article "in an article on the server is not only to do a website, should also play the full potential of" after the ADMIN5 release, many MJJ will delete the reprint reprint, some MJJ have said the anonymous author, if it does not respect the original, who also wrote the original hard, to be honest out of the mix, sooner or later have to repay.

this month in the deep processing of the problem to say that, in the traditional industry, deep processing can improve the added value of the products, the original products in the competitive situation, to the development of products deep processing can get better returns. In fact, the Internet industry can also carry out deep processing. For example, there are news reports before, sell hard drives, the prices are more transparent, competition is more intense, and then there are individuals in the hard disk filled with AV video, the result is very hard to sell the hard drive. This is a good example of deep processing in the IT industry. By extension, selling space, it is difficult to sell space, especially often on the ADMIN5 station network, behind the forum MJJ who is very sensitive to the price, one hundred dollars of space but also engage in a month. Imagine how hard it is to sell.

            others and it is selling space, buy a 1 dollar of CN meters, acquisition point data by CMS, after Baidu included selling station, domain name space to sell together, just to sell a 300-500, some income recorded some even sell thousands, so it is simple to sell more space. Again, sell the server’s IDC, because the hardware prices are relatively transparent, server profits are relatively thin, competition is fierce. It has long been the primary server for a firewall installed on the chassis, LINUX open source, customize their own interface, makes the interface more friendly, becomes the enterprise firewall to sell hundreds of thousands, my classmates before that help them sell firewall tutor. In addition to selling firewalls, the rise of open source PBX software has created enormous business opportunities for IDC. The traditional telephone switches are more expensive, with the rise of VOIP, there are many open source software such as VOIP, called asterisk phone in the future, this software is too strong, can do anything the traditional telephone, at the same time with asterisk as core interface more friendly and open source software.

, such as FREEPBX and TRIBOX, also appeared in China for open source FREEIRIS soft switching. The advantage of open source software is that it can be used free of charge. 3000 dollars and 2000 dollars to the server, the asterisk board, at present there are a lot of imitation of the asterisk card, the price is cheaper, another case became a PBX switch professional, the market price is generally more than tens of thousands. With the development of VOIP, the market of this PBX system will be more and more big, so you don’t always stare at the website. Many new industries are rising and the Internet is coming in winter