, the first step, to register an interesting micro-blog name, such as weight loss encyclopedia, skin care beauty encyclopedia, food nutrition encyclopedia. The purpose of this is to facilitate the search, is also the most attention topic for girls. More than 9.9 of girls are interested in these. You can apply for V certification if you like. Certified micro-blog number more ground gas, pro understand Kazakhstan, in Taobao’s consumer protection, Baidu’s V reputation certification. Women are our god.


second, to get fans, micro-blog’s promotion is fans promotion. We can lose weight through the forum messages, we left micro-blog, or QQ group, QQ space to share links to micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog. Micro-blog search or increase V, remember when they send @ micro-blog, to comment on their multiple, some of their point of view, as long as the day of interaction, you @ v. Fans will be interested in you and let other fans become their fans. Go and give your fans a favor and make friends with your fans. In the diet commentary fans, is sure to lose weight, so they add their own fans, and their private letters. A day of operation can also be hundreds of fans, are accurate oh. There is also a way to get fans, oh, suitable for tyrant level Taobao customers, buy fans. Through the Witkey network, release news, they through their own resources, the amount of fans increased. I think Witkey network is a very good complementary platform. We should use it well. In fact, some small money, can buy fans is also very good.




third, promotion is the core of the core, the promotion is to let each reader pay attention to our information, and then click on our link. Don’t frequent advertising, micro-blog 1–2 one day, if we do lose weight lose weight, we can send some inspirational stories, some health recipes, some good exercise method, do not leave the name of the advertising links, users are disgusted with advertising. In the early stage, the interaction between the fans is the most critical, which can encourage fans to comment more and communicate more, as to what methods to see their advantages. When our fans rise to a stage. We can choose one week to promote a


product has been the top news story for each fan with a top up approach.



, the specific way to promote fans, oh, we have to do is to gather fans, and fans exchange, and fans become friends. Are good friends, but also afraid of product promotion does not go out?. My own station, www.fanli5388.com, is passing through too