in the environment. There is a picture to transfer the meaning of information, and have a wonderful website style and different approaches but equally satisfactory results, can not have too much difference. The website style should not be too big change and change, otherwise it will affect the site’s image in the minds of users. In a word, the website picture should have the consistency of direction and style, not very different, draw further apart. read more

Fix a housewife to open shop can not lose money coming to enjoymitation success shortcut to high o

with such questions, we were going to contact the Samwers brothers and let them express their opinions. We failed to contact any of them, but we had a telephone interview with the "imitation power: how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic advantage" and author of a book at Ohio State University economic management professor Oded Shenkar.

when I was in the "wisdom group" recommended baby, I was still worried, afraid it would not help me. After using it only to find that I bought the baby store 600 yuan, really spent the edge of the knife. Shop baby brought me convenience is not a two, but in all directions to help me operate Taobao store. read more

At the bottom of the site design for optimization of the importance of Shanghai Dragon

(贵族宝贝 from Jiaxing, Shanghai dragon Hao network technology in hand, reproduced must link

keyword, without the user experience

site at the bottom of the page, I believe we are not unfamiliar, in many webmaster impression, is placed at the bottom of the site, the local copyright statistical code. At the bottom of the site design for Shanghai dragon optimization, search engine has never given specification. Today Jiaxing Shanghai dragon of love Shanghai search ranking the first 10 pages, is the top 100 "Shanghai dragon optimization" keywords website, found that many webmaster website ranking is not stable or keywords have been on the go, have a great relationship with the site at the bottom of the page. read more

How do migrant workers from Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Longfeng angle optimization strategy

?How to do The



Shanghai dragon refers to doing the same as migrant workers and workers working every day, said the word Shanghai Longfeng migrant workers is actually somewhat derogatory, but the true portrayal of many Shanghai dragon ER that Shanghai dragon didn’t have a strategy of things, as long as the hair outside the chain can be connected to the keywords ranking. Gu Fangyuan congratulations to you is a real dragon Shanghai rookie, is also a real dragon Shanghai migrant workers, migrant workers in Shanghai Longfeng say well is a professional Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel, will only change the website title, exchange Links, write the original article, every day outside the chain, finally put himself the website ranking to the first page, but the profit pattern and what is called Shanghai Longfeng not clear, are some exaggeration to say that Shanghai dragon in the "unknown", than As each city of Shanghai Longfeng Chinese blog, if you understand, you will find that they are almost all blog home page ranking, and structure, and the interior of the website optimization is very poor, and they get ranked way mainly through the blog group construction, almost all not to earn money, or very difficult to make money and this, Shanghai Longfeng workers has the difference? Friends should reflect on the read more

Discussion on the role of long tail keywords

what is the long tail keywords

and long tail keywords is different, although not as popular keywords flow is so large, but a large number of small, competition, only need a little bit of resources can be in the front row, and all the long tail keywords flow up no more than less popular keywords. More attention is needed, because of the long tail keywords richer semantics, the flow is more accurate, higher conversion rate of

long tail keywords

see a lot of data in Shanghai Longfeng not is standing outside the station optimization, optimization of long tail keywords the introduction is very small, because the key words is the foundation of the website, if not chosen keywords, the station outside the station optimization better is of no avail. Then talk about the role of long tail keywords here some of my thoughts. read more

Taobao did you earn Teach you how to make more moneyLow cost electronic commerce Wangzhuan dumping

third: find the resources needed by the crowd, buy at a high price, sell at a low price.

first: the choice of goods: the nature of the goods for replicability, such as training materials, software and so on.

must be prepared in advance

first: buy site must choose a stable space, not cheap to buy some space junk, so you will lose two series of injury, why? The space is not stable, often not open or close so you often, money is wasted, also did not earn money back, labour costs are hard white. There’s nothing in the end, you just see him giggle. read more

Small flow webmaster Gospel Text Link Ads help you earn 1000 a monthGrassroots webmaster Qjboy firs

: the first Wangzhuan classic article

blog is not English, this does not matter, this does not understand English webmaster, you can rest assured of it. Want to let your blog sell more text links, of course, is to improve their blog PR, then how to improve PR? There are two main aspects: first, originality; two, external connection quantity and quality.

second step: apply for Text Link Ads

all rights are welcome turn, please indicate the source and author of

third step: Group station mode earn Text Link Ads cost read more

WeChat small program can not move A shares turned his new boardThe media start up has only 10 millio

BI Chinese station reported on April 15th

says that PureWow now has nearly 10 million monthly independent visitors. That’s pretty impressive data, but according to people familiar with the matter, PureWow earned about $10 million last year and is expected to rise to a more astonishing $20 million this year.

Ruian · Harwood Ryan Harwood in 2009 from Goldman founded a media start-up company, he had intended to create a male fashion website, but he soon realized that this is not a good idea. read more

Wangzhuan the road will be how to go downSecret Dubai Chinese Entrepreneurs from earners to earn 1

lead: when Mr Wu came to Dubai, to do service in the hotel pool, responsible for water supply field, the main job is to carry tea for the guest rest on the side of the pool, 2500 dirhams per month about 4000 yuan, he later resigned in Dragon DragonMarket rented a 10 square meters of small shops do a little business, a year can earn 1 million di Rahm, equivalent to 1 million 600 thousand ~170 million yuan.

when I first came to Dubai, I was just a waiter at the hotel. I am responsible for the pool field at that time, the main task is to send water to guests tea and rest in the pool, 2500 dirhams per month about 4000 yuan basic salary, plus tips and the hotel’s welfare subsidies, month income in 5000 dirhams, hotel Baochibaozhu, and this is the basic public health. Not what extra spending, despite a very comfortable life, health services, but compared to the domestic white-collar students have much more comfortable." Mr. Wu introduced this reporter. read more