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people kept asking me what I was building a website for,


for money or for a moment’s pleasure?

in the previous site journey, I have been building a commercial site, the purpose is only one (money)

yes, I made a living allowance at that time. Slowly accumulated a number of building experience.

usually many young people often say what depressed, life has no meaning! Some say that life is really tired. Want to kill yourself,


why are these? There’s only one reason: I’m not actively looking for the fun of life.

thought, because he really wants to do something for the people of Dujiangyan, because I live in this city and love this beautiful city.

, I’m not afraid of jokes. I’m not a native of Dujiangyan. Maybe I love this city more than a lot of people who call themselves Dujiangyan natives.

so, in January of 08 years, the new year, the new beginning, I have planned 114 interactive platform,


then, the laughter at all came up to me:

, you’re a stranger. Do you know Dujiangyan,


can not do the network, there is no market here,


has someone to do yours, and you do it,


hear these, I still do not know the name of the station, do an ordinary webmaster


because I regard 114 as my own child, my parents are selfless. Seek fame and wealth, not money, but hope that he will grow up.

in January, after the establishment, there were a lot of mistakes. In order to correct the site’s mistakes, every night is basically 12 after sleep.

modify procedures do not say, but also a person to do promotion, the station address sent to some friends, and some drift off, and some also reply to a few words, "Lin, your machine was a virus?"

a month down, the whole 114, I and a few people in the post, replies

February, this month just encountered new year’s day, has encountered the entire site of large-scale revision, and parents to come over the new year, a few things encountered a pile.

Chinese New Year’s night, but also a person sitting there, modify 114, add function. My parents have been helping me for a few days, and they know I’m busy