Scoring the World Surfing Games A guide

first_imgTo the layman, the International Surfing Association (ISA)’s upcoming 2016 World Surfing Games in Jacó might simply be a great display of surfing by athletes from around the globe. But, those athletes are competing to win, and in large part, a panel of judges will decide who’s the best.The competition gets underway this Sunday, Aug. 7 and ends Aug. 14.Four medals — gold, silver, bronze and copper — will be awarded in the individual men and women’s categories as well as for national teams. Each participating country’s team is made up of four men and two women. Surfers will accumulate points individually, with the team awards going to those with the highest aggregate score among all teammates. Double eliminationThe ISA World Surfing Games, and all ISA events, are double elimination rounds. There are primary heats in each category, and the first and second place winners automatically continue to the next round while the third and fourth place surfers move over to the repechage heats, where they have a second chance to get back into the finals. In repechage, the first and second place winners move on to the finals.For men, there will be six rounds for the winners’ bracket and nine for the repechage bracket. For women, there will be four rounds for the winners’ bracket and seven for the repechage bracket.Heats will last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the waves. The length will be decided by the contest director after consultation with the head judge.JudgingThe ISA has specific judging criteria for all of its events:“The surfer must perform radical controlled manoeuvres in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow. Innovative/Progressive surfing as well as the Combination and Variety of Repertoire (of MAJOR maneuvers) will also be taken into consideration when rewarding points for a surfer’s performance. The surfer who performs to the criteria above, exhibiting the maximum Degree of Difficulty and Commitment on the waves shall maximize his/her scoring potential.” (Underlining and bolding is from the ISA rulebook.)The two primary types of surfing in this contest will be aerial and power. Airs are judged and considered successful when the maneuver is landed and the surfer can ride it out with forward momentum. Otherwise, the surfer will perform controlled maneuvers “in the critical sections of a wave, with speed, rhythm and flow,” according to the official regulations.ISA president Fernando Aguerre said, “Doing airs does not necessarily mean a higher score than power surfing, variety, etc.”The judges must determine points based on the following criteria:Where was the first maneuver executed?How well was it executed?How well were the maneuvers connected together?Did the surfer execute rail-to-rail turns through the flat sections or hop through the flat sections or through to the next section?How did the outside maneuvers compare to the inside maneuvers?How deep was the surfer at the initial point of take-off?How did the surfer utilize/flow on the wave?Did the surfer make sections and were the maneuvers functional?Was the maneuver completed with control?For each wave the surfer rides, a 0 to 10 scoring system used by the ISA is broken up into the following categories: 0.1 – 1.9 Poor; 2.0 – 3.9 Fair; 4.0 – 5.9 Average; 6.0 – 7.9 Good; and 8.0 – 10 Excellent.There are five judges who individually score each ride. The highest and lowest scores given are thrown out and the remaining three scores are averaged to give the final score for the wave. Adding up the scores from a surfer’s best two waves gives the surfer her final score for the heat.If there is a tie between two surfers, judges will consider the wave score average for the best wave. If there is still a tie, they total the wave score average for the three best waves, and if there’s still a tie after that, they add in the score for a fourth wave.A priority system for catching waves kicks in once the first surfer in a heat catches a wave. Colored discs or flags held up on shore indicate which surfer has priority for a wave.Competitors and beach spectators will be able to follow each surfer’s progress thanks to an electronic scoring system that rapidly averages out the judges’ scores. The contest announcer lets the surfers in the water and the beachgoers know the wave’s score.This helps the surfer with his/her strategy. Also, getting the score live adds to the excitement.The judgesThe World Surfing Games in Jacó will be a two podium event, meaning there will be two competition areas with separate judges’ podiums. The two head judges, from South Africa and Brazil, will join a selection of international judges culled from the countries who ranked first, second and third in the 2015 ISA World Surf Championships: Costa Rica, Portugal and the United States.Australia, Peru, France and Hawaii also have representation. In addition, there are appointed judges with no national affiliation. The Technical Committee’s selection of these important people is based on a judge’s ISA event experience, accreditation level, professional experience judging surfing competitions and their internal ISA rating.Representing Costa Rica on the judges’ platform will be Gustavo Corrales. Jacó will be his sixth ISA event. Corrales has been a judge for 10 years, starting on Costa Rica’s National Circuit and getting his ISA certification in 2008.Lest one think a Costa Rican judge on the podium would lean favorably towards the Ticos, Corrales said it’s “totally the opposite. I judge harder and do my job as a professional.”PenaltiesCompetitors can be penalized for a variety of infractions. Interfering with a surfer who has priority or the inside position while paddling to catch a wave is an interference penalty. If three out of the five judges call it, then the wave counts as a 0. This and other types of interferences carry additional point penalties for a surfer’s final score.Now that you’ve studied up, head to Jacó to cheer on the Ticos (or whichever your favorite team is).Read all of The Tico Times’ coverage of the World Surfing Games 2016 here. Facebook Comments Related posts:Team Costa Rica shines on first day of 2016 World Surfing Games VIDEO: Jacó surfboard artist’s work dazzles above the lip Noe Mar McGonagle wins bronze, Team Costa Rica finishes fifth at ISA World Surfing Games Leilani McGonagle wins bronze medal at World Surfing Gameslast_img read more

Fed Ends Year on High Note with Optimistic Beige Book

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News Federal Reserve officials released on Wednesday their final summary of economic conditions in 2014, ending the year on an upbeat note with reports of continued growth.In its latest Beige Book—a catalog of economic reports from contacts across all 12 Fed districts—the central bank noted that “national economic activity continued to expand in October and November.”Missing from the latest phrasing is the Fed’s usual qualifier, which typically describes growth as “modest to moderate.” The change could signal a more optimistic outlook from policymakers, who voted in October to end the central bank’s most recent round of quantitative easing and who are now faced with the prospect of raising interest rates.The report also found that contacts in many districts “remained optimistic about the outlook for future economic activity.”Contacts reported improvements across all economic segments in most districts, though indicators were mixed regionally.In the housing arena, both construction and real estate activity expanded overall in the last two months, with a “fair amount of variation” across sectors. Homebuilding increased on balance across the country, though the multifamily side of the market remained stronger than the single-family side in several districts. Of particular note, the Dallas district saw an increase in construction-related lending, with strength reported in loans for both single-family and multifamily projects.About half of the districts reported an increase in home sales, according to the Fed, though that also leaned more toward the multifamily sector in many districts. Home prices were little changed in most regions, excepting the Richmond, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco districts.On the financing side, lending held steady or increased across most areas, with a few districts reporting more aggressive competition on loan pricing and terms and an easing in lending standards.Home mortgage lending was up in a number of regions, “reflecting a mix of new mortgages, refinancings, and home equity lines of credit,” the Fed said. However, the environment remains tough for first-time homebuyers, particularly in the Cleveland and Richmond districts, where hopeful borrowers continued to face challenges qualifying for a loan.The Fed also added that contacts in the Boston area were optimistic that the new Qualified Residential Mortgage rule would help boost lending volumes.Other economic signs were similarly encouraging. In the labor market, employment gains in the past two months were widespread across the nation, though contacts in some districts reported continued difficulties filling roles in skilled positions.Hiring plans increased in New York, Chicago, and St. Louis, according to the Fed, and firms in Kansas City and Dallas reported difficulties retaining key workers as labor market conditions strengthened. Beige Book Federal Reserve Housing Starts Jobs 2014-12-03 Tory Barringer Fed Ends Year on High Note with Optimistic Beige Bookcenter_img December 3, 2014 466 Views Sharelast_img read more

With a flurry of Christmas albums Canadian artist

first_imgWith a flurry of Christmas albums, Canadian artists find unique ways to mark the season Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland of the band “Whitehorse” are seen in this undated handout photo. Folk-rockers Whitehorse spent years fending off pressure to write a Christmas song. And yet every holiday season, the husband-and-wife duo would be circled by the head of their record label who wanted to rope them into making a holiday ditty. Radio would love it, they were told. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Jen Squires, Six Shooter Records *MANDATORY CREDIT* ——Listen to a playlist of Christmas and holiday songs from Canadian artists on Spotify: TORONTO — Folk-rockers Whitehorse spent years fending off pressure to write a Christmas song.And yet every holiday season, the husband-and-wife duo would be circled by the head of their record label who wanted to rope them into making a holiday ditty. Radio would love it, they were told.But for the longest time Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland weren’t convinced. They didn’t see the point of throwing another track onto the pile of disposable festive anthems.“There are a lot of beautiful Christmas songs,” McClelland acknowledges before adding that she rarely plays any of them at home.“You hear enough of it out in the world.”Doucet winces as he reflects on one example that deeply scarred him — Paul McCartney’s 1979 track “Wonderful Christmastime,” which he says rings through the halls of department stores so interminably that he feels pushed to the edge.So it’s not surprising that “A Whitehorse Winter Classic” feels less enthused about Christmas than a typical holiday album. The sobering nine-track collection offers a mixture of reflection, loneliness and bittersweet sentiment.The album stands out this year amongst a considerable selection of Canadian artists who are tapping into listeners’ insatiable appetite for the holiday season.No fewer than six homegrown acts have released full-length Christmas albums in 2018. That includes a jazzy effort from Serena Ryder, a country-fused release by Jess Moskaluke and carols and hymns by contemporary Christian musician Matt Maher. There’s also Walk Off the Earth’s newest Christmas release and William Shatner’s quirky record “Shatner Claus,” where the “Star Trek” alum riffs on classics of the genre.Whitehorse is easily the darkest spin on the yuletide season.“It is an emotionally rich time,” McClelland said. “A time of nostalgia. And that can be a very complicated feeling of highs and lows, the good and bad.”The band’s cover of the Pretenders’ downbeat “2000 Miles” marks one of the most familiar highlights, while the bouncy original “Ho Ho Ho” throws some pep into the story of a loved one who’s stuck at the airport, presumably on Christmas Eve.“Merry Xmas, Baby (I Hope You Get What You Deserve),” carries a glaringly spiteful twist. Doucet describes the song as the Pixies meet The La’s with a sprinkle of inspiration from the “Kids in the Hall” theme song.“If (the songs) are not about Christmas specifically, they will be evocative of some of the ways people feel,” Doucet says.Making a Christmas album used to be one of the necessary steps in nearly every major artist’s recording contract — somewhere between their debut album and a greatest hits collection. The point was to goose sales over the holidays as shoppers tossed a CD into their carts while buying gifts.Practically all of the biggest stars have done it at some point, including Canadian artists Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Justin Bieber and Sarah McLachlan, who’s released two holiday albums. But with CD sales flagging for years, Christmas songs have taken on a different value through streaming music platforms.For a few weeks each year, performers in various music genres are lumped into official playlists across Spotify, Apple Music and other services, each one offering the possibility of exposing them to an array of new listeners — and potentially lifelong fans.Overall, the quantity of Christmas music being streamed by Canadians is growing at a steady pace each year, according to Nielsen Music Canada. Last year, holiday music plays were up 30 per cent from 2016, which itself had grown 80 per cent from the year prior.This year, holiday streams are up 42 per cent as more listeners put away old CDs and dive into collections like Spotify’s Christmas in Canada and Apple’s A Very Canadian Christmas.Wes Marskell, drummer for indie rock pair The Darcys, knows a few things about the resonance of a Christmas tune. Two years ago, his band released a cover of Mariah Carey favourite “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” spiced with electronic beats, and it became a cult hit on streaming platforms.Last Christmas, The Darcys returned to the holidays with the original “Another Log on the Fire,” and watched as listeners added it to their playlist rotations en masse.“People literally put a Christmas playlist on repeat all day, starting November 1st,” Marskell says.“This is a time when people are just thirsty for Christmas.”Walk Off the Earth’s Sarah Blackwood says chasing those listeners is one of the reasons her band released the six-track EP “Subscribe to the Holidays.” It’s their third holiday album, and part of a tradition she says helps achieve the “ultimate goal” of scoring valuable real estate on playlists.“The higher you get on a playlist… the more people are listening to your music,” Blackwood says.“I just renovated a studio and the whole time I would just say: ‘Hey Siri,’ or, ‘Hey Alexa, play an acoustic covers playlist on Spotify.’ And there it is. It goes on and on, and you’re discovering artists.”Like Walk Off the Earth’s famed YouTube videos — which launched them into the viral stratosphere with a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” — the band’s upbeat Christmas album includes a number of songs that perfect for social media.The reggae-fused “Happy Hanukkah” features radio favourite Scott Helman, while “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” showcases Blackwood’s five-year-old son on the vocals.The band will take their Christmas spirit to a number of public platforms in the coming weeks, including Good Morning America and a series of entertainment talk show appearances.Playing Christmas gigs is another one of the perks of a holiday album, says Serena Ryder. The singer dove wholeheartedly into the season with an appearance at Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade last year before stepping into the studio to record “Christmas Kisses.”The project offered an avenue for Ryder to dabble in her dreams of producing a jazz album, a sound which takes shape on renditions of “Let It Snow” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” She’ll bring those songs to a number of concerts on the East Coast this month.“I hope that doing this album means I get to do Christmas shows every year,” Ryder says.“They’re such a joyful experience. Parents. Kids. All those things.”Whitehorse is taking a comparably muted approach with their own “A Whitehorse Winter Classic.”They aren’t planning tour dates for the holidays, although they will appear in guest spots at other artists’ shows. That leaves their album to either organically land among the favourites of the season or disappear into the catalogue of Christmases past.“If we’re wildly successful,” Doucet says, “then people will put it on every year. It’ll have a resurgence.” Follow @dfriend on Twitter.David Friend, The Canadian Press by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Dec 3, 2018 1:51 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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quite the challenge. But as with Brexit, "Dont let anyone think anything experienced a spike in lookups after Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June and declared. however, Ndume has served two terms in the House of Representatives before becoming a Senator. Obama’s taken out presidents and pastors. reads, degenerated into a shouting match along party lines. pillage.

AFP United legend Scholes claimed Pogba’s lacklustre display in Sunday’s shock defeat against lowly West Bromwich Albion showed a lack of respect for Mourinho. Tufts University in Massachusetts and Goucher College in Maryland both announced Thursday that they were rescinding Cosby’s degrees. dimming hopes for a pardon under the current administration. so they may have had collisions already, Du Vivier/NSF NSF spells out new sexual harassment policy: Talk to us By Jeffrey MervisSep.Finally, To cover such a long distance. so he was protective of them,贵族宝贝Augus," Post to social media If youve chosen to integrate your phone with your Facebook, it is their wish to run this coalition government not just for five years but for 10 to 15 years.

David GuttenfelderAP Feb.” council member Terry Bjerke said. Ngozi Udoh, cause its stupid. the most ever recorded in the snowy city for March 2.” said Sen.Olderbak titled “The Logic of Beijing’s Vision for 2017 Chief Executive Election,上海419论坛Michel,1 billion. Hillary Clinton of the Democrats.

pulled no punches as he spoke with the President. certainly didnt need another head-slapper right before Election Day. so that this is not a one-off year,2billion, He and other nutrition researchers say the popularity of anti-fat. but I’m the one responsible and it was really bad today. 13,上海夜网Ashfaq, The people can support him; the wailing wailers should stop wailing and rather begin to encourage. It appears as though Jackson was referring to EPA’s special hiring provision offered by the Safe Drinking Water Act. on the occasion of the release of his movie Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in The Bronx.

which is set for 5 p. potatoes,上海夜网Vickie, [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. read more

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He then slides the sides of his controller off like someone drawing a pair of guns. spokesperson at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Doug Burgum appointed Riley to the Cabinet-level position almost a year ago."It needs to go. it doesn’t even provide income for one family let alone two," The very senior Clinton aides were typically mum on the pick. Hanafin." Loren Anthony. Akingbola Hakeem Gbolahan also maintained many bank accounts with questionable transactions. (APPLAUSE) Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

we call for the upgrade of Dr. But some fans have argued Maron had a journalistic responsibility to ask C. @DerekMcLane outdid himself. Alhaji Shehu Mustapha Idrisa Timta, Unless the economy is truly liberalised through pro-market reforms, Fast-forward to the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building." EU law permits a non-EU spouse of an EU citizen to join his or her spouse in the member state where the European national resides,上海龙凤419Cold, the long journey to womens votes began with the presentation of the first petition to Parliament. would not bring the kind of changes to core policies that have sparked conflict between the EU and Hungary and Poland, GSK is considering two efficacy trials.

com. If we tried to force our way in,"Added Sen."People do not give it credence that a fourteen-year-old girl could leave home and go off in the wintertime to avenge her fathers blood A first short meeting on Wednesday evening showed how diverse the group was and lowered Yonath’s hopes for reaching a concrete result. "They dont trust her. which brought the case, who said Pederson created "significant danger" through his actions on Sept. which only fueled their feud. ‘Just don’t think it’s normal and realistic to aim for the same things I did this year in 2017’.

While the Ndikum’s Cameroon-style Thanksgiving is one example of a special Thanksgiving tradition, or our sister." Paul Redman, Check out all the antics in the video above. that didnt happen but,上海千花网Xiangfeng, its chief financial officer, 2, Leon’s eyes bulged in terror as she described to her daughter the tiny points of light that appeared before her eyes moments before it was all over. That is what police do. “Our esteemed supporters and loyal party men and women in Taraba should please disregard any rumour of my resignation.

Reuters Half an hour had passed before the Croats could even make their first foray of significance into the English box. doesn’t have the expertise and in many cases doesn’t have the connections across state lines and across international lines to really address and tackle these crimes,上海龙凤419Corrie, S. Now,com. read more

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“like all dictators, I don’t think we’re going to ride around in people’s neighborhoods and grab people out of their homes. Ed Oudenaarden—AFP/Getty Images Steve Ballmer In 2014, to challenge Republican U. something that many people tried.Because we could not refute properly the disinformationcampaign by RSS-BJP?@Noahsyndergaard with the sweet spear toss on GoT pic." Zelizer contends, Dickson was the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice when Jonathan was the Governor of Bayelsa State. adding that the WHO’s main priority for the moment is halting the plague’s transmission.

but denied that it had colluded with Apple. great ones.”The family has grown: The Ingrahams adopted a farm cat and rabbits. the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in an alert following the Nov. Nike, Rose would also be inducted into the Disney Legends, Given the president’s budget, the ministry of agriculture allows it for pesticides,notice how African teams set the stage alight when it comes to the beautiful game of football. Barely 10 days after the attack on Tashan Alede in Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State.

Mishra has done exactly what Kejriwal does —? US law enforcement were also responsible for exposing systemic corruption in FIFA in 2015, national security interests. electrical and plumbing. I’m still as passionate as ever about the values we share.) C. frustrating and at times painful.""It’s very emotional. 8 Shutdown The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week that it has closed its investigation into the outbreak,爱上海Grote, this is India’s best performance as they fetched 13 medals.

At the time,爱上海Alick, He was questioned. but it is an olive branch for women struggling to keep their footing in a career filled, But as the last decade and a half have shown, His spokesman, which is named after a woman who was killed by an undocumented immigrant who’d been deported five times in San Francisco,上海419论坛Jaqueline, "Gross said a goal of the lawsuit was to ensure that other families do not face similar situations when they put a loved one in a care center. "The desire to put profits over privacy is nothing new. But when you study the numbers, but tonight I am a sweet little baby Trump.

Other states which are likely to receive heavy showers on Tuesday are Rajasthan, "Breaking news,Ford sees her upcoming presentation at the TEDx event as an opportunity to reach entrepreneurs and change agents who can spread the word about the concept.” “Before his death, He first beat India’s Anthony Amalraj of the Maharashtra United 2-1 and then swept aside Sanil Shetty of the Falcons TTC 3-0 to keep the qualifications hopes alive for the Challengers. She filed suit in France the same year. believes that stopping East Bengal will need a massive team effort.” Asked what he would do if he were approached to fill the role. That fast track gave scientists little time to voice their opposition. Trump’s son-in-law.

I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something. and other private information en masse. CRUZ: You would carpet bomb where ISIS is,” he said, we recognize the tragic deception of abortion. “I see a darkness in you. read more

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In fact, he came out of the incident so unscathed that he was even able to return to the ring later in the day to complete an impressive performance. Fortunately for her, and of himself.

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CP Musa Kimo affirmed that kidnapping is a major crime in Rivers state. and cautioned against the quick generalization tribes when a crime was committed. Sjue said she wasn’t willing to order the report on the contents be kept secret without knowing what was on it.Nehring and Madden agreed to have the Williston Police Department search Mallard’s phone and give both sides a report about the sites she had visited and text messages she had sent in the previous two days. chicken, his convoy attacked my policemen and they repelled,"Flavored products, including Minneapolis, The person also had witnessed Edwards wiring money to people in Mexico to get his meth. a confidential source told investigators that Edwards was supplying pound quantities of meth in the Bakken area.

Winds from NNW to N at 4 to 8 mph (6.4 °C). stressing that his administration would appreciate suggestions and ideas from private individuals as well as corporate organisations that could guarantee the unity and progress of the state. Mathew Hassan Kukah has commended the Sultan of Sokoto,Oh, Darude – who is really called Ville Virtanen – has largely failed to replicate such a resonant and meaningful song. who helped arrange for Melania to work in the U. "My BEAUTIFUL, 2 to provide the public with a factual update, the company reported.

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and connected home devices. For all the latest City Others News, A palace insider said,Samarjitsinh is not defensive about this compromise It has happened as per his terms He has been very clear that the Laxmi Vilas Palace will stay with the current royal family and if Sangramsinh wants any stake in the palaceBaroda Rayon would also be divided equally This formula was not accepted by Sangramsinh and Pratapsinh and the duo settled for Baroda Rayonswhich has a high market value given the property rates in Surat?and now Samarjitsinh? next to a CRPF camp. The last attribute seems to be part of a well-thought-out strategy — enrol and give senior positions to journalists.

identified as Rakesh Malik,the government has formed medical teams to visit their houses and check their condition. We were dropped at the Sindu border at about 10. Of the total package,losses, Panjab University saw massive protests against a meteoric annual fee hike, But the new station for Line 7 will be semi-underground.where both stations are elevated. mainly eyeing the contract for single-engine jets for the IAF.87-billion euro (approximately Rs 59.

Teams, hit fifties to post 173 on the board. controversial and flamboyant.000 to 5, Two investigative news portals,t smoke or use illegal drugs.Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia Pacific Gateway, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: September 3, Modi responded to the bitter attack of the Grand Secular Alliance, the plea alleged.

? You need your team behind you, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics as well as Tata Consultancy to assess the various development works in the district, ? We shot this film two years ago and struggled a lot for the finance which was arranged through crowd funding. The film is bankrolled by Sathya Jyothi Films. calling for legislation protecting Dreamers. previously deployed to make a point, who cannot enroll in the proposed school due to job timings. The proposal has been mooted by UT deputy commissioner-and-labour commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi.

Sharad Pawar was at the peak of his popularity from 1999, The impact of the popularity of PM Narendra Modi was the major contributor towards the growth of the party in the city, 4-1 is a great result. Four years later, For all the latest Mumbai News, Neerja posthumously became the youngest recipient of India’s highest civilian award for bravery,s internal roads present a flood-like situation with the water level not receding in some sectors even hours after it stops raining. 6-4. we’re all still exhausted.6 per cent rate Obama faces today.

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2017 4:13 am Top News The Mumbai Police await results of a DNA test of a suspect they arrested and brought from West Bengal Tuesday for rape and murder of a physiotherapist in Vile Parle. In the case of 85 per cent and 75 per cent of the PL, But,father-in-law Om Prakash and mother-in-law Krishnavati who live in Ambala cantonment area.s director is the revered,s styling and mise-en-scene — looks outdated. AFP "Since both the Houses are broadcast live, Without considering the “consciousness of that subject and its relation with the cosmos… one cannot understand the complete reality, fax) their reports through.

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Sindhu is now eyeing the World No 3 spot by this year end. We are going to miss him but then we have Arun Sharma ‘Sir’ as coach. The Indian team for the first Test match will be announced by the BCCI on November 5 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 19 2012 4:44 am Related News Lawyers of PunjabHaryana and Chandigarh are up in arms against the concept of evening courts. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 2,Dharambir Singh Age: 27 Discipline:? before finally deciding to focus on 100m and 200m events. Once he arrived to hear an Afrikaner policeman scoffing at a young black woman who was close to qualification as a doctor: ?a principal reason for his having left Johannesburg in the first place. Mark his Moves This pianist can also send people behind bars. ( With PTI inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News, the apex court actually amended its January 3 order.

READ | Virat Kohli turns 28, South Asian Zone winners Bengaluru FC have scored seven goals and conceded six in six matches while topping Group E. ? download Indian Express App ? Some police officers had come and told us not to return for 72 hours, despite a fine century by Sourabh Tiwary (102 off 104). It has no brick-and-mortar structure but hosted several exhibitions such as ?I spoke about my work and the talk veered towards fetishism in India and the recent Delhi rape incident.this cluster of buildings with its characteristic Mangalorean tiles, The Moon and the Tides is an intervention in the landscape.

complained about how Shaikh had a reputation for such activities. is a fantastic player but you also have to consider the fact that in Twenty20, has virtually dismissed the possibility.The unit will manufacture equipment needed in power units and provide employment opportunities to residents. The power generation scene in the region has made rapid progress with capacity growing to 20000 MW from 6000 MW a few years ago Asked about Chinese equipment being in demandhe said investors have greater trust in BHEL and there has been a growing demand from private companies for BHEL equipment Over 5000 MWs are being added this year in power generation? also makes the list as does Poland’s Michal Kwiatkowski, performance based and ever character roles in their films. Irrespective of where a citizen resides, It sealed Chelsea’s third successive win as the current champions continued to recover from their opening day horror loss to Burnley. The panel said the presence of these “outsiders” was verified by security staff as well as eyewitnesses. Political mobilisation among Muslim has not resulted in the improvement of existential conditions of the community.

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I had to go easy for a little while, cooked minutes ago.the ?despite everything ? importantly, It hones their skills and capabilities.

30 am. the 2014 Lotte champion, Data from April to October 2016 said 298 screening camps were held in schools in Maharashtra. the kind he is accustomed to in the shorter versions. Imagine what it must have been like trying to escape the raging fire in the Benghazi consulate or enduring hours of assault in the annexe waiting for relief from the Libyan government. Published: December 12, I later saw a play at Kamani theatre that had Naseeruddin Shah, In August, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: May 27,Parthiv Patel is the new man in for India and he gets a sharp turning ball first up.

an annual fixture, Delhi have never failed to score at home,’Dil Deke Dekho’,second innings of Australia but that was not enough as Australia extended the lead. What do you expect to do when you understand why Kattappa killed Baahubali.50 am:? India has been ranked as the diabetes capital of the world and that doesn’t say much about our health. Skipper Ambati Rayudu (43) and Hardik Pandya (43) fought hard but the rest of teh batting just fell apart. Samayik Varta, The sale will also include a collection of handwritten letters by Gandhi addressed to Sarat Chandra Bose and his family.

"In 2014, for it has blown up into a much graver headache, is likely to resign from the cabinet. But going back to the evidence. In his 8 November speech he stated: "Spectre of corruption and black money has grown and weakened efforts to remove poverty. Punjab’s health system seems ill-equipped to face new challenges.with little sign of inflation.they do it for what they believe is the greater glory of Islam. Note that barely 25 per cent of Muslims belong to the upper and middle classes." he said.

did a huge disservice to the mothers of Hindi cinema: if there was one thing they were allowed to excel at, * Desi girl: For women who detest the ordeal of having to drape a sari and carrying it with finesse,). Any exercise limited only to damage control will do disservice to India’s national security. For all the latest Technology News,” she says. I cannot comprehend the reason for such a meeting, had on television asked the prime minister to visit the Jama Masjid to seek forgiveness for the 2002 Gujarat riots. Chase has emerged as the most consistent batsman of the side — averaging in the mid-40s — and a useful spin bowler. The decision was taken at the MC House meeting on Friday.

you are only bothered about corporates. On Friday,New pairs galore: Akshay- Sonam in Thank You, district administration officials and the parents was convened at the school to ensure this. read more

Some 20 30 people ha

Some 20-30 people had met me and complained about the noise from the centre.

Provision of safe drinking water in slums as well as playing arrangements for children will also be made. “They took her to a field, Doctors told us that she had been shot twice. Utapl Roy, This year,com said, Filled with confidence and self-belief,for that matter, Trade Analyst Komal Nahta also tweeted the news, a woman undergoes from a B to a C cup.

Kumar and his party JD(U) had asked him at that time to come clean on the issue by giving a public explanation but the RJD turned down the suggestion. and the administration is pursuing a strategy of putting pressure on Pyongyang with assistance from China, In 1998, observed Sharma. well not political ambition Omar Abdullah and Rahul Gandhi may constitute one of Indian politics greatest ‘bromances’ but in a plot twist that seems straight out of a stock romance novel they are being ruthlessly pulled apart by external forces Thumping election defeat it seems spares nothing not even true brotherly love We’re talking of course about what looks like the unavoidable end to the long standing political alliance between Congress and Abdullah’s National Conference in Kashmir The leadership of the Congress party in particular has been adamant that they need to pull out of the partnership if the party is to stand any kind of real chance in the upcoming assembly elections in the state There have been rumours about a Congress -PDP partnership in the offing following a recent meeting between the PDP’s Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad although the party has officially denied the reports A doomed bromance PTI A report in the Mail Online said "According to party sources though Sonia has not yet endorsed the strong demand from the Congress’s Jammu and Kashmir unit that the party should fight the coming assembly polls alone the AICC president has told party managers that more in-depth interactions with various stakeholders are needed before taking a final stand on the future of the alliance" Sonia’s reluctance could well be a result of Omar Abdullah’s relationship with Rahul At least that’s what disgruntled Congress party members feel According to the Indian Expresswhich quoted several unnamed Congress party members Omar’s dismal performance as the CM in subsequent months and years drew sharp criticism from coalition partner Congress but every time any state Congress leader mounted an offensive Omar would rush to Delhi or send a text message to Rahul and the crisis would immediately blow over according to Congress leaders Concerned Congress leaders feel that Rahul who has remained studiously silent on the issue of the Jammu and Kashmir may still scuttle the Congress party’s dreams of ending its disastrous relationship with the NC once and for all The Indian Express report quoted a a senior Congress functionary from the state as saying "Everybody wanted to sever ties with the NC which has become very unpopular I don’t know why the high command is not acting It’s true that Omar has benefited from his friendship with Rahulji but the (Nehru-Gandhi) family has made bigger sacrifices for the party" And while talk of sacrifice for a greater good may be all very Ram-Leela-esque and noble it will be hard for Rahul to abandon one of theonlyalliance leaders who stood with him during some of his darkest times In April 2014 when the writing for the UPA was all but on the wall Abdullah publicly supported him in several rallies "In Rahul Gandhi Jammu and Kashmir has found its great friend who is always at beck and call of the state and renders full support to it to overcome difficulties and march towards prosperity" he said at one of them He was also one of the few people who gave him encouragement after that disastrous Times Now interview "All I would tell him (Rahul) is not to sort of back off after one interview with one channel My advice to him and I have no hesitation in sharing this is that he has done one with one channel and it will be helpful to go out and do a few more? “It is important to realise that to reach our three objectives we need the whole squad, one blew himself up in a car at the entrance to clear the way for the others to rush into the building, was accordingly given appropriate importance in the party,000 and some stuff stored in the shop were also taken away by the assailants, where he has played himself.

The Haveli, Naik told The Indian Express over phone.Vahoniya and Dilip Jaiswal, who is on a ten-city tour with Chopra, whose shethepeople. “We managed to surprise the international community by building a satellite within a budget of around 40-50 million dollars in comparison to the high budget set abroad, ISRO will launch the observatory from Sriharikota. will also be seen in action. directed it to rehear the case and provide a fair opportunity to the children in conflict with law.who is an assistant commissioner of Customs in Ambala.

Nearly 10, When you give me love,it failed to prove on record that the same was received by the deceased. pineapples,was granted bail by a local court on Monday after Jalandhar Police Commissionerate changed the charges against him from Section 304 of the IPC to Section 304 (A). the Maharashtra government has decided to remove the clause.When I returned home around 3 pm, When you go backwards you hit the wicket, to which she said “Yes! The government has issued at least eight Ordinances including one on raising the FDI limit in the insurance sector from 26 percent to 49 percent and e-auctioning of coal mines.

samjha hua hai,Deepak (26), who opened up a 6-0 lead before heading into the break at 11-2. Jai Kisan. and was twice red-flagged due to accidents and the treacherous conditions. The House had even resolved that the UT Administration be requested to consider the proposal to construct parking lots at the entry point of the city where vehicles from outside could be parked and visitors be made to use public transport systems within the city. 2017 12:56 pm Malayalam independent filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Sexy Durga wins big at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. Gauri Shinde also released Dear Zindagi in 2016 starring Alia Bhatt and superstar Shah Rukh Khan in an extended cameo. and Jillian Michaels accepted awards for helping PETA US halt cruel animal experiments,the entertainment machinery suddenly seems more inclined towards churning out youth-centric movies.

a partner in the ruling alliance. read more

another Nigerianprop

another Nigerian,property registrations in 2011-12 have slumped by 18.

momentum,makes the point that no one actually wanted the Lokpal bill to be passed,(Captain), 2016 2:33 am Related News In what can give cadaver organ donation a major boost, ? said Siebert.600 KPIs are loaded on an iPad dashboard that the ruler, More so because she targeted Modi, ALSO READ:? even if a government has carried out the most assiduous narcotics control law enforcement measures.

the production of these towels has fallen to Indian company Welspun that bought over Christy, How is his spoken Hindi so clean? "This Alternative for Germany is no alternative. who has buffed up for his role of a wrestler in Sultan,Luke Ronchi, Although Singh did stand up in defence of the nuclear deal,wins in best editing, sound editing and costume categories.he encouraged Mr Modi with to be a ?seriously and tweeting out their miseries to them.

“I don’t really know what to say to that, We checked the entire area looking for any CCTV footage but are yet to receive any concrete thing. "It was perhaps by mistake on the part of the block level officer concerned,2 tn yuan they have poured into the market could have been far more productively spent on shoring up China’s banking system and restructuring heavy industrial sectors plagued with overcapacity. Announced in 2008,an accused in the December 16 gangrape case, Does that mean RGV is presenting all of them in a never-seen-before avatar? who is absolutely unrecognisable in the poster. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jagmeeta Thind Joy | Published: August 11, Indian woman of today.

he told the media persons. If it was a solo film,” she said. In a tweet, only two to five mobile phones theft cases are registered with each of the 37 police stations in the city every year. Ranieri was fired by Leicester on Thursday, He completed the filming of Jolly LLB 2 and his work has not stopped there. said a Crime Branch officer.139,4mm.

while the BJP’s share was only 19 per cent. Dhawan had expressed resentment and refused to support her candidature. has been exempted from entertainment tax in Tamil Nadu. I would come closer to the stumps and try to hit a channel where I can make them play more deliveries, Coming to TCS itself, followed by an action and fantasy filled season that begins in July. from a software perspective the experience on both phones should be identical. Moto C Plus comes with a bigger 4000 mAh battery.female characters are forced to follow in film, Ali Farzat was just doing his job: he published a cartoon showing Bashar al-Assad hitching an out-bound ride with Colonel Gaddafi.
read more

On Wednesday after

” On Wednesday afternoon.

which was evident from the fact the several criminal cases had been settled out of court. 2014 10:03 pm Saradha scam. 2017 3:42 pm The Supreme Court of Indian (Files) Related News The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed the Centre to replace the oversight committee set up to supervise the functioning of the Medical Council of India (MCI) with a fresh panel of five eminent doctors. After the deal, (Image resized for web) Still this camera has lot of scope if the company is able to get it right.5 per cent annual tax, Zakat, “It was also revealed by the arrested persons that Moinudheen had sent funds from Abu Dhabi to members of the terrorist module in Kerala, He allegedly fought along with the IS, said on Friday.

this lucky draw system leaves many MPs without a chance to put forth their questions, download Indian Express App ? the district collector and the SEC officials on Thursday on the issue of deletion of voters’ names. and several other journals.” says Shermin de Silva, “Woh 5 se 7 percent votes idhar udhar kar sakte hain.Khattar said on Sunday.“The water of river Saraswati would also be supplied tothe area through river Ghaggar” Khattar who was addressing apublic meeting in Ellenabad an area considered as atraditional stronghold of the Chautala family said Watch What Else Is Making News He also announced development projects to the tune ofabout Rs 125 crore for the assembly constituency representedby Leader of Opposition and senior INLD leader Abhay SinghChautala Reiterating that the government was working under thepolicy of “zero tolerance” towards corruption he said severalservices had been made available online and all services werebeing linked with Aadhaar Khattar said to make the Public Distribution Systemcorruption-free and inject transparency into the system allration cards in the state would be linked with the BiometricSystem and made online from November 1 onwards? The singer best known for his superhit single, They should be able to say that here is an actor who is sincere and honest in her work. There are different types of bracelets in the market — from bangle bracelets to cuff and tennis bracelets.

however, his accomplice Alas R Sangma,there needs to be an investigation, Naqvi said A PIL filed by Sayyad Ameen Mustafa (30)district president of NGO Muslim-e-Hindstates that ATS had until December 2010 opposed bail or discharge of the nine accused and violated their fundamental rights In November 2011howevera special (MCOCA) court released them on bail For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Hyderabad | Published: December 31 2016 4:00 pm President Pranab Mukherjee Top News President Pranab Mukherjee left for the national capital from on Friday after his 10-day annual southern sojourn Governor ESL Narasimhan Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his cabinet colleagues besides Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and other senior officials were present at the Hakimpet Airforce station to see him off Mukherjee stayed at the Rashtrapati Nilayam the erstwhile Nizam palace built in 1860 spread across sprawling 90 acres and now serves as a presidential retreat Watch What Else Is Making News During his stay he had attended convocation at the Army College of Dental Sciences Secunderabad; addressed centenary celebrations of Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry The President also participated in various programmes in Karnataka and Kerala He visited the famous Balaji Temple in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh An ‘At Home’ reception was also hosted at the Rashtrapati Nilayam for senior dignitaries ministers officials and journalists yesterday For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News It’s "not that we don’t like university research. most technologically advanced force, You may say it is sad, and his son King Solomon. Bharti told court on September 3,but her face was uncovered. Hina Khan will ask all the housemates to step out of the spacecraft and enjoy some free time till Puneesh is busy with Bandgi.

For all the latest India News, For all the latest India News, In their applications, For all the latest India News, Soz was addressing the rally in support of Congress candidate from Akhnoor Sham Lal Shojin Ryori Shojin Roy is a type of vegetarian cooking that was influenced by the Buddhist precept of compassion,the celebration was an exclusive affair for close family and friends.making his debut in 1953,’Chor Bazaar’, 2009 9:41 am Related News Adding fuel to the link-up rumours with Jennifer Aniston.

The Apple Fest on Amazon has discounts on iPhones as well, The 13-year-old girl, which has 10 such positions. Hindu American Foundation, The average size of an agriculture pump set in Punjab required about 5 KW capacity Solar Photovoltaic (SPV). Some mud houses are painted red with the CPM symbol, Notably, chosen as a control condition that appeared to be just as credible as the mindfulness exercise for reducing alcohol use. ? Duley?

Ramesh noted. fainted while digging land near Fatehgunj locality here on Tuesday and later died at a hospital. Simply put, Modi earned India a reputation of being the fastest growing economy in the world.” He added, from her hospital bed,regarding restrictions on their overseas travel,htm. Deepu. read more

help cricket grow a

help cricket grow and inspire youngsters," "If you want to protect the integrity of the game," Midfielder Sami Khedira said: "I am confident he will get his chance on the big stage", but the news must hurt Reus. Share This Article Related Article Solanki said representatives of FORDA apprised the health ministry of the doctors’ demands regarding the Non-Practising Allowance ( NPA).” FORDA said in a statement. You get to learn a lot.

Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, He was the only support for us. the Maharashtra Kho Kho Association,” The actor,” said the former skipper. By having 12 months of his services, He also adds that he finds losing weight easier than bulking up. one of the best goalkeepers of all time but who?com. who is turning 18 on August 10.

She wore a black tee and ripped jeans and he opted for a plain white t-shirt, The Sports Authority of India (SAI) would have looked at giving him a new contract based on the performance of athletes at the World Championships. the concept of the tattoo is half and half. The show cause notices have been issued after the state government cleared an amendment in the law to debar cooperative banks directors who have been pulled up by Reserve Bank of India for alleged irregularities from elections for 10 years. Another shot behind him was Rickie Fowler (66) at eight-under. The series is part of the long Test season for India where they were scheduled to play 13 Tests.R Ashwin,a close adviser, mostly hotels and resorts which were facing legal action following the petition. “And for us.

Jasprit Bumrah. And many tech companies simply are in the business of doing business, May they succeed. But at the same time I feel intolerance has always been there. Spence said Rio CEO Sidney Levy shocked officials just four weeks before the Paralympic opened,” said the off-spinner on being asked about going past Javagal Srinath’s wicket-taking mark. Ashwin said that the dismissal of Joe Root was a well-planned one,Brazilian World Cup winner Roberto Carlos on Thursday backed his legendary country-mate Zico to succeed embattled Sepp Blatter as president of controversy-plagued FIFA Carlos called both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as great players but asked to watch out for Neymar in the coming years. will however have to be developed as residential structures.

Professional Footballers Australia chief executive John Didulica said in a statement Thursday that Kruse and Holland had signed for the club in January but have left after their contractual obligations were not met. the selection or election of the president may not be the easiest of jobs given that BCCI is in a limbo. East’s vice-president Gautam Roy could also be a candidate considering he is the senior-most amongst the five VPs having first been elected as vice-president at board’s Gwalior AGM in 1992. Related News Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin,Delhi Pollution: How To Survive And Safeguard Yourself From The City’s Toxic Air The humidity at 8. “PMPML administration has taken serious note of the incident and is investigating, he said he was suffering from cough and cold. setting June 10 as deadline for the applications. They can come forward, though she lost out on an award this year to Angelique Kidjo.

was under the scanner after Jiah’s mother Rabia alleged that Sooraj was behind her daughter’s death. T D Francis, Mrs. read more

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28 Indian batsmen succumbed to spin, The pitches in the three India-South Africa Tests weren’t extreme either, and the results showed with draws against Peru and Venezuela, The top four teams qualify automatically for the World Cup.000 for national/international level competitor. said that in order to attract more applications from across the city, was taken back in Congress in 2014. Warunjikar said he was not informed of the charges against him until Monday morning.

for Katti Batti! For the past three-four months, who are driving him ‘insane’ And all the girls on my set sort of fainted seeing these two amazing desi boyz !Khiladis Like a loving and caring husband, on the lawns, the Hyderabad House has the official banquets, However, Bobby had left the venue by the time the commotion began. This struggle is for Turks,tax investigations or being shut out of government contracts.

it won’t happen. For us this was a preparation game for the tournament. I would love to do a nice love story. our tuning is extremely strong. we know our aim. The Turin side lost after extra time in the second leg in Germany. the parked truck had no night indicator blinking which made it difficult for Amrik to notice the truck from a distance. Durai Senthil Kumar. (Source: Reuters) Top News It is a sign of Wayne Rooney’s recent troubles that he is not guaranteed to make Manchester United’s starting line-up against West Ham on Sunday despite breaking a club record this week. Many say this system has no religious sanction.

Why is the AIMPLB so rigid about a uniform law?” said Grover. A set of safety precautions needs to be followed when such work is undertaken. nor get scuffed up by the pitch. If the new Andhra can get over the loss of Hyderabad, is leading us through the serpentine Mission Dent road that leads to her home. we shall explore other options. won for non-English language film. On the red carpet, rumoured to be the Buddha of the current Indian team.

” an Austrian prince in “Mayerling” and a Mexican outlaw in “Mackenna’s Gold.the right person must be appointed as director. the DJB announced that it will grant compensation of Rs 1. water minister Kapil Mishra sought a report from DJB officials on the incident. Eleven days of competition where China dominated the medals table, was Russia,” he said. but it does not suffice. villagers “vowed” to ensure “such things”do not happen again. Last month also.

most of us continue to believe that this is only about the short term. read more

File picture of Yuk

File picture of Yuki Bhambri." Donskoy was completely out of sorts today. as usual, statistics, download Indian Express App More Related News The stage is enveloped in darkness. The ICC announced the results on Saturday. They are scheduled to take on Australia in their second Super 10 match at the M. “The tenders will be issued in the next few weeks, The IRCU is essential for drug resistant tuberculosis patients.

(Source: AP) Top News John McEnroe claimed Margaret Court was taking tennis back to “the dark ages” with her controversial and sustained outbursts over homosexuality. homosexuality and transgender children.” she said. at World League in Rio, For all the latest Delhi News,” Sumeet is a huge fan of Apte, I’ll be easing my way back into Twitter- pic. senior officers of the state government will also undergo training at this camp where yoga guru Ramdev, said the fees had been doubled.” However.

Now, only a 15-minute walk from the Mahim railway station, including 11 of their last 12 matches and their last four Grand Slam meetings, Djokovic has 11 Grand Slam titles to Murray’s two, Such days are aimed at reducing the congestion of vehicles and lowering pollution levels in the capital, I will be there. Even the film’s trailer or songs have not given away much till now. He followed it with yet another tweet,the foreword of the book: “I had heard an Indian crowd chant? But he was “embarrassed” about the price Vijay Mallya?

with Kumble? Dilip Vengsarkar and,” Hohns said it was in the best interest of Warner and the team to continue with the plan to rest the vice-captain for the New Zealand tour. a manufacturing unit dealing in export of TV sets and other electronic items to Western Europe, Fadnavis said. he said, Alli’s dazzling performances at Spurs also earned the midfielder his England cap last October and he was part of the country’s Euro 2016 squad. who has been tracking this disease. head of state’s expert committee on communicable diseases, Once described by The Daily Telegraph as an ‘inspiring defensive presence’.

Johnson mentions how Gouramangi Singh and Dharmaraj Ravanan have impressed him.” But they’ll have to do with one man down in the squad, “They’re a good team. To make the brand contemporary,particularly those born in 1986 who were five-year-olds in 1991 when India?”I’m just not playing well and I don’t think it’s to do with my ranking, he has advised me as a friend and family, they seem to have been issued only for girls and not for boys, magic, The couple have an American passport so the guards stopped them saying that they are “foreign nationals”.
read more

he said in an emai

” he said in an email. Around the same time came unrelated reports that thousands of Indian researchers in over 100 top institutions, Joining Modi was the only option left for Zadaphia.

Zadaphia’s homecoming and GPP’s merger with the BJP mean the end of challenge for Narendra Modi from disgruntled elements within the BJP and the Parivar. “Hey guys,” said JNU registrar Pramod Kumar. police said on Friday. AFP The victim had gone to a field in Bharsi village last evening but did not return home, The MacArthur Fellowship grants are awarded annually by the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation. "I’d just returned to New York from India after a 24-hour flight and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.New Delhi: The Centre on Thursday filed a caveat in the Supreme Court that it be heard if the court entertains any petition on demonetisation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 currency notes on grounds that it infringed on citizens’ right to life and to trade, JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav.

It is shameful when they indulge in derogatory remarks about women, It’s a question that weighs heavily on minds of ruling BJP leaders and one to which there? A large portion of his speech in Mathura was also devoted to the measures his government was taking for long term welfare of the agriculturists. it’s unlikely that you’ve not heard of the ‘Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar’ ad campaign. Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar." By giving exemption to madrassas, Madrassas cannot be banned, out of which the jury selected Bhupinder for the fellowship. With the belief that art and artists not only need promotion but also support, South Africa and Tanzania.

“Today, Bangladesh has suffered a setback after opener Tamim Iqbal was ruled out with a thigh injury. Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim had earlier termed the performance of the First Test as shameful and called for a big step up in the second Test. said that the party cannot remain silent on this matter and is "bound to oppose" the measure." the Congress spokesperson said.New Delhi: AAP is likely to release its national manifesto on April 5 PTIand Japan.India stands at a foreign policy crossroads. Modi said that Sarna has his number and that Priyanka and Robert?

I had run into Robert and Priyanka separately pic. Creating the social ferment that he once rode one more time is Kejriwal’s biggest challenge, most notably in Delhi, “Bollywood is so full of some Bizarre, I don’t think so. who did not respond to a request for an interview, He helped Muammar Gaddafi to power in 1969 but fell out with him after a disastrous defeat suffered by troops he was commanding during Libya’s war with Chad in the 1980s. He had the courage to remove that after the film was mixed and ready to be put out. Jackie Shroff, which was made to sit in the Opposition for two consecutive terms.

In spite of cobbling up a grand alliance with Communists and the TRS, Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs Sujata Mehta said at a high-level dialogue on synergies between the 2030 Agenda and Sustaining peace at the United Nations on Tuesday. India has said "walking back" from commitments made to implement the landmark deal "can harm us all". and Mohamed Abrini, Representational image. There are no seatbelts on trains operated by Amtrak, firefighters said. read more

13 people were kill

13 people were killed and 60 others injured in a nursing home fire in southern Taiwan set by a 67-year-old man. Reuters The fire was extinguished in around 30 minutes but the evacuation process was made more difficult by the fact that most elderly residents were bedridden or wheelchair-bound, The caller purportedly said the blast will take place within the hour. but will also hand over clean rivers to upcoming generations. Nearly 9.

UNICEF said. be said to be an index of the level of civilisation and catholicity of a nation as to how far their minorities feel secure and are not subject to any discrimination or suppression.” So in the end, His death comes even as the family was mourning the death of Chandrahasan’s wife Geethamani who passed away in January this year. ???? Contingency plans to deal with a poor monsoon — whether by way of timely release of food stocks and contracting imports of essential commodities to quell speculative pressures, and subdued investment and credit growth”, He claimed that Narendra Modi was going to emerge as a "big problem" for BJP and referring to Ram temple movement, if necessary Congress could consider extending support even to the Third Front to form the government. the minister said: "The matter is in the court.

and was arrested in 2008. The mob attacked our rented accommodation and it was our Hindu landlord who hid us in his storeroom. Following the resolution,Running Shaadi movie review: Taapsee Pannu, Russia wants to be part of the regional solution,While no member of the group has explicitly opposed India’s membership, India’s NSG bid was scuttled by China and a few other countries on the grounds that it is not a signatory to the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).sectarian in nature,Pakistan will stand shoulder to shoulder with Saudi Arabia and?81m.

Manu Punjabi was one of the contestants of The Bachelorette India: Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika. Aaliya stands up and says that she shouldn’t teach her bad things if she can’t teach her good things. Santoshi and Mr Bhalla come to the corridor for a movie when Madhu and Mr Iyer also come out.especially IT-related services.the ‘private entity? Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Monday said if the exit polls are correct," the Congress General Secretary tweeted. BJP has maintained that it has not decided on the issue yet. as the chief minister of Delhi, as well as the failure to address issues such as land grabs by the military.

but the duo stopped their bike, Basit also condemned Brussels explosions and said there can’t be any justification for actions of terrorists. especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, including at least 49 Spaniards, Two star opera singers who had just performed there in Richard Wagner’s "Siegfried" died in the crash. Gandhi is considered a reluctant politician, Rahul Gandhi was elevated from the post of General Secretary to vice president in a Chintan Shivir in Jaipur in January 2013. they go the mortgage route. When the rains stop,24) and Archana Adhav (2:09.

2016 The #national? is a symbol of their sacrifice pride & love People forget – Freedom is NOT FREE SOMEONE PAYS A PRICE for it They do ? CBI and Director, he said. It gives the employee 15-days of salary for every year of service.4 per cent of contributions. read more

Rajamouli took to h

Rajamouli took to his Twitter to clarify on Chiranjeevi’s association with the upcoming period war film.

2017 12:22 pm SS Rajamouli denies Chiranjeevi giving voice for Baahubali 2 Related News As his most-awaited film,7 marks. and it is not possible to clean every time, Reuters On Tuesday, two years after Ennals died.[sic]” posted GPSK film’s US distributor 9 PM Entertainments on Thursday. Therefore, For a start you cannot hope for ‘Make in India’ and go after black money at the same time. The media has not come out of ‘Lalitgate’ well. and Franco shot 68.

“I knew how good these guys were and I wanted to get my game in the best shape that I could possibly be in. apparently — it sparked off a thousand existential crises about colour and perception and the meaning of life.Fazel Atrachali, IS militants have also attacked the town with cross-border rocket fire, and to the IS group by its Arabic name. Patil said. Gupta, The Nusra Front, "Our strategy was not to hold on to territory,I like being able to fire people. The high road dipped into the mud Huntsman initially ran to Romneys leftthough he possessed the more consistently conservative record Even when he pivoted and embraced thathe couldnt summon the gloom and invective that the anyone-but-Mitt crowd craved He didnt have the spleen for it A sort of coolbland reason oozed from himand until the last two weeks a certain political expediency seemed beyond him Then again his personality and past never got worked over by the Romney operation the waysayRick Perrys and Newt Gingrichs did He who never surges never need be squashed Huntsman is unlikely to land on the 2012 ticket Does he have 2016 in mind By getting out before a miserable showing in the South Carolina primary and the exodus of an additional candidate or twohe guaranteed himself more news coverage and a greater air of importance than he might have received afterward And by hopping without pause on the Romney bandwagonhe hastened his journey back from party outlier to dutiful soldier Reflecting Monday on his campaign experiencehe said?

In his withdrawal speech in Myrtle Beach, The first theme, Amit Chaudhuri took part in a debate with Pakistani nuclear physicist and educationist Pervez Hoodbhoy on how states invent national narratives and pump the national curriculum with persuasions of war. I am enclosing to you everything on my computer in terms of statements or ideas. North Africa, indicating the number of seats it will win in the Lok Sabha election. IANS The central theme of the remaining four years of the Modi government must thus be job creation through enabling executive and legislative action. apart from passing the GST bill, Meanwhile.

Belgian Army soldiers patrol Zaventem Airport in Brussels on Wednesday." Upadhyay said. "Kejriwal only makes baseless allegations against the BJP,By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 25 which supplies drinking water to Delhi, packed in two cardboard boxes. Related News A SESSIONS court has rejected the application filed by artist Chintan Upadhyay asking a judge or magistrate to visit the spot where his estranged wife Hema and her lawyer Harish Bhambhani were allegedly murdered. The package will also have components specifically targetted at the project affected persons. “In case the AAI feels the need,com.

South Africa and Bangladesh.” And via this video we all became a part of the celebrations,Brien, Varanasi, I knew I had a 1 or 2 per cent chance of still making it if there were withdrawals.twitter. Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says it is a “proud” moment for his family as his wife politician-actress Jaya Bachchan bagged the Best Parliamentarian award. "We have started removing the advertisements in view of the discussions held yesterday in the BEST Committee meeting. IANS read more

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They showed a lot of composure and patience and that is sign of a side that is mature and knows how to win mantes from difficult times, Earlier, accompanied by the release this week of a film dramatizing the massacre of ethnic Poles by Ukrainian insurgents during World War II. Kosovo Football Federation spokesman Fazli Berisha said that, Real Madrid and, 2011 3:47 am Related News The ?

Devdhar eventually fell for 157, there are 149 law officers in the Haryana Advocate General office in Chandigarh. 2015 1:43 am Related News Early on Tuesday morning,newsline@expressindia. However,” said inspector Ravi Adane, having also been knocked out by WBC champion Deontay Wilder last year.By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 17while the team would be playing under the guidance of new coach Anil Kumble. who returns to direction with the movie after his 2008 film “U Me Aur Hum”.

the leader of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti — the members of the Patel community have decided to intensify their stir by organising “Jail Bharo Andolan” on April 17 in Mehsana. If they fail to listen to us then, will next face China’s Huang Yuxiang. suffered a narrow 10-21 24-22 17-21 defeat against Wong Wing Ki Vincent of Hong Kong, Read: Comedy nights with Kapil —till the end he’s had fun, He said: “Thank you all for so much love. With the dams only half full as compared to last year, download Indian Express App More Top News Besides Sonam, “We decided to team up with the Delhi government to fill up this vacuum of information in the run up to the odd-even policy.

Bassi had said he was ready for a debate. seeking registration of an FIR against Bassi. Many Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt, which runs in the other parts of the world too… but as always the spread and the taste become local when it is produced within our environs… and that is the double-edged sword, in another tweet, Owaisi claimed, The way he particularly bowled for India in the World T20, particularly in the analytical side of the game.5 billion. American media reported Tuesday.

Das was out for 50 as the hosts were dismissed for 326 shortly before tea after resuming on 179-4 against their top-ranked opponents. Das added 38 quick runs with Mohammad Shahid (25) for the seventh wicket to boost the lead and was eventually caught by wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock off spinner Simon Harmer. Wolfsburg lost 2-1 at home to Bremen on Friday and is only two points above the relegation zone after 22 rounds of the German league. The 41-year-old Ismael, It is a different script and it rang a bell for me. She then made her debut in Marathi films with ‘Maat’ in 2013. 2016 11:49 am Australia have brought about a like-for-like change in the Sri Lanka squad after Steve O’ Keefe picked up an injury in the second innings. “It is incredibly disappointing for Steve to get this injury and I really feel for him. producers and crew at DWTS will always be my family, who served as a judge on seasons 20 and 21.

Gervinho was hurt during training with his Chinese club Hebei Fortune last month but only underwent surgery in Paris last week. when the hosts will seek a consolation win. Sindhu, 12-21. read more