The hidden value noble baby into the search engine optimization tool

The head of

published no, I think of using Chrome incognito model. According to the official interpretation of the noble baby, content will not download the Incognito Mode to download records, all cookies will be automatically deleted after the launch of the browser. This can be obtained without the "personalized" search results, but also a little bit more depressed: I’m open after incognito search records will be remembered. For example, the first flag search, then search for California, we get the following results: read more

How to optimize Shanghai dragon interlocking to create user and search engine favorite site

first, website content included the number is the premise of weight stability. Many owners believe that the weights of the website is the chain to enhance the quality and quantity of the result, it is very wrong, a new online site, the amount of content of chain scanty, even the most likely cause is the excessive optimization experience the search engine drop right. So, the author thinks that the website weight steadily improving, the content included is very important, a low quality site even with large mass or pseudo original method of opportunistic in quantity, many times love Shanghai fingerprint algorithm will filter out many repeated high or poor quality articles. So, the number of articles included recognition degree of love for the Shanghai site, the content included we must start from the quality. read more

Optimization of the site optimization cycle and the cycle

three months is not constant, but also optimize the periodic reference value, it is important to remember that if the mind as in the past, the optimization rule and patient cycle, the cycle can still get the search engine’s trust and favor.

in the search engine web server server with the actual inspection standard, other website website construction duration and the increase of the chain and so on a series of comprehensive frequency, so webmaster to do is to regularly increase the content and the chain, and the chain of high quality can be to shorten the period of study, it is worth noting that do not modify the site title and other important part, even after a period of study is also not easy to modify, cause search engines don’t trust them and not to extend the assessment period. read more

On the analysis of some love Shanghai non heat problem

Although Android

bought snacks, the layout of the mobile products

for acquisitions, love Shanghai and snacks has been silent, but from the dim sum moved from innovation works, and love Shanghai spend 12 million acquisition figure elves, snacks if not wholly acquired, will also be holding strategy. I love Shanghai so interested in snacks, mainly because snacks as early mobile Internet products, grasp the relevant data of the initial users, and the product line and the ability of data mining gradually mature, the cooperation will be complementary. read more

How to improve the web page weight

answer, consider the comprehensive, focusing on the theme of ADO

1. high quality content is not pure original;

love Shanghai know high quality standard answer:

3. neat layout, clear logic, regulate the use of punctuation, do not write typos.

High quality

summarized the following points from the above: Ke Xiping

love to know in Shanghai Shanghai love their own search engine platform still have higher weights in the other search engine platform, has a good ranking, there is no doubt that its content is of high quality. You know love Shanghai high quality content in the eyes of what is read more

‘m sorry to apologize by Shanghai dragon Er to consider thoughtful details

, 4 pages

(2) code written to check, in addition to check for errors, also check whether the simplified


page links 2, pay attention to the details of the ? The

(1) H1, H2, H3


as a website, the website of the internal links has attracted more and more attention of the search engines. Note:

(4) the article page link channel page and page


(1) the article to write a deep.

page title, is a part of the collection, is also an important part of. How to write the title to attract users, simply speaking, is to exaggerate things, how much is the boast of Shanghai dragon Er need to be considered. read more

Lu Cong love Shanghai recently or will have big action

520, 628 love love Shanghai Shanghai earthquake are in a global view, love Shanghai to take tentative attitude to look for love in Shanghai, a new round of adjustment, it is certainly very obvious what reaction. The reaction is quite huge. Love was not the time found in Shanghai. Because take tentative attitude, love Shanghai love Shanghai can use the staff operational errors to that love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the indisputable fact. Have the corresponding ranking 520 after recovery under pressure to take the sea just fall in love with a. But love Shanghai is definitely not give up this big change. Of course, we may not be able to see from here love Shanghai for Shanghai dragon. That love will come up Shanghai Shanghai dragon industry order, we continue to look down?. read more

The station optimization can not blindly to meet the needs of users is the kingly way

third: the essence content of the site is presented to the user preferred browsing

this move also through the repeated practice and proved that the click rate is much higher than those found using declarative mood as the title of the article hits, is worth the webmaster to personally test and study.

: the first provides convenient browsing of the anchor text links for

my personal advice is to use the anchor text to facilitate users to browse our website content is the real king. We can add to guide users to browse the web link in some articles such as the "more" the anchor text: read more

How to choose the most accurate keywords

by the two pictures above we can get a quarter of the keyword "love Shanghai Beida" and " Beijing prize.the " love Shanghai popularity is respectively 28 and 55, the search for the word "prize.the" this quarter user search keywords "Beijing prize.the" users, we have all the words first inquire about the love of Shanghai index.

Keywords: !

factors of these three aspects is also called three degrees, namely popularity, competition degree and degree of correlation. So what is popular? Said direct point is like a brand of mobile phone as you love, of course, if the best all the time popular, so the network’s popularity is how to evaluate? Love Shanghai has a called index tool, you can see a key words popularity how much is that we put him into love Shanghai popularity. Open the love Shanghai index page 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/ enter the keyword "Beida Jade Bird", your love of Shanghai can be seen below the page, as shown below: read more

Keywords bulk pick skills website

! Thank you!

to find the right words from a lexicon, we must first remove is not the word searches, love Shanghai index in the query results have shown, then you need to put massive thesaurus direct input Google keyword tool, so you can directly remove not the word searches.

If you want to do The first step to Figure 1

choose keywords, and then expand the page keywords layout, is a required course for Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, is the first key link of website optimization. Keywords selection and layout, directly determines the site location and traffic. So in the optimization of the website, I think every Shanghai dragon Er will be encountered such a problem, that is how to choose keywords fast batch. read more

Teach you how to solve the phenomenon of love Shanghai ranked 11

black chain is a double-edged sword, we should know how to use, but I still advise you not to buy black chain, because black chain is very unstable, once more, this leads to love Shanghai on your web site right down, if you want to consider buying links, can be appropriate to buy out the chain, but also to ensure that some continuity.

love Shanghai 11 as its name suggests, ranked 11, the first page of the search results is only 10, then ranked 11 on the second page, so you can get the search traffic will be less and less. The web site ranked 11 more reasons, summarized as follows: read more

Choose from Shanghai dragon service many people win at the starting point

Shanghai dragon service many people win at the starting point

we all know Shanghai dragon is a technology, but when he is using a tool, and more when we use this tool to service enterprises, so it is also a Shanghai dragon service. Companies choose Shanghai dragon, attached to the Shanghai dragon, is actually hope through the Shanghai dragon service to create benefits for the enterprise, so we do Shanghai dragon service first in the choice is to proceed from the service, which determines the value of the service, we can create value for users. read more

Effect of on line talk about 360 of the webmaster Encyclopedia

the two is how consistent, and in 360 the following are the extended reading encyclopedia information, I believe that after officially opened the 360 encyclopedia, will let the webmaster is crazy, why? Because when love Shanghai is an obvious source, copy and paste directly will you save more labor single link is the most natural, as a way of madness.

The first point: 360

today is January 6th, 360. On this day on the line, we can directly see the screenshot

remember when love Shanghai encyclopedia just on the line, no entry audit is very strict, and now create a new entry, must have certain professional articles recommended, including reference, including the readability of the article, these are we in love when the challenge of creating Shanghai entry, so if a new on-line you should use more fully, to grasp the opportunity, in the beginning, let your web site traffic share. read more

Ah Bin several points to note when the exchange Links

(1) included words, the more the better, and to pay attention to is collected,


(4) SITE1, not much impact on the SITE1, many large websites are not in the first SITE. This depends on whether he is home high weight, you can directly enter his home title in the fall in love with the sea, to see whether the first.

Links can improve your weight quickly this is beyond doubt, but a lot of people on the Links are blind, some webmaster is to don’t matter when exchanging Links. There are also some time in exchange Links only a simple snapshot or PR feel not right directly PASS. read more

Detailed God station nine days 6 of the weight of the secret

(Figure 1)


(Figure six)

first Links of this station was detected by CHINAZ webmaster tools under the small home, 23 outbound links only 1 chain back! If these links are weighted up after adding it is said in the past, but if the station starts with these links, so that people feel unbelievable, most of the webmaster neural stimulation.


see this believe that most of the webmaster have very amazing. Xiao Bian also like most people, this station is very interested in, then look at, and wrote this article, your personal opinion, perhaps is not comprehensive enough, as do you Paizhuan, you free. read more

Practical analysis real marketing forum free Power Forum

included fast little use, high weight is king.

The chain The chain of

first of all, this is a real marketing forum. The real name, the vocabulary in this forum was born. This point has also attracted a lot of big Shanghai Longfeng marketing industry sector. The daily active degree is very high, and there have been new members. Of course, the new members difficulty is not small.

has attracted the attention of the webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, marketing industry famous real marketing forum, mad cat brother Su Liangcai today on the forum free power to do an analysis, pointed out shortcomings, welcome. read more

Shanghai has recently started to love small K station

2, web page content quality is too low or too little. The page content according to the title to try to write, do not write about Shanghai Longfeng optimization related articles, the article in the construction site, so that users do not think what you want, this article does not have value, search engine will also give a certain punishment. Should be rich in content, the users want to write in such a high quality content is produced.

before A5 saw an article on the "black June" similar articles, there are about love in late June Shanghai will crack down on the low quality of the site. For a white paper down, many owners began to tense up, in order to improve the overall quality, website content all day work hard, if the overall quality of your site is very good, the search engine will not only on the site of special care, will increase the weight to the site. There is a word well, the survival of the fittest, the fittest. In the food chain, low quality site belongs to the bottom, will eventually be eaten at a higher level. read more

Personal Webmaster must hold together will have development way

I myself have experienced two years of personal career. I like such a webmaster in one hundred thousand the following, every day to get up early, continue to update the site, to promote all aspects of optimization and search. If done correctly, adhere to three or four months after the website will have a profit, but the profit is not much, unless you are doing some grey industry. But grey if the industry is not as good as we imagined, the majority of people are using the station group in the way of doing, and investment risk will rise, a mess to eat rice to the country, all these industries rarely individual owners will do, and ability limited. Do some common website if one cannot do well, love your hair in Shanghai, it will meet in your income will be cut off, the heart can only have grievances, but no place to vent. The heart will make a bad impression. Of course, does not mean that each individual owners will be faced with this situation, some executive force strong enough people insist on a website a few years will be improved, but the income does not increase too much, maybe that time is just acting. These are the current situation facing the read more

Talk about the importance of a reasonable set of keywords by Webmaster Tools ranking

this is the Shanghai dragon heroes Webmaster Tools data


to look at love station set your website queries, webmaster query, love Shanghai love Shanghai weight ranking, query, keyword ranking query, the query included love Shanghai ", 80% is focused on the" search "the word set (not difficult to think of search keywords" webmaster query "its website ranked first). All the word webmaster tools is not set, which makes the site lost the advantage.

Keywords read more

Rapid culture unique secret spider crawling habit

how fast the spider crawling habit

what is the spider crawling habit

From the above we see the word


should be able to see the spider crawling habit that spiders included habit, why is the spider included habit? In fact, we know that the principle of search engine spiders? The first spider is a machine code, it is a search engine control, and the amount of the spider in the search engine is beyond count so, if the search engine spider dominate every day if the power, the search engine server will consume large, so the search engine in order to save power, when a spider crawling site, a value returned is good, then the search engine will regularly let the spider to crawl, and this is crawling according to the time interval to crawl, a long time you update your site within a specified period of time, so the spider can count you update the time, and And for your articles included, this is a habit of spiders, but it will not every search engine to survey isn’t going to check, only occasionally to look at the collection of information, if the information is too much garbage, the amount of information included in the search engine will be reduced, and the search engine spiders to return the value is not good, so the search engine will not crawl your site, or that the spider will rarely crawl your site, so your site will become one of the sites included the difficult, but the spider crawling habit is a time to train, and not errors in the training period and if the errors in the search engine will not let the spider on your site or rarely crawling crawling, such a result is not good, now we should know what is the spider crawling habit Now, if you understand, then congratulations, your first step is ready, I will share the following method to cultivate the spider crawling habit, I hope you can see. read more