as the mobile terminal brings more and more traffic conversion, the thinking and direction of the website operation are changing and fine-tuning at times. For individual owners, no burn promotion strength, there is no network consisting of a large network, there is no unique domineering luck, we can only repeatedly tricks, let site better, let the flow to fly for a while, this paper described by WeChat for the website is completely without drainage, do a WeChat public number of operations.

, the author recently operates a local web site. For local websites, the exact amount of local traffic is required. Before the promotion, in addition to offline promotion of traditional media, the local QQ group promotion, as well as street station software, you can Station Street software, including all the mainstream APP dating applications now. The so-called station software is through a large number of registered micro signal, QQ class of applications, with the same name, a large area appears in the vicinity of people. Automatic greeting, automatic switching stations, locations, etc., to achieve the purpose of forced memory. Although effective. But for a website that hopes to grow steadily for a long time, it is not a good idea to reduce the traffic. Because this article does not introduce this method, so there is not much to dwell on here.

the author’s website is a new on-line, not yet in the assessment period of the new station, when consulting A5 SEO diagnostic services, Huang Zhong engineers provide a way. Thank you for this. This is a 13 years in May appeared a new thing, said here may many webmaster know, yes. Is WeChat printer, about the function of this machine and brand, in order to avoid advertising suspicion, please Adsense search for yourself.

talking about the machine, the direction is used for the drainage of the site, we only need to pay attention to his function, that is, WeChat print photos. Print is divided into four steps: first scan screen, two-dimensional code, pay attention to service number. The second step: send the photos and add the words you want to leave at the bottom of the picture. The third step: enter the four digit verification code on the screen. Fourth; give the machine twenty seconds to spit out your picture. The screen is divided into three regions, 1/3 for the picture poster in three areas, as one of the video advertising area, 1/3 is divided into two parts, one part is the promotion of other two-dimensional code, the other part is the functional area scan code printing photos. That is to say, if you set up a beautiful, unique poster or maverick video advertisement, it will enhance your website image and twenty second promotion while waiting for photos. The machine can also set rules such as the first free, or every micro signal, how long you can print a picture. Each photo cost three to 50 Fen dollars, the cost to you can get an accurate local users, as follow-up you push content to keep the attention of the user what it does not say in the scope of this article. As far as prices are concerned, getting a user at this price is pretty good. And in the process of binding the machine and the micro signals, you need to call some functional privileges of WeChat developers, no matter whether the subscription number or service number can be used, and it is gratifying that you don’t need to develop independently