Venus Williams Ousted From Olympics

Venus Williams was in control, or so it seemed. She led in each set of her match Wednesday against Germany’s Angelique Kerber. But Williams did not close, and, instead, was closed out, 7-6 (5), 7-6 (5).Williams was classy in defeat, giving credit to Kerber and not use fatigue from playing twice a day as an excuse.“I made a few errors and she hit a few winners, and things can go quickly in tennis,” Williams said. ” “She had a lot of answers. She’s having a great year, and I have to give her credit for playing well.”Three times in the first set Williams had a chance to take it. But she did not. Then, in the tiebreaker, she had a 5-1 lead and blew that, too.In the second set, Williams raced out to a 3-1 lead in the set. But again she floundered and Kerber rallied for the comeback and, ultimately, the victory.In the first set Williams failed to convert three set points, then blew a 5-1 lead in the tiebreaker. She was up 3-1 in the second set, but Kerber again charged back.Kerber, a semifinalist at Wimbledon last month and at the U.S. Open last year, is ranked a career-high No. 7. Knocking off Williams advances her to the quarterfinals against top-seeded Victoria Azarenka of Belarus.Wiliams suffers from an autoimmune disease that saps her energy. She has been playing through it, which was a challenge because she was playing singles and doubles with her sister, Serena, in the same day. The loss leaves her at three Olympic gold medals. She and Serena, who has not won a singles title in Olympic competition, continue their quest for doubles gold on Thursday.She marched on easily before her sister’s defeat, rocketing  12 in a 6-1, 6-0 domination of Vera Zvonareva of Russia in just 51 minutes.“I was just playing unbelievable,” Williams said. “I was nervous going into the match and I didn’t speak to anyone and I had a bad practice. I had no idea I would play like this.” read more

What If The National League Had A DH

PiratesJose OsunaJose Osuna557 PhilliesNick WilliamsDylan Cozens282 Pitchers are already batting less often That pitchers bat in the NL is always going to handicap teams’ ability to score, given how bad pitchers are. But pitchers are getting fewer opportunities to be automatic outs. The innings logged by starting pitchers continue to decline, and NL pitchers combined for a record low total of plate appearances last season. DodgersMax MuncyAlex Verdugo400 CubsKyle SchwarberAlbert Almora395 Interestingly, the top would-be gainers in plate appearances on eight of 15 NL teams were below average (wRC+ 100) in offensive production in 2018. In the AL last season, 13 of 15 teams enjoyed above league-average production from the DH position. That means a number of NL teams could benefit from adding effective hitters, which could lead to more free-agent spending. Projected NationalsRyan ZimmermanRyan Zimmerman400 MarlinsPedro AlvarezPedro Alvarez280 For a brief moment this winter, it seemed like the designated hitter might finally come to the National League. The MLB players union proposed the idea to the commissioner’s office as part of broader negotiations, but last month Rob Manfred pumped the brakes. Adding the universal DH was not part of the agreement between the union and owners reportedly reached Wednesday. The leagues will keep their different rules for now, even if there is a growing sense that the DH’s arrival in the NL is inevitable.As MLB continues to debate its rules, we wanted to quantify what a universal DH would mean for the game. So we looked to the American League, where they’ve been playing with a DH since 1973, not entertaining double-switches and skipping the added layer of decision-making regarding when to pull the starting pitcher. When we rummaged through the data, something surprising emerged: The NL already looks a whole lot like the AL.What would a universal DH mean for offensive production?The DH’s most obvious effect is that with it, pitchers don’t have to bat. It’s a baseball truism that pitchers are terrible at the plate, but throughout baseball history, they’ve gradually gotten worse. They are now historically bad.We can measure pitchers’ offensive production using a stat called weighted runs created plus, or wRC+.1The metric adjusts for ballpark and league scoring environments, allowing for an individual’s offensive value to be understood in context and across eras. A 100 wRC+ represents league average ability for a season. While most positions have been producing more or less the same amount of offense over the course of major league history,2Factoring in an era’s number of runs scored and ballpark environments. pitchers keep declining. Last season, pitchers broke the previous year’s mark for offensive ineptness, combining for a record-low wRC+ of -25, meaning they were 125 percent worse than a league-average hitter. MetsJeff McNeilKeon Broxton488 BrewersEric ThamesEric Thames359 RockiesRyan McMahonRyan McMahon396 GiantsAnthony GarciaCameron Maybin541 So, what does all this mean for the never-ending debate about what a universal DH would do to baseball? Proponents could look at all this and say, “What’s the big deal? The game would barely change! Why not officially standardize it?” Opponents, meanwhile, could look at all this and say, “What’s the big deal? The game is practically the same already! Why change it?” And perhaps that shows what the debate over the DH is really about: the culture of baseball. While the underlying evidence shows that the leagues are increasingly the same, the identities of them aren’t. Change the DH and a style of baseball would be gone forever. Even if the game itself might barely change. Source: Out of the Park Baseball TeamPrimary DHTop gainerNo. Plate Appearances Unsurprisingly, DHs are better at the plate. Over the past three years, DHs have averaged a wRC+ of 109. So it’s natural to assume that the league that employs a designated hitter would score more than the league that instead uses pitchers as batters. And the AL has historically seen more runs per game. But recently, the difference in run scoring between the two leagues has shrunk.Overall, AL teams have combined to average 4.59 runs per game over the past three years, while NL teams have averaged 4.46 runs per game. From 1994 to 2003, the peak of the so-called Steroids Era, the AL advantage in runs per game averaged 0.37. Over the past four years, the advantage has been 0.12 runs. How would NL teams fill the DH position? In adding the DH, NL teams would be presented with essentially two choices: Fill the spot with an offense-first player who fits in the lineup daily, or use the spot to rotate and rest players, enhancing roster versatility and building a deeper bench.In the AL, teams largely employ players whose prime responsibility is to be DH. In each of the past three seasons, there were at least 12 AL teams with a player who made at least 50 percent of his 350-plus plate appearances as a DH.One factor that could be a part of the union’s eagerness to add the DH to the NL is the hope for additional higher-paying jobs. The designated hitter is, per player, the highest-paid positional group in baseball. Adding a full-time DH, as many AL teams employ, might mean better-paying jobs if the DH could replace a cheaper-salaried, end-of-the-bench position.Moreover, the DH would likely help some 30-and-older free agents find jobs — an issue in recent offseasons. If an aging player is losing defensive ability but can still hit, the DH offers another way to get in the lineup.As for the trickle-down effect on the rest of the roster, AL teams have combined to average 387.7 pitchers used per season over the past six years. NL teams? 383.7. So while adding the DH might eliminate an end-of-bench utility position, it may not have much effect on the number of pitchers used throughout a season.What would the universal DH mean for pace of play?Of course, any rule change can bring unintended consequences. Manfred has made hastening pace of play a focus, including reducing the number of trips to the mound and experimenting with a pitch clock this spring. But it’s unclear what kind of effect adding the DH would have on pace. The average number of seconds between pitches last year was 24.1, the second greatest lull of the pitch-tracking era.3That goes back to 2008. The two leagues weren’t that different: Pitchers in the NL took 23.9 seconds between pitches, while the AL pitchers took 24.3 seconds. But when pitchers batted, the game sped up. The time between pitches was 20.1 seconds last season when NL pitchers hit but 24.2 seconds when all other NL hitters were at bat. BravesJohan CamargoJohan Camargo343 PadresFranmil ReyesHunter Renfroe333 RedsJesse WinkerJesse Winker264 CardinalsJose MartinezJose Martinez230 Which NL players would benefit from a DH in 2019?Projected NL designated hitters and the players that would gain the most in plate appearances based on 100 simulations of the 2019 season by Out of the Park Baseball DiamondbacksChristian WalkerChristian Walker295 But given what we know about how often pitchers bat, that doesn’t amount to much. There were 18,344 pitches thrown to pitchers last season, for a total of 20.9 hours saved between pitches over the course of a season compared with the pace of league-average pitcher-batter encounters. Nearly a full day of baseball! Except baseball is played on too many days for that time savings be noticeable. Spread over the course of an entire season, replacing pitcher at-bats with those from a DH would lead to a relatively small slowing of about a minute per game.But adding the DH could add time savings if it were to reduce midinning pitching changes.According to data provided to FiveThirtyEight by David Smith of Retrosheet, midinning changes added about 3 minutes and 15 seconds per game in 2018. But the NL had fewer midinning pitching changes last season (2,213) than the AL did (2,452).Still, the overall net effect might be modest: The average length of a nine-inning game in the NL over the past three years was 181.7 minutes. In the AL, it was 182 minutes.Would pitchers’ jobs get more difficult?NL pitchers may have to work a bit harder if the DH arrives in the league. When a pitcher faces another pitcher, the velocity of his fastball tends to decline, which suggests that pitchers give themselves a bit of a breather. The average fastball velocity in the NL last season was 93.7 mph, but when pitchers batted, it was 92.8 mph. Moreover, the NL average for four-seam fastball usage was 39.1 percent last season, but when pitchers were batting, that share jumped to 51.8 percent — a record during the pitch-tracking era. That suggests pitchers are saving their breaking balls for tougher hitters.Which NL players would benefit the most? A DH would mean all sorts of possibilities for NL rosters — but what might they look like if teams could use the DH this season? We asked our friends at Out of the Park Baseball, a strategic simulation game, to run a simulation based on 2019 NL teams playing with and without the DH to find out which teams and players would most benefit. (The simulation was run before Bryce Harper agreed to terms with the Phillies.)In the table below, you can see which player on each team would become the primary DH under the OOTP simulations and which player would gain the most plate appearances. Sometimes that player would be the DH, and sometimes he would be someone else because of the trickle-down effect of opportunity gained from adding the DH. Would NL starters pitch more if there were a DH?It’s easy to assume that because starting pitchers in the NL are sometimes pulled so pinch hitters can bat, they’d pitch for shorter stints than AL pitchers do. Yet starting pitchers in the NL actually worked deeper into games last season, and the leagues have been almost even in innings per start since 2000. Perhaps the predominant factors are the starting pitcher’s pitch count and how many times he’s worked through the opposing order. read more

Ohio State water polo looks for championship 3peat after 110 season

Credit: Courtesy of Ohio State Water PoloThe Ohio State water polo team will be looking for its third straight Great Lakes Division Championship on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.The team, which competes within the Collegiate Water Polo Association, finished the regular season undefeated in 11 matches. Along with two straight Great Lake championships, it finished fifth at the National Collegiate Club Championships in 2014. Coach James Dauphinee, president and senior goalie Michael Smith and vice president and junior center Drace Penley are working to prepare the team together. “I structure this out so everything we do is building toward those championships,” Dauphinee said. “There’s a lot of preparation that goes in before practice, but really it’s these guys’ dedication and hard work that pushes us.”Smith, who puts together the team’s scheduling, said midseason CWPA polls that ranked the Buckeyes first in the nation puts a target on their backs.“We have a lot more training to do if we want to compete on a national level,” Smith said. “Teams know that we’re coming to play. We’re working really hard to make sure we’re the best team in the pool conditioning-wise and (the) best team in the pool mentally and ready to play water polo.”Penley, whose duty as vice president is to work with fundraising and the community, said extra practice both in and out of the pool has been part of their preparation.“We’ve been lucky on Monday and Wednesdays to come in at 7:30 a.m. and get conditioning out the way early so that we can get into more water polo,” Penley said. “We’ve also put together an out-of-practice lifting cycle, so we all signed up for a time sheet.”Dauphinee said he thinks the team’s hard work can help it ascend to new heights.“Placing fifth last year, we lost to the eventual national champions, and this year we’re expecting to place first, if not top three,” Dauphinee said. “I think that’s reflective of the work these guys have put in, not just last year, but the previous years to really build a name for the program nationwide.”There has been a shift in the competitiveness of the program from when Dauphinee took over five years ago. Senior center Ben McClurg has witnessed the transition.“We’ve pretty much done a full 180. When I started, the team was probably like 20 guys total and only 10 showed up for practice,” McClurg said. “We had a lot of good incoming classes, and now we’ve got almost 40 guys who will come in four times a week and multiple weekends every single semester.”Smith cites Dauphinee as a large reason for the turnaround.“My freshman year we got fourth in our conference, and now we’re going for the three-peat this year,” Smith said. “It’s just been an unbelievable change, and a lot of that has to do with our coaching. James has been an unbelievable part of that.”Dauphinee has been named the Great Lakes Division Coach of the Year the past three seasons, but the achievements of the team are what he hangs his hat on.“The thing that I personally get the most from is not the individual accolade, but when I first started coaching the team, they asked me to come on board and we had seven guys in the water,” he said. “This is the return on the investment I put in here, getting an opportunity to help build a program.”Dauphinee is not the only member of the team who has experienced personal success. McClurg and Smith have both been recognized within the CWPA.McClurg was named the 2014 Great Lakes Division MVP and a second team All-American. He said he is honored to obtain those awards, but he enjoys team success over individual.“I like being honored, but I’d like to see the team do well rather than myself,” McClurg said. “But, obviously, I like being able to say that I was the best in the conference and somewhat of the best of the nation, which is kind of cool to see.”Smith, as a goalie, attributes his success to the team defense and coaching.“I’ve had an unbelievable defense, and I’ve been lucky enough to have that for three years now,” Smith said. “I came in playing in high school a little bit, but I wasn’t very good. I’ve had great tutelage, great coaching and it all goes down to that team defense.”Penley, however, said he thinks Smith is too modest.“Team defense can only work if you got someone who you know is only going to let seven goals max in a game behind you,” Penley said. “Pretty much every game at nationals, except for maybe one, he’s been named our MVP of the game.”Despite a strong commitment to the program, the team emphasizes that school comes first.Penley, a chemical engineering major, said a good balance is important.“Since we are a club sport, we’re always making sure that everyone knows that school comes first, family comes first,” Penley said. “If you need a day off mentally, that comes first because if you aren’t prepared mentally in the pool, you’re not going to play physically well.”Smith echoed Penley’s notion.“We’re not scholarship athletes, we’re all here to get an education,” Smith said. “We’re lucky enough to have guys on the team who are able to balance that and (Penley) is a great example.”Freshman Andy Damschroder said the cohesion of the club has contributed to his positive experience so far.“We hang out together, we train together, we win together,” Damschroder said. “It’s probably one of the best clubs on campus, one of the most competitive, one of the most cohesive. Everybody is academically smart, we’re all physically talented. It’s a great group to be a part of.”The Buckeyes will host the Great Lake Championships at the McCorkle Pavilion Halloween weekend beginning at 9 a.m. on Oct. 31. read more

Ohio State baseball hopes to carry 4game winning streak into series with

OSU senior first baseman Zach Ratcliff (32) takes a cut during a game against Hofstra on March 18. OSU won 12-1.Credit: Giustino Bovenzi | Lantern reporterAfter winning its first Big Ten series, the Ohio State baseball team (16-7-1, 2-1) took care of business against two nonconference opponents: Ohio University and Toledo. Now, the Buckeyes are looking ahead to a weekend series against Bethune-Cookman (11-15).The Buckeyes, winners of 16 consecutive midweek games, have done an excellent job protecting the home turf against these teams. For OSU coach Greg Beals, part of what makes those wins so special is that they have come against teams from Ohio.“Well the thing I like about that midweek streak is the fact that we’re playing a lot of other schools,” Beals said. “They come in here and it’s a really big game and we’re defending the T-H-E and a lot of places don’t like the T-H-E on The Ohio State University, but it’s something that it’s our responsibility to defend it.”Scouting Bethune-CookmanThe 2016 season has not been so terrible for Bethune-Cookman, but it certainly could have started better. The Wildcats are 6-4 in their past 10 games, a span that has included a one-run loss to No. 4 Miami (Fla.), but also a 21-8 throttling courtesy of Florida International (13-15).The pitching has been the Achilles’ heel for the Wildcats this season. They do not have a starting pitcher with an ERA below 4.50 and own a miserable team ERA of 5.62. While Bethune-Cookman has struggled on the mound, hitting has not been nearly as much of a concern. The Wildcats are batting .260 with 19 home runs as a team. The major force in their lineup is junior catcher Michael Cruz, who through 90 at-bats has a .333 batting average with nine home runs. Up and down the lineup, the Wildcats have players who can hit the ball with some authority, but Beals said he believes OSU can keep up its winning ways of late.“I think our pitchers need to stick to the gameplan and execute the gameplan, and that’s pitch the bottom of the zone,” Beals said. “I’d like to see us click a little more (on offense) and have a 12-, 13- or 14-hit night where we get contributions from up and down the lineup and a little more steady than we’ve been.”Fearsome foursomeOne would be hard pressed to find a more dangerous top four hitters in college baseball than the quartet starting things off for the Buckeyes. The table-setter, junior center fielder Troy Montgomery, currently has the most walks in the Big Ten with 26 and is sixth in on-base percentage (.490). The No. 2 hitter, redshirt junior right fielder Jacob Bosiokovic, is second in home runs with eight already; the No. 3 hitter, junior left fielder Ronnie Dawson, owns a .557 slugging percentage, good for 10th in the Big Ten. The cleanup hitter, senior third baseman Nick Sergakis, is first in hits with 40 and second in batting average (.417). Even with the recent success, Bosiokovic, who has hit a home run in three straight games, said he still wants to keep his approach simple.“I’m seeing it pretty well right now, but it’s just baseball,” Bosiokovic said. “The first weekend I had those home runs and then next week, I had one hit so it’s really just taking each at-bat and each pitch for what it is and tracking the ball and just trying to put a good swing on it.”Part of what has made this team so successful has not only been the outstanding hitting at the top of the lineup, but steady contributions from every player on the team. Against Toledo, senior shortstop Craig Nennig (batting ninth) went 2-for-5 with a home run. Junior left-handed pitcher Joe Stoll came in and provided the Buckeyes with four lockdown innings in relief.When looking at the past couple of wins for the Buckeyes, Beals said he knows that the bench, bullpen and bottom of the order have been crucial to the success of this team.“It’s the bullpen, it’s the bench guys, it’s the fact that we’ve got talent up and down the line,” Beals said. “We pinch hit twice last night, pinch ran twice last night, had a defensive switch, and we were able to do some things and the talent on our ball club is what allows (me) to make those decisions.”Staying hotNow riding a four-game winning streak, it will be important for the Buckeyes to keep things rolling against the Wildcats. Despite his team having played two games already this week, Beals said he is certain that his team will be ready to go against Bethune-Cookman.“These guys all have the ambition of playing professionally, and when you play professionally, you play every day,” Beals said. “I think this is what they train for, and I think this is what we train them for, and this is what they’re expectation is and when players get going in the sport of baseball, more than any other sports, it’s a rhythm, so once they get going and get feeling good, they want to play and they want to play almost every day.”The series against Bethune-Cookman is scheduled to begin Friday at 6:35 p.m. with junior lefty Tanner Tully set to take the bump for the Buckeyes. Redshirt sophomore right-hander Adam Niemeyer and senior left-hander John Havird are set to follow him up on Saturday and Sunday. read more

Ohio State basketball avenges loss trounces Hoosiers

Ohio State sophomore forward Jared Sullinger said he was out for revenge against Indiana. In front of new football coach Urban Meyer and his staff, Sullinger and his team got just that. Meyer introduced his coaching staff to the crowd at the Schottenstein Center at halftime, but the basketball team kept the focus squarely on themselves. The Buckeyes attacked the Hoosiers on both ends of the floor and avenged their Dec. 31 road loss, beating Indiana, 80-63. “This is exactly what we wanted,” Sullinger said. “We just wanted to come out and play our game and give the crowd a good show.” Sullinger may have pledged revenge, but it was Lenzelle Smith Jr.  who got the Buckeyes started. The sophomore guard, who said he was coming off a case of strep throat, connected on his first five shots from the field. Smith Jr. hit his fourth 3-pointer of the game just before the first half buzzer sounded and walked into the locker room with 18 points, four more than the entire Indiana team. “Throughout the game, I just saw my man leave me every single time,” Smith Jr. said. “This game we capitalized off that and we were able to get some easy buckets.” Along with Smith Jr., OSU’s recipe for success was its defense. The Buckeyes forced 12 first-half turnovers and held Indiana to 27.3 percent shooting while holding the Hoosiers to 14 points. “Pressure, pressure, pressure,” Sullinger said. “We just wanted to get up in their jock strap according to coach Matta and just stop them from turning the ball from side to side.” OSU head coach Thad Matta said he was pleased with his team’s defensive effort. “The defense today is what I dream about,” Matta said. “We’ve shown signs of five players coming together and playing defense, but today we did a good job of playing total team defense.” Sullinger was held to just two points in the first half, but got things rolling after intermission. Sullinger said in the first half Indiana was double teaming him, but after Smith Jr. caught fire, he found more open space. Sullinger found position inside and tallied six quick points in under five minutes for OSU in the second half. With over 15 minutes remaining, the Buckeye big man grabbed a rebound and lost his balance, but as he was falling backward, threw a long pass to senior guard William Buford, who caught the ball in stride streaking down the sideline. Buford dumped it off to a trailing Smith Jr. who finished with a two-handed dunk. The duo of Sullinger and Smith Jr. kept Indiana at bay for rest of the game as the Hoosiers never cut the Buckeye lead below 16 points. “They stopped leaving Lenzelle,” Sullinger said. “It works both ways with me and Lenzelle. If I kick it out to Lenzelle, Lenzelle is wide open in the first half. Then all the sudden they start sticking to Lenzelle … It was a two-way street which worked perfectly for our game plan.” Indiana coach Tom Crean said Sullinger’s ability to move the ball out of the post was essential to Smith Jr.’s success and that skill played a big role for the Buckeyes. “If you don’t take the ball from Sullinger, he is so good at not having to score it for his team to score,” Crean said. Sullinger finished with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Smith Jr. finished with a career-high 28 points and added 7 rebounds. Buford and sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas also finished in double figures with 12 and 11 points respectively. The Buckeye victory brings their record to 16-3 on the season and 4-2 in Big Ten play. OSU will have five days off before traveling to Nebraska for the team’s second matchup with the Cornhuskers. OSU won the first contest, 71-40. Tip for the rematch will be Saturday at 8 p.m. read more

Ohio State mens tennis rides NCAA Tournament triumphs to Sweet 16

The Ohio State men’s tennis team didn’t drop a single match in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and advanced to the Sweet 16. OSU, which hosted NCAA Tournament action for the seventh consecutive season, used the home-court advantage to their benefit and defeated East Tennessee State, 4-0, and Notre Dame, 4-0, in the first and second rounds. OSU redshirt sophomore Peter Kobelt and junior Connor Smith won the first match of the afternoon with an 8-4 doubles match win against Notre Dame sophomore Billy Pecor and senior Sam Keeton. The Buckeye duo of Kobelt and Smith is 26-5 in the current campaign. Senior Chase Buchanan and sophomore Blaz Rola, the nation’s top-ranked doubles duo, won their first match of the postseason and 30th of the season after in an 8-3 victory against senior Niall Fitzgerald and senior Casey Watt. Rola also earned a team-high 32nd singles victory en route to winning the fourth point of the match and clutched the OSU win. Rola, ranked ninth nationally, beat the Fighting Irish’s sophomore Greg Andrews (No. 54) 7-5, 6-3. Buchanan carried the doubles success to the singles competition as well. The co-captain downed Watt, 6-3, 6-2, to push the Buckeye lead to 2-0. Buchanan, ranked 10th-nationally, is now 28-6 overall. Sophomore Ille Van Engelen won for the 27th time this season and 16th time at the No. 4 position after beating Pecor, 6-4, 6-2. On Day 1 of the tournament, OSU defeated East Tennessee State. Junior Devin McCarthy and Van Engelen won the first match of the day, defeating senior Jeremy Bonnevalle and junior Juan Ramirez, 8-3. The duo, ranked 32nd nationwide, moved to 33-9 on the season. After Kobelt and Smith earned a doubles point with an 8-4 win against freshman Rogerio Ribeiro and junior Jesus Bandres, OSU took a 1-0 lead and the Buckeye duo improved to 17-2 at the third position and 26-5 overall. OSU’s No. 2 singles player Rola improved to 14-2 on the season Rola after his team high 31st singles win in a 6-3, 6-2 victory against ETSU senior Sander Gille. The Buckeyes came within one point of winning after Kobelt’s 6-4, 6-2, win against Ramirez. He improved to 25-10 overall with a third-position mark at 16-7. McCarthy won, 6-3, against Ribeiro to secure the shutout for OSU. McCarthy improved to 27-6 overall with a 17-3 mark at the fifth position for the Buckeyes. OSU will continue NCAA Tournament play Thursday on University of Georgia’s campus in Athens, Ga. read more

Second half surge propels Ohio State womens basketball to win over Winthrop

OSU junior guard Ameryst Alston (14) attempts to dribble past Winthrop redshirt-sophomore guard Aliyah Kilpatrick (1) during a Dec. 7 game at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 66-52. Credit: Ed Momot / For The LanternAfter a lackluster first half, the Ohio State women’s basketball team swung the momentum to defeat visiting Winthrop (S.C.), 66-52, on Sunday.Coach Kevin McGuff said a renewed intensity allowed OSU to take control of the second half.“We really attacked a lot better in the second half,” McGuff said. “We got more stops, more turnovers (that) allowed us to play in transition a little bit more, and overall generated more quality shots.”The Buckeyes (5-4) opened the game with a 9-3 run in the first five minutes of the half. Winthrop (4-3, 1-0) rallied back, though, and score 10 unanswered points to take the lead. The Eagles continued to roll on a 14-2 run to take its largest lead of the game with the score at 17-11. OSU fought back and was able to retake the lead following an 11-4 run led by freshman guard Kelsey Mitchell. Both teams traded baskets until the end of the half as Winthrop took a 27-26 lead into halftime.Mitchell scored 17 of OSU’s 26 points in the first half. As a team, the Buckeyes shot 42.9 percent from the field while Winthrop shot 40 percent, but OSU was out-rebounded by the Eagles, 19-12.OSU took the lead at the beginning of the second half off a 3-pointer from junior guard Cait Craft. The Eagles tied the game on their next possession, but the Buckeyes went on an 18-7 run to take control.Winthrop continued to push, though, and was able to cut the OSU lead down to five with less than 10 minutes to play. OSU closed the game out, tough, as they scored 12 unanswered points while forcing six turnovers over a seven-minute span.Mitchell led all scorers with 26 points to go along with three rebounds, four assists and four steals. After a scoreless first half, junior guard Ameryst Alston bounced back with 12 points and five rebounds. Craft ended up with eight points, six rebounds, five assists and three steals.Alston said the team came out in the second half with more energy compared to the first.“I think we adjusted very well today,” Alston said. “I would say the first half, collectively, intensity could’ve been a little better but we stayed focused and picked it up the second half.”Mitchell said the lack of team offense in the first half was just a case of things not turning out for the Buckeyes. She added that she trusts her teammates to be productive and saw more of that in the second half.“I just think things didn’t go the way we wanted,” Mitchell said. “I know my teammates can make plays just like anybody else out here. For them to score like that in the second half was a great thing.”OSU is next scheduled to play Arkansas State on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Schottenstein Center. read more

Buckeye Brief Notes from the B1G Teleconference Week 2

OSU then-redshirt freshman quarterback Joe Burrow (10) scores a touchdown during the second half of the Buckeyes game against Nebraska on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorUrban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes square off with the No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners in the prime-time matchup at 7:30 p.m. in Ohio Stadium on ABC. During Tuesday’s Big Ten coaches teleconference, Meyer listed three main areas of concern — pass coverage from corners and linebackers, blocking by the interior offensive line and downfield passing accuracy — he plans to address during practice this week.Meyer unsurprisingly announced Monday that running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber will both play against Oklahoma. On Tuesday, he still did not know in what capacity the two would see the field.“They’ll both certainly play and I think they’re good complements to each other,” Meyer said. “Kind of remains to be seen on how we use it. But they’ll both play.”Meyer also provided an update on quarterback Joe Burrow’s recovery from surgery on a broken hand. hand. He said Burrow has begun throwing the ball and is “pretty close” to returning.Here are some more updates from Meyer’s teleconference session. On Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield: “Well, we studied them all in the offseason. He’s just a — he’s one of the best players in America. So, no, I think he’s carrying on what he does and that’s playing that position very uniquely and very aggressively. He’s a heck of a player.”On Oklahoma first-year coach Lincoln Riley: “I talked to [former Oklahoma] coach [Bob] Stoops who is a friend of mine. We just were talking and he [said], ‘It was the right time, we had the right guy in place.’ When Bob Stoops says that, that tells you all I need to know about their new coach. You don’t make it to that level and have a guy like Bob Stoops put his name on you without being excellent. And that’s what he is.”On where Mike Weber has improved from last year to this year: “His seriousness. Him and [strength and conditioning coach Mick Marotti] have worked very hard as he’s faster than he’s ever been. He’s in the best shape of his life. He re-made his body. He used to be kind of a chunky player, now he’s lost some weight. He’s strong, fast. He’s had a great offseason, that’s why he was so disappointed when he got the hamstring injury. He looks fantastic.”On Jerome Baker’s growth as a player: “Maturity is probably the key word. He’s very much matured. Just little things like his academics, his performance off the field. Obviously, his performance on the field last year was excellent. This year, his performance on the field, but it’s just his attention to detail from little things like his body weight to his academic performance and seriousness. So he’s just grown up and that’s nice to see.” read more

Archers bully Rob pictured for first time as court artist sketches fictional

first_imgNew sketches by Quenzler will be published on the Archers website and on social media after episodes during the trial week.The artist, who has worked on real cases for 30 years and supplies drawings to the British press, said: “In this case, having to work from a script, I was working from imagination. I was given a few photographs of the actors but I was reminded that obviously many listeners have conjured up their own image of how each character looks.“I was also told that the trial would be held in a typical 19th century court building so I drew the sort of panelling they might have had.””Normally I will leave the court room after fifteen minutes, then I take my notes off to a press room where I can work on my drawing. I usually have about an hour to work on it, and then it will be ready to be filmed for the lunch time news.“These took quite a lot long longer because of the research and referring back to the script.”Having illustrated many real domestic violence cases, she added: “I’m often asked if I make the accused look evil. Generally murderers don’t look like murderers. “I can’t presume anyone’s guilt, it’s not for me to do that. I’m not judging the case, I’m going strictly by what I see, and what the jury see.“Somebody might look completely benign when they may have been accused of the most awful crimes. They just look like the guy next door.”The trial of Helen Titchener begins at 7pm on Sunday, September 4 on BBC Radio 4.Charge SheetAccused: Helen Titchener (nee Archer)Charge: Attempted Murder and Wounding with Intent. Both charges relate to the night of 4 April 2016, when she stabbed her husband Rob twice in the presence of her five-year-old son Henry.Pleads: Not guilty to both charges on grounds of self-defenceMaximum sentence: Life imprisonmentVenue: Borchester Crown CourtStart of trial: Sunday, September 4**The Archers, BBC Radio 4, Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Taking the stand later this week will be Helen’s mother Pat Archer and Rob’s mother Ursula.Perhaps the most moving moment will come when the couple’s five-year-old son Henry is called to give evidence in a case that has seen his father grievously ill in hospital and his mother thrown into a prison cell awaiting trial.But this, as listeners of BBC Radio 4’s The Archers will know, is not the latest case to appear at the Old Bailey, but the culmination of one of the most compelling storylines in the history of the long-running drama seriesIn a bid to inject further realism into the storyline, which has been both praised and criticised for its handling of the troubling question of domestic abuse, the BBC commissioned Quenzler to make a visual record of the trial.She has covered some of the most high profile court cases of recent times, including the trial of Harold Shipman, the Soham murders and General Pinochet’s extradition hearing. Taking the stand later this week will be Helen’s mother Pat Archer and Rob’s mother Ursula This is the dramatic moment abusive husband Rob Titchener faces his estranged wife Helen across the court during her trial for his attempted murder.The long-anticipated confrontation was captured by court artist Julia Quenzler as Titchener gave evidence against his wife, who stands accused of stabbing him in a domestic violence case that has gripped the nation.She is charged with attempted murder and wounding with intent after stabbing Rob in their kitchen during a heated argument. Helen Archer is played by Louiza Patikas and Rob Tichener by Timothy WatsonCredit: Pete Daddscenter_img While Rob and Helen appear in court along with key witnesses, Quenzler will produce sketches of them just as she would in a real hearing, documenting a day-by-day account of what is happening.After 60 years on air, it is believed to be the first time the Archers team has approved a visual depiction of what is happening in Borsetshire, generally preferring to leave the action to listeners’ imaginations.Fans will have a view into the courtroom just as they would in a real trial, opening with Rob Titchener taking the stand on Sunday night.The first picture, based on the appearance of Timothy Watson and Louiza Patikas, the actors who play Rob and Helen, show the couple in court during the opening of the trial. In the witness box stands Rob, smartly dressed in a suit and blue tie, being led thorugh the evidence by a barrister, while Helen, gaunt after months in custody awaiting the start of the trial, sits in the dockOther witnesses due to appear this week include PC Harrison Burns, Ian Craig, Neil Carter and surgeon Mr Ellis.The trial is expected to include some of the most dramatic scenes in the history of The Archers, with editor Sean O’Connor promising it will be “both shocking and deeply moving”.Listeners who have eavesdropped over years of sustained coercive control and abuse will be on tenterhooks to see how much the jury will hear, and whether justice is done. In this case, having to work from a script, I was working from imagination. I was given a few photographs of the actors but I was reminded that obviously many listeners have conjured up their own image of how each character looksJulia Quenzler Helen Archer is played by Louiza Patikas and Rob Tichener by Timothy Watson Taking the stand later this week will be Helen’s mother Pat Archer and Rob’s mother UrsulaCredit:Pete Daddslast_img read more

Tomato prices rocket 37pc as bad weather hits growing regions

first_imgBritain’s tomato lovers could soon face a hike in the price of their salad favourite, according to a new report.For bad weather across key European tomato growing regions has led to wholesale prices rocketing to a level which is 36 per cent higher than this time last year, the latest research shows.Data from commodity analysts Mintec says that average tomato prices rose to £1,247 a tonne last week – an increase of 9.5 per cent compared with late July and a hefty 36.8 per cent than this time last year. In Italy, a combination of torrential rains, below-average temperatures and strong winds hit tomato production during June. As a result, both Italy and Spain are expecting delays in harvest and a decline in tomato yields this year.Andy Weir, head of marketing at fruit and vegetable supplier Reynolds said that bad weather has also affected crops in the world’s second largest tomato exporter, the Netherlands.Mr Weir told The Grocer: “Plum tomatoes and plum on the wine tomatoes have all been affected by the well publicised hail storms in Holland recently.”This saw giant hailstones the size of tennis balls causing chaos in June and leading to millions of euros worth of damage to cars and property in the South.As a result of the freak storms, companies supplying tomatoes to Reynolds are reporting an estimated loss of between 15 per cent and 20 per cent of their crop, added Mr Weir. Trade magazine The Grocer reported that adverse weather conditions across Europe during the spring have led to a tightening in tomato supplies from key growing regions and resulted in soaring wholesale prices.As with many imported commodities following the Uk’s vote to leave the EU, the depreciation of the pound has had a significant effect on wholesale prices in sterling, according to Mintec fruit and vegetable analyst Jara Zicha.He told the magazine that bad weather conditions across the EU have further exacerbated this problem with torrential rains across Spain and Portugal during April and May delaying the planting of crops.The wet weather has meant some of the crop was planted under very difficult conditions while in some areas planting was abandoned altogether, said Mr Zicha. Andy Weir Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Spaghetti bolognese is ruined by the British top Italian chef Antonio Carluccio

first_imgOther dishes commonly served in British Italian restaurants that do not have a place are caramelised oranges, chicken kievs and a starter of avocado with prawns and salsa, he said. “The salsa often has nothing in it but ketchup and mayonnaise, and in Italy avocados do not even exist.” “In Italy [food is] not fashionable, I hate the word fashionable for food because one day it will be lentils that are fashionable, the other day they are not,” he said.“Food is all the same, you cook it when you have it, when it is at the peak of the season and knowing the cuisine well, you cook it at any time that you want not simply because it is just a fashionable thing.” In fact, bolognese – or tagliatelle al ragu – is so important to Italy that the region’s Chamber of Commerce asked the Italian Academy of Cooking to come up with an official recipe in 1982. The result was a simple sauce, which only contained beef, pancetta, onions, carrots, celery, tomato paste, white wine and milk. Antonio Carluccio was speaking in CheltenhamCredit: Clara Molden for The Telegraph Alfredo Tomaselli, whose restaurant in Rome attracts A-list stars including George Clooney, went as far to say some versions in Briton had “nothing at all to do with the original”. Antonio Carluccio  During the talk, Carluccio also touched on “fashionable” food, arguing that ingredients should just be enjoyed when they are in season. When you think Italy, you start to put oregano, basil, parsley, garlic, which is not at all rightAntonio Carluccio More recently, chefs have debated what sort of pasta is best to have with the ragu. They concluded that the sauce sticks better to “flatter” shapes, not thin spaghetti.Speaking about what he believes is the right way to make bolognese, Carluccio told the audience: “You should do this: oil, onion, two types of meat – beef and pork – and you practically brown this, then you put the tomatoes, then a bit of wine, including tomato paste, and then you cook it for three hours. That is it. Nothing else. Grate Parmesan on the top and Bob’s your uncle.”  Spaghetti bolognese does not exist in ItalyAntonio Carluccio Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Step into any Italian restaurant in Britain and you can guarantee that spaghetti bolognese will be on the menu.But Antonio Carluccio has revealed he believes we are are ruining the classic dish – by putting herbs in it.The chef, who has made his name as an expert in Italian gastronomy, revealed he was shocked when he first came to London and discovered what was being served in so-called Italian restaurants. Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, he said: “There was spaghetti bolognese, which does not exist in Italy. In Italy, it is tagliatelle bolognese, with freshly made tagliatelle and bolognese without any herbs whatsoever.”He claimed Britons naturally assume that Italian dishes need herbs such as basil. “When you think Italy, you start to put oregano, basil, parsley, garlic, which is not at all [right],” he said.Carluccio, 79, joins a long list of chefs who have debated about the “abuse” of the dish. Massimo Bottura, the chef patron of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Modena, previously said there were “some crazy versions”.last_img read more

After 120 years Country Life swaps famous Girl in Pearls fora man

first_imgThis week’s magazine Priced at sixpence, the very first edition of the magazine did not record why the Earl had been chosen.Since then, the frontispiece page quickly became the home of Britain’s young aristocratic women, nicknamed Girls in Pearls for the commonly-seen accessory of choice.Only a handful of men have graced the page in the last 120 years, with members of the Royal family occasionally being permitted a guest slot along with Sir Winston Churchill and, once, a horse.This week, Viscount Andover and his children the Hon Eloise Howard and the Hon Arthur Howard, of Charlton Park, Wiltshire, will appear opposite their ancestor. This week's magazine starring Viscount Andover This week's magazine The 18th Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, who graced the very first frontispiece Since 1897, thousands of young women have graced its pages to announce engagements, graduations or their coming-of-age.But this week, Country Life will offer a rarely-seen species on its famous “girls in pearls” page: a man.The magazine is to celebrate its 120th anniversary year with a photograph of Viscount Andover, the great-great-grandson of its first ever frontispiece star, the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire.The 18th Earl appeared in Country Life on January 8, 1897, in a solemn black-and-white photograph, sitting in a leather armchair with a pocketwatch and book. The 18th Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, who graced the very first frontispiece This week’s magazine starring Viscount Andover Mark Hedges, editor of Country Life, said: “We are delighted that Viscount Andover and his children agreed to be photographed for our famous Frontispiece, which has been an iconic and notable page of the magazine ever since the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire first graced it 120 years ago.”Previous male stars include the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who were both photographed on the occasion of their 18th birthdays, and the Prince of Wales who was pictured in the Highgrove garden for his 50th. In 1937, Neville Chamberlain, the then-Prime Minister, provided a holiday photograph of himself fishing and a shot of Lord Burghley in 1931 captured him leaping over hurdles.Sir Winston Churchill appeared posthumously, in a 1965 black-and-white photograph in his study published the week after his death.The new Country Life, starring the 18th Earl and Viscount Andover, is out now. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Bizarre moment horse spotted getting on a bus in London

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. @SimonCrowcroft @tomhatton1 @TfL and the conductor says “why the long face!”— Charles Lawley (@CharlesLawley) January 3, 2017 This is the bizarre moment a police horse was spotted appearing to board a double-decker bus in north London.Stunned politician Simon Crowcroft, the constable of St Helier, Jersey, stumbled across the unusual sight as he walked through Islington. #PoliceHorse Invictor showing he’s a team player steps in to help PC Dan Smith with a person collapsed on a bus in @MPSIslington 🐎🐎👍— MetTaskforce (@MetTaskforce) January 3, 2017 @simoncrowcroft Its the mounted police attending an incident on the bus this morning.— TfL Bus Alerts (@TfLBusAlerts) January 3, 2017 @SimonCrowcroft @lonrec Pleasing that it’s just down the Holloway Road from the Nag’s Head— James Coatsworth (@j_coatsworth) January 3, 2017 Here’s another shot of #policehorse Invictor from this morning @metpoliceuk @islingtongztte @standardnews— Simon Crowcroft (@SimonCrowcroft) January 3, 2017 “We had actually got lost when we came across this strange scene of a horse appearing to get on a bus outside Sainsbury’s. It was just a very unusual image, and I always keep my phone handy due to the nature of my work,” he told the newspaper. “You couldn’t see anything inside the bus, as a big horse was in the way. But it was obvious a mounted police officer was assisting at the scene.”The photo sparked some jokes  @SimonCrowcroft @TfL Is that the bus to Haymarket?— Cornish Bygone Times (@PRScredda) January 4, 2017 @SimonCrowcroft @jwindmill @TfL Infuriates me when people get on via the exit doors!— Bonanza & Son (@BonanzaSon) January 4, 2017 @SimonCrowcroft @TfL What on earth would a horse want in Islington?— K. Einblatt (@1blatt) January 3, 2017 PC Dan Smith and his horse Invictor were actually responding after a passenger on board the bus was taken ill (and not just trying to sneak on through the back doors).Mr Crowcroft, 58, told the Islington Gazette he is currently staying with a friend in London, adding it was a “strange scene” to come across. The Met Taskforce tweeted:  “Police Horse Invictor showing he’s a team player steps in to help PC Dan Smith with a person collapsed on a bus in Islington.”A man was treated at the scene and taken to hospital as a precaution, the Gazette adds.In more bizarre police news, this force’s attempt to return a ‘stolen’ wedding album backfired spectacularly.In 2015, police in Kingston responded to a call out about men dressed as traffic cones blocking traffic. last_img read more

MP Tobias Ellwood who tried to save Keith Palmer in Westminster terror

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mr Ellwood, whose brother Jonathan was killed in the 2002 Bali terrorist bombing, said Pc Palmer was the real hero because he protected Parliament from the attack.The minister told the Sunday Express: “The story is not about me. He was the hero, not me. I don’t deserve the praise because I couldn’t save him.”Tory MPs renewed calls for Mr Ellwood to be honoured. An armed police officer shakes the hand of Tobias Ellwood as he arrives at ParliamentCredit:CHRIS J RATCLIFFE/AFP “I played only a small part that day, doing what I was taught to do, and am honoured to have been invited to join the Privy Council afterwards.”It is right that we concentrate our thoughts on the victims as we stand side by side to protect all that we hold dear, including our precious values and way of life which will always prevail.” Tobias Ellwood Tobias Ellwood (left) stands among the emergency services at the scene Credit:Stefan Rousseau/PA “It is right that despite the terrible events on Wednesday, Parliamentary business continued the next day as usual, the democratic machine was not interrupted and our way of life did not stop.”I’m deeply humbled and overwhelmed by the messages of support, especially from the policing fraternity, which I now realise is as close knit as the military’s in supporting its own. The former soldier said he was just doing what he was trained to do as he praised the “humbling” and “overwhelming” messages of support from the policing fraternity.He intends to write to Pc Palmer’s family to offer his condolences and said he was “honoured” to be appointed to the Privy Council, alongside security minister Ben Wallace, in recognition of their roles in responding to the atrocity.Mr Ellwood, who has been branded a hero for his actions, said in a statement: “I am heartbroken that I could not do more for Pc Keith Palmer who gave his life in holding the line against terrorism and defending democracy. I shall be writing to the family of Pc Palmer to offer my sincere condolences. James Cleverly, a former Army colleague of Pc Palmer, told the newspaper: “I know it is probably the last thing he would want or seek but what Tobias did – the incredibly brave and decisive action he took – deserves recognition which is why – just like Keith – he should also be considered for an award.”There are number of military and civilian gallantry awards and there is a process to go through but I hope the eventual outcome of those processes is the right one.”Fellow Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said he should be given a knighthood.”I think the title Sir Tobias is in order,” he said. “Politicians have been given knighthoods for a lot less.” Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood looks on as Theresa May speaks to MPs in the aftermath of the terror attackCredit:PA Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood looks on as Theresa May speaks to MPs in the aftermath of the terror attack Tobias Ellwood (left) stands amongst the emergency services at the scene  “Hero” MP Tobias Ellwood has said he is “heartbroken” that his efforts to save the life of a police officer during the Westminster terror attack were ultimately unsuccessful.The Foreign Office minister ran towards gunfire to help Pc Keith Palmer, who was stabbed in Wednesday’s attack by terrorist Khalid Masood.Mr Ellwood was pictured with blood on his face and clothes as he tried to give Pc Palmer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and stem the blood amid the carnage in New Palace Yard, but the officer died from his injuries.last_img read more

Knife crime is now at record highs but what is driving the

With 40,147 offences, knife crime in England and Wales is now at its highest level since the data began to be collected in 2011. There has been a 56.9 per cent increase in knife crime since 2014, when a low of 25,588 offences was recorded by police…. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Knife crime stands at record highs at over 40,000 offences in the last year, with London being at the epicentre of the violence. In July, dozens of others were impacted by knife crime in the capital, including a teenage boy who was stabbed on a busy Islington street, a 17-year-old in Camberwell during the day and a middle-aged man inside a Leicester Square casino. Just this week, on August 1, a 23-year-old man was stabbed to death in Camberwell.  read more

BBCs record breaking Bodyguard shows live TV isnt dead

When the BBC released a new show 20 years ago viewers had to patiently wait each week for the latest installment.But as viewers crave instant fixes with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime supplying binge-watching for the masses, dramas on BBC and ITV are being shown as two-parts before resuming the normal weekly format.  As record numbers tuned in to watch the latest BBC drama Bodyguard, the BBC are set to capitalise on ratings by hooking people in by showing the second episode the day after the first aired.Boyd Hilton, Entertainment Director at Heat Magazine, said the tactic is terrestrial TV’s response to on-demand services such as Netflix. “Viewers enjoy the thrill of watching an exciting high-end drama as it goes out,” he says, “but they have to address the Netflix issue, without releasing all of the series in one go”.“If a good old-fashioned TV channel like the BBC can get 7 million viewers it shows live TV isn’t dead.”The new six-part series starring Keeley Hawes and Richard Madden debuted on Sunday night at 9pm to an average overnight rating of 6.7 million and an audience share of 35%, the BBC said.The programme peaked with 6.9 million viewers. The second most-watched new drama launch of the year so far is BBC One’s McMafia, which had an average overnight audience of 5.6m when it aired on New Year’s Day, while ITV dramas Innocent and Girlfriends opened with 5.3 million and 5.2 million average viewers respectively.The series, penned by Line Of Duty writer Jed Mercurio, sees Ashes To Ashes star Hawes play fictional home secretary Julia Montague while Game Of Thrones actor Madden is the bodyguard assigned to protect her.It comes as ITV plan to show the first two episodes of new drama Vanity Fair in a similar back-to-back construct.   Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Jeremy Clarkson complains over road closures following a fatal car smash

Dear @JeremyClarkson the nasty crash you mention resulted in fatality. As lead Detective I require investigators to secure best evidence from a highly complex scene. It takes as long as necessary. We want roads moving but I hope you understand prioritise quality investigations!— Andy Cox (@SuptAndyCox) June 8, 2019 Jeremy Clarkson as criticised by road traffic police A spokesman said: “Detectives are appealing for information, dash-cam and phone footage after a man died when his car was involved in a collision with a convoy of vehicles that were travelling at high speed and suspected of racing along the A4.”Police were called at approximately 01:40hrs on Friday, 7 June to reports of a road traffic collision on the westbound carriageway of the A4 by the Hammersmith Flyover.”At this early stage it is believed three cars were involved in the collision. London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade attended. One man – aged in his 70s – was pronounced dead at the scene.”His partner, a woman aged in her 70s has been taken to hospital where she remains in a stable condition.”Three people, two men and a woman, were arrested at the scene on suspicion of dangerous driving.” Making reference to the incident, one police officer, who specialises in fatal road traffic collisions wrote on Twitter: “Well Jeremy, as much as I’d like to drive a banger through Borneo, & crash things into caravans or whatever it is you do; my job is finding out why the broom broom crashed & the people are crying. Tends to be complicated. Frustrating too, enough to make you want to punch someone.”Scotland Yard are still asking for witnesses to the accident to come forward with information. Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire after complaining about the length of time it took the police to reopen a road following a fatal car accident.The former Top Gear host, took to social media after he was held up in traffic following a crash in West London in the early hours of Friday morning.The horrifying smash occurred on the busy A4 in the Hammersmith amid claims that up to nine cars had been racing one another.A man in his 70s died in the collision and his partner, also in her 70s had to be rushed to hospital.Posting on Twitter the following day, Clarkson, who has regularly courted controversy, wrote: “Dear The Police, I know it was a nasty crash in Hammersmith last night but how can it take this  long to reopen the road?”But the comment sparked anger among serving police officers whose job it is to deal with the aftermath of fatal road traffic accidents, as well as members of the public.One police officer hit back, posting: “Sorry you were delayed Jeremy Clarskon,  perhaps you’d like to come with us and personally explain to the family of the deceased that we didn’t investigate the death of their loved one thoroughly because you wanted to get home? That their  loss is a complete irrelevance to you? ” Clarkson presented the popular motoring show Top Gear from 2002 until 2013.His no holes barred style and politically incorrect behaviour divided opinion winning him a legion of fans, but also an army of critics.He was eventually sacked over an incident in which a producer claimed he had been punched during a row over catering. Dear The Police, I know it was a nasty crash in Hammersmith last night but how can it take this long to re-open the road?— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) June 7, 2019 Detective Superintendent Andy Cox added: “Dear Jeremy Clarkson the nasty crash you mention resulted in a fatality. As lead Detective I require investigators to secure best evidence from a highly complex scene. It takes as long as necessary. We want roads moving but I hope you understand prioritise quality investigations.” Jeremy Clarkson as criticised by road traffic police A witness to the accident also replied: “I saw the fatal crash seconds after it happened and it was horrific. Bits of car and glass all down the A4. All evidence.”But Mr Clarkson responded: “I saw the fatal crash seconds after it happened and it was horrific. Bits of car and glass all down the A4. All evidence.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Spanish child killer hired as teaching assistant by Oxford primary school unaware

West Oxford Community Primary School West Oxford Community Primary SchoolCredit:Google Maps Her past only came to light after an anonymous report was made to Crimestoppers, the independent charity. Authorities in Oxfordshire were alerted in October 2017.González was arrested and brought before Oxford Crown Court in February where she faced a charge of fraud by false representation for allegedly not disclosing the murder as a previous conviction in her initial job application to the school. A Spanish woman who murdered a child went on to work at a British primary school it has been revealed after a whistleblower raised the alarm to authorities.Iria Suárez González, 35, was employed for just under a year at West Oxford Community Primary School as a teaching assistant after she was hired in September 2016.Unbeknownst to the school, she was regarded as one of Spain’s most notorious killers after she and a friend murdered a teenage schoolgirl in 2000.Clara Garcia was lured to a patch of wasteland in Cadiz where she was stabbed up to 32 times and had her throat sliced amid reports her killers had sought fame for the murder. González, then 17, was sentenced to eight years in youth custody.She was released in 2006 and moved to the UK where she applied to work in schools without disclosing her criminal history. González applied for the Oxford role in April 2016, before starting work in September of that year. She left the school in July 2017. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. However, the case was dropped by the CPS this week, reportedly due to a lack of evidence. Under Spanish law, all crimes committed by minors can be expunged after 10 years once the offender reaches the age of 18. Under UK law, a conviction for murder is never considered “spent” in this way.Reporting restrictions were lifted after an appeal by the Oxford Mail newspaper, after the CPS dropped the case.A CPS spokesman said: “We keep all cases under continuous review so we can consider any new information that comes to light. In this instance, it emerged Ms Suárez González’s conviction was spent, which resulted in the charges being dropped.”A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council, which oversees the school, said: “Recruitment is not the responsibility of the council, it is the responsibility of the individual school.”The school had followed safer recruitment processes in terms of the recruitment of this individual. We would stress this charge was not in any way related to any children at the school and only came to light after the staff member had left the school.”West Oxford Community Primary School was approached for comment. read more

Violent offenders avoiding criminal records through controversial community resolutions

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Community resolutions can include a range of options, including having the offender apologise to the victim in person and paying them compensation.Unlike a caution or an out of court disposal, the community resolution does not lead to a criminal record.Durham Constabulary have operated the Checkpoint programme for a number of years, allowing offenders for a range of offences to avoid court by agreeing to take part in a four-month scheme.But critics have warned that they are increasingly being used for cases that are not appropriate. Chris Henley QC, who chairs the Criminal Bar Association, said: “What is clear from the figures is that contrary to their original purpose and the very clear guidance given to the police, community resolutions are being used to deal with more and more serious offences. “This shouldn’t be happening. These cases should be resolved formally in a courtroom. It is unsurprising that offenders arrested for serious crime leap at the offer of an informal community resolution order.” Violent criminals, burglars and sex offenders are among more than 100,000 people escaping prosecutions each year by opting for community resolutions, according to new figures. The informal punishments, which mean the offender can avoid getting a criminal record, are used by police forces to deal with a range of low-level offences.But the latest analysis suggests that more serious offenders are also taking advantage of the system, with some forces using them to deal with sex offences, violence, burglary and the possession of weapons.The National Police Chiefs’ Council has said that community resolutions should not be used in the most serious cases, but data obtained by the BBC suggests they have even been used to deal with allegations of rape. According to the figures around 112,000 offenders have been dealt with through community resolution orders each year since 2014.They have included some 2,500 sex offences, 27 rapes, 3,555 burglaries, 156,000 violent offences and 1,720 allegations of cruelty towards children. read more

Trinidad police to charge high school students for extortion

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLawsuit, as Guyanese child refused chance to sit SEA in TrinidadApril 12, 2018In “Regional”MoE places student who beat teacher on 4-month bondJanuary 4, 2019In “Crime”Manickchand urges 2018 Westfield Prep graduating class to reject prejudices for a better GuyanaJuly 6, 2018In “latest news” PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — Police are expected to lay charges against students of a secondary school here after a video surfaced showed them engaged in criminal activities including extorting money and beating other students on the school compound.“With the incidence of school indiscipline and violence on the decline, greater attention must be paid for the swift curtailment of such behaviour,” Education Minister Anthony Garcia said in a statement.“The ministry holds fast to its commitment to safety and security in our nation’s schools and all measures will be put in place to secure our students. I can say with certainty that no parent sent his child to school with the expectation that their child would be an aggressor or victim of assault.”The incidents are reported to have occurred at the Siparia West Secondary School and posted on the various social network platforms, including Facebook and Whatsapp.The statement from the Ministry of Education noted that the Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon has indicated that police officers will be on site at the school Monday “to lay charges on the students involved in the altercations”.Garcia said that the Education Ministry will also be investigating how supervision is conducted at the school to alleviate any possible future occurrence.He reminded that the authorities have adopted a zero tolerance policy on indiscipline and any student engaging in disruptive behaviour will be swiftly dealt with in accordance with the law.In one of the videos, a student is seen pointing a finger in the face of another and using expletives, while without warning, a third student enters the fray and slaps the one being scolded. Another video shows a student paying some kind of tax to another student. As the student passes over the money, the “tax” collector appears not to be happy with the amount collected but nonetheless tells him to leave. read more