Salamanca leaves the door open to yield the Helmántico

first_imgIn addition, and despite the conflict between the two clubs, Salamanca explains the reasons why it would yield this time: “The Salamanca UDS always works and will work for the benefit of the city, putting, if necessary, the interests of citizens over personal that the entity could have. We leave the existing rivalry aside for the good of our city, for the good of Salamanca. “While he is willing to put his vision aside, he clarifies:”Our entity has never shown firm interest in hosting such a match“.A statement that, anyway, It is not valid as long as Unionistas remains firm in their idea of ​​not moving from their own stadium or prefer to travel to Madrid or Zamora before playing in the Helmántico. At the moment, after the announcement of Salamanca, there is no official position of either the City Council or the rival of the Zidane team. Today, RFEF travels to Las Pistas to give its verdict on the feasibility of hosting there about sixteenths of the KO tournament.Check the full statement. Less than a week after the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey, the stadium where the Unionists will be played is unknown – Real Madrid. The charro club prioritizes playing in its usual fief, Las Pistas, but for that it would need a series of arrangements such as introducing artificial light bulbs that allow the game to be seen on television. In addition to his frequent home, other options such as the Helmantic, the Bernabeu or the Silver Route from Zamora.The intention of the mayor of Salamanca, Carlos García Carbayo, is to dispute in the Helmántico, as opposed to the desire of Unionists. The main problem is that the stadium is property of Salamanca CF UDS, club that do not maintain any type of relationship with the rival of Real Madrid. However, this one, through an official statement, he has left the door open to yield and that the duel be disputed in that field.“That the Helmántico Stadium is not for sale or with the possibility of renting for sporting events or other purposes, although It is available to the City Council of Salamanca for its assignment for specific events that benefit the city, which is the only purpose on which the Salamanca UDS works “, explains the entity in its official note, leaving, therefore, in the hands of the mayor’s office, the formal request for the party not to be disputed in Las Pistas, but not Move from the city.last_img read more

EPL relegation battle intensifies

first_imgLONDON (AP): The fight to avoid relegation from the English Premier League is as intense as the race at the top. With 14 matches and four months of the season to play, the bottom six sides are separated by just two points: Sunderland (19 points), Crystal Palace (19), Hull (20), Swansea (21), Leicester (21) and Middlesbrough (21). Bournemouth, on 26 points in 14th place but without a league win this year, could yet be dragged into the scrap. Reaching the 40-point mark is regarded as the target to ensure safety, although West Ham was relegated on 42 points in 2003. No team has ever got to 43 points and gone down. Sunderland finished one place above the relegation places in 2016 and 2013, on both occasions staying up with 39 points. In 2014, 36 points was enough for West Brom to stay up.last_img read more

To Better Inform Consumers on Commodity Prices, Commerce Minister Wants Media Partnership

first_imgThe Minister of Commerce and Industry, Axel M. Addy, has called for collaboration with the media as a means to help inform consumers on the new commodity price listing on the market.Minister Addy made the call yesterday at a press conference held at his ministry’s office on Ashmun Street in Monrovia.The conference, he said, was intended to give the public information on the monthly commodity pricing list and solicit their input.“We’ve called you here today to share with you the new public pricing and to also solicit your help in getting the information out to better educate the public,” he said.He recalled that a few months ago, his administration informed the press that it was publishing  a monthly newsletter called “Commerce Today.”The bulletin is also a product developed by the MOC to inform the public on key commodities, inventory and pricing on a monthly basis.The bulletin asked the public to contact cell numbers 0886559224, 0886516171 to inform the Ministry about any price hikes in basic commodities above the MOC’s stipulated prices.“This is something new, but a lot has been achieved through the publication and feedback from the public relative to how the MOC is trying to monitor what is obtaining in the market, particularly when it comes to bulk commodities such as rice, petroleum and cement.“And so we called you here today, to share with you the new public pricing and to also solicit your help in getting that information out,” said Minister Addy.“As you have been following our progress, we have been reducing prices of petroleum products steadily every month in line with the price on the world market,” he said.    The MOC in consultation with the management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) again announced a further reduction in the pump price of fuel oil or automotive oils (AGO) by US$0.15 cents, while the price of gasoline or premium motor spirit (PMS) remains the same.In previous price adjustments, from February 26 to March 26, this year, wholesale price for those basic commodities were put at US$3, and retail was US$3.21 or its Liberian dollar equivalent of L$270.The pronouncement which, he said, took effect last Friday, March 28, means the wholesale price for gasoline is now US$2.88, and fuel oil is US$2.83, while the pump price for gasoline is US$3.06, or its Liberian dollar equivalent of L$260, and fuel oil is US$3.01 or the equivalent of L$260.“The exchange rate was used based at the end of a monthly exchange rate communicated directly by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).”The MOC inspectorate team, according to the Minister, will be closely monitoring the approved ceiling prices to avoid arbitrary hiking in the pump prices of gasoline and fuel oil on the local market.The data report, he said, is gathered based on assessment of import documents, which include commercial invoices, assessment notices, single administrative documents, clean report of findings and targeted market sample surveys.He said the prices will be closely monitored on the effectiveness of the price circular to ensure that importers do not undercut fellow competitors on the market. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Send It Back to the Authors’

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s proposed bill to create an autonomous agency that will handle all land-related matters, suffered a hitch yesterday when three sector ministries requested the Senate to send the Bill back to its authors for further consultations and deliberations.The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) Bill is currently before the Senate, and according to President Sirleaf, when enacted into law it would undertake actions and implement programs in support of land governance including land administration and management.The responsibility for land matters would be removed from the ministries of Lands, Mines and Energy, Internal Affairs, Public Works, the Center for National Documents and Records and other agencies of government and transferred to the LLA.But during a hearing conducted by the Senate Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment yesterday, Morris Dukuly, Minister of Internal Affairs recommended that the bill be sent back to its authors so that further consultations can be held and that more experts be given the opportunity to weigh in on the many issues that are paramount.Minister Dukuly called for more collaboration especially among the citizens, who consider the ownership of land as customary, while at the same time, suggesting the involvement of seasoned legal experts who are versed in such matters to do further scrutiny on both the Land Rights Policy and the proposed law to make them acceptable to Liberians.Minister Dukuly reminded the gathering that the first conflict that was mediated in Liberia with the involvement of King Sao Bosso (Musa Kamara) was between the settlers and the indigenous people and it was over land.He urged them to consider moving more judiciously on the matter.He said his Ministry has in its employ many experts spread throughout the country, who constantly mediate in land disputes. He asserted that there is an inseparable bond between land and the people and that in the new environment land is considered as wealth, power and sustainability, and everything that makes the citizens who they are. “So when you discuss land issues, it has to be done with care and based on consultations.“I am not clear what mechanism the new Land Authority Law will provide,” Minister Dukuly declared. He noted that the law is more today than tomorrow, and as a former Legislator, “I learned that law should be future looking, flexible, elastic and accommodate the new challenges that may emerge. This draft bill as I have read it, I do not see that.”Dukuly added that his basic proposition to the lawmakers “is to please do your wisdom and turn it back for us to collaborate more, consult and do more work to make a law that is not made for this administration, but that it has longevity.”For his part, the Minister of Public Works, Gyude Moore, whose Ministry’s involvement with respect to land issues is in the area of zoning, also agreed with Minister Dukuly that there should be more consultations and deliberations among the ministries that have something to do with land issues and the Land Commission.Deputy Minister of Justice for economic Affairs, Cllr. Emmanuel A. Tulay, who proxied for Minister Benedict Sannoh, informed the hearing that the proposed legislation needed the close scrutiny of the Ministry of Justice, which he said, has not had the opportunity to do so.He said the bill cuts across many issues. “Besides land being an issue to look at, there are others such as economic and social which are attached to such legislation, and that whatsoever the legislation seeks to bring forth for the good of the Liberian people needs to take into consideration the impact it will have across all sectors of society.”He said the proposed legislation seeks to remove and absolve authority already granted to several sector agencies that will ultimately suggest amendments and statutes from most of those institutions. “The Ministry of Justice feels that the trend and speed at which the people of Liberia wish this passage should take may be counterproductive to our peace and happiness tomorrow.”He recalled the existence of another land Act, the Community Land Act, which he said has not been passed, and now the LLA, which he said amounts to confusion. Amid the surprising trend of the hearing, Chairman of the Lands, Mines, Energy Natural Resources and Environment committee, Senator Albert T. Chie, decided to end the hearing. He informed the invitees that his committee will take the issues back to committee room and subsequently inform Senate plenary about what had transpired. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Sophia residents to benefit from 100 core homes, 2000 home subsidies

first_imgThe Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) under its Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme will facilitate a major upgrade in Sophia, Greater Georgetown by constructing core houses and roads among other infrastructure.The site in C Field, Sophia proposed for a community centre to be constructedCH&PA CEO Leon Saul addresses the media in the presence of other officials, including community leadersOn Friday last, officials of the CH&PA gave members of the media a tour of B Field Sophia where works were currently ongoing. Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Leon Saul listed the works to be completed.“We would be spending approximately US$7.5 million here in (the) Sophia area and basically what we are doing, we would be upgrading approximately 12 kilometres of roads to asphaltic concrete. We will be doing concrete drains, two playfields will be upgraded; additionally 2000 residents will benefit from home improvement subsidies and 100 core houses will be built,” Saul stated.The CEO was keen to note that this year, 50 of the core houses are expected to be completed while 300 home improvement subsidies will be distributed. The remaining houses and home improvement subsidies will be done in 2020.Home improvement subsidies and core houses will be granted to low-income households – those persons who earn $75,000 or less per month and own a plot of land within the project boundary that is also low income, meaning it cost $300,000 or less.Subsidies will be approved if the homes that are occupied are considered inhabitable. However, if the houses are not strong enough to accommodate repairs, the owners may qualify for a core home.Once qualified, the applicant would be required to pay $100,000 as a contribution towards the core home. The core houses are 400 square-foot flat concrete buildings that cost $4 million.For home improvement subsidies, $500,000 worth of materials will be granted and recipients will have to provide for labour.The Deputy Director for Community Development, Donell Bascom explained that thus far, 456 verification visits were conducted in Sophia while 87 households were inspected which would have been dubbed eligible to qualify for a core house.“By the end of August to mid-September, we will be able to complete the beneficiary selection process and have persons notified of the outcome of their applications from Sophia,” Bascom stated.She added that this project was special as it provided employment for residents of the community.Meanwhile, Anthony Ragnauth, another officer attached to the CH&PA, detailed the scope of works to be conducted. It was noted that the project has been divided into six lots. These lots have already been awarded to six different contractors via the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB).Ragnauth told the media, “Presently, the works are ongoing. We had some delays with the weather which affected mostly the road works; nevertheless we have gone ahead with the construction of culverts, reinforced concrete drains, revetments and out of the eight bridges that are slated to be constructed, we have completed two.”The community works are slated to be completed by March 2020. Already, members of the community have lauded the positive change that they have noticed and expressed their willingness to work with the contractors to see the project’s speedy completion.The first Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme, which provides an opportunity for Guyanese citizens to improve their standard of living, was launched back in January 2019 at C Field, Sophia.The project became a reality as a result of the collaboration between the CH&PA and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which is funding the project.last_img read more

Residents given one year to leave trailer park

first_imgA call to Sterling Management has not yet been returned. Photo: Park residents say they cannot move their homes because no other parks would take trailers older than 10 years./Kimberley Molina She also says she has organized a petition and is handing out dispute resolutions forms that residents can fill out and submit to the Ministry of Housing and Social Development.Although the City is not directly involved in the dispute, Fort St. John City Planner Kevin Brooks says he was contacted by a representative of the trailer park owner late last year. Brooks says the representative asked about the property’s current classification and if it could be rezoned.He says the land is currently zoned R3, which is a trailer park and city policy states that the land cannot be rezoned while it is still being used as a trailer park and people live there. He also says the City has always held the opinion that it would prefer the land be improved for the families living in the trailer park rather than to have them displaced.The 1.558 hectare property is currently up for sale for $2.49 million and the listing states there is support to rezone the area to an R2 classification. That classification is the highest density possible in the area, having 125 units per hectare.Advertisementcenter_img – Advertisement -Residents of the City Centre Mobile Home Park in Fort St. John were given a surprise letter last week: an eviction notice.Moose FM obtained a copy of the eviction notice given to park residents by Sterling Management Services, which states they must vacate the area by April 30, 2012.It further states that “A landlord who gives a tenant this Notice must pay the tenant, on or before the effective date of this Notice, an amount equal to 12 months’ rent payable under the tenancy agreement.”However, at least two residents feel the 12-month rent is not enough compensation. Most residents in the trailer park either own their trailers or are renting to own their trailers and simply lease the land they sit on, says Krista Blundon, a trailer park resident. Blundon and fellow resident Troy Gach say their trailers are more than 10 years-old and other trailer parks will not accept mobile homes that are that age. Thus, they say they have no idea where they could go if they can’t take their homes with them.Blundon says she has young children and for the amount she is currently paying in rent, she would only be able to afford a small apartment.Advertisementlast_img read more

City approves next Fort St. John water and sewer rate increase

first_imgThe bulk sewer rate for the Wastewater Transfer Station until it closes at the end of 2014 will increase to $7 per cubic metre received from $4.50, based on suggestions made at the City’s meeting with sewer haulers in September. Also coming out of that meeting is a $200 fee to access the station outside of operating hours for emergencies.The fixed monthly charge will also increase to $12 for each sewer utility account from $10.20, while the fixed monthly charge for water will go up to $13 from $10.85. The bulk water rate will remain at $3 per cubic metre, but with an additional $3 per metre surcharge for non-domestic water users.There will also be an additional incentive for customers to use the new eBilling system, as the discount is going up from $1 a month to $5 a month, while the charge for another paper copy of their bill is also increasing to $5 a month.- Advertisement -Based on projections, it’s expected the City will pull in $823,000 from sewer charges in 2014, which will go towards the sewer reserve, which has been depleted by recent work on the sewer system. At the same time, the capital sewer projects for next year are anticipated to be $1.45 million, so the revenue will not be enough to cover the expenditures. That’s not the case for water, as the expected $1.444 million generated should cover the anticipated $1.27 million in capital projects.last_img read more

Exclusive – Former Man City star says Aguero will gun down Man United

first_imgUwe Rosler is backing Manchester City to see off neighbours Manchester United on Sunday despite their disappointing run of form ahead of the derby clash.City are without a win in three games and manager Manuel Pellegrini admitted, after Wednesday night’s Capital One Cup defeat to Newcastle, his side “are in a bad moment”.But Rosler reckons Sergio Aguero, rested against the Magpies, can fire his former club to victory over their bitter rivals at the Etihad Stadium.Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, the former East Germany international striker said: “City are very confident under normal circumstances at home and United are still in transition. I still think City will win the game.“Aguero will be back and that will be a big boost for City. He is a great player.”Manchester City v Manchester United is live on talkSPORT on Sunday, kick-off 13:30last_img read more


first_imgUptown Café will host a free family fun day this Saturday, 28th May in aid of Baby Ríoghnach-Ann’s Education Fund. Located on the Justice Walsh Road, the Letterkenny café launched the ‘Copper Hopper Challenge’ to raise funds for Baby Ríoghnach-Ann and they hope to add to the fund through the family fun day.Running from 12noon to 3.30pm, the day will include a host of activities and family fun and entertainment for people of all ages. There’ll be bouncy castles, face-painting, music, dancing and entertainment from a host of local musicians who are coming along to show their support for the cause. Musicians include; DJ Tubbs, Maria McCormick, Eddie Gallagher, Anne Biddy, Paul McCahill, Martin Orr, John Dolan and David Craig.Ahead of the family fun day, Uptown Café will also host a coffee morning where customers and guests are invited to come along to taste the various delights on offer including pastries, scones and tray bakes. The coffee morning will get underway at 9am and will run until 12noon.Milford man, Aidan Cannon and Manus Kelly of Uptown Café are behind the Copper Hopper Challenge. Manus Kelly said the support from the local community has been over-whelming.“We’ve had a very positive response to the Copper Hopper Challenge in aid of Baby Ríoghnach-Ann’s Education Fund. The support from family, friends and customers has been brilliant and we’re delighted to be associated with such a worthy cause. We’re looking forward to the family fun day this Saturday and we’re hoping to get a great turnout. There’ll be something for people of all ages, so all are welcome to come along and show their support.” The Copper Hopper Challenge has gathered a lot of momentum since it was first launched. Donegal’s Bernard McHugh was among the many local celebrities who called into Uptown Café, Letterkenny to show his support. Anyone wishing to donate their coppers can call into Uptown Café on the Justice Walsh Road or G&G Beauticians on the Church Lane, Letterkenny.For information on the Copper Hopper Challenge or the upcoming free family fun day at Uptown Café visit the Uptown Café Facebook page.UPTOWN CAFE TO HOST FUN DAY FOR BABY RIOGHNACH-ANN’S EDUCATION FUND was last modified: May 26th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Copper HopperdonegalletterkennyUptown Cafelast_img read more


first_imgThug an laoch Ciarraíoch Colm “Gooch” Cooper, buaiteoir de 4 bhonn Uile Éireann, cuairt ar Ghairmscoil Chú Uladh Dé hAoine a chuaigh thart mar chuid den chlár ‘AIB Build A Bank”.Ní amhain go bhfuair na scolairí idirbliana comhairle bancéireachta den scoth ón Gooch ach chomh maith le seo fuair siad seans seisiún traenala a dhéanamh leis.Thapaigh na scolairí an deis an méid comhairle is a thiocfadh leo a a fháil uaidh ar chursaí peil gaelach. TUGANN AN GOOCH INSPIORÁID DO DHALTAÍ GHAIRMSCOIL CHÚ ULADH was last modified: February 26th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:TUGANN AN GOOCH INSPIORÁID DO DHALTAÍ GHAIRMSCOIL CHÚ ULADHlast_img read more