still has 1 months to go, and the Yudu forum is going to celebrate her 1st anniversary birthday.

so far paid off, remember, the three of us around a computer to discuss 5d6d, when it is easy to propose, less than 10 minutes, Yudu forum was born. In January 16th 08, that night it was very cold in Shenzhen. We drove the electric heater, also clearly remember, drinking fountains without water, we burned a pot of boiling water, then may not realize that we are born with water instead of wine in the celebration of the Yudu forum.

everything starts from scratch, and it’s hard won from our first member to the current more than 3500 member. In this special thanks to the few, to tell you the truth when you have not had the forum today, jany346, cherry_ye, Yanyan, yangjunli, zw007, and small mountain trail, when sober, woolly headed wohao, lxhms, Jiang Taigong fishing squid, sea, sbanjj and so on, this may be a part of your strange name, but really, if not a few members of a year ago, Yudu forum will not have a big development group, jany346 and cherry_ye were the first supporter of the Yudu forum, the day after the establishment of good, just the three of us in the face, fourth is jany346.

here also questions jany346, the first member of the Yudu forum, Yudu was opened for a long time there are other forums, jany346 chose the Yudu forum, as in the past to support; and cherry_ye, second members, Luo Ao was called the old leaves, at first I thought it was a straight man, cherry_ye is the forum is very dedicated, we expect to find a problem leaves MM, forum for all aspects of no less cherry_ye shadow; AI Jie son is, then Jill is the original we look forward to every day, Jill Forum on the recommendations and publicity is in place, a lot of things to share with you our ambassador; small slender dust, bring us joy; cb5257, Xie Dengyu, valley, and learn to give up, Hua, you in a variety of ways to support the Yudu Forum; the Anrora in Japan Northeast Yudu girl, know where you are? Often late at night in the forum guard; Kareem YDEZ, thank you teacher Ding Yudu from time to time to bring the latest changes to us; Wan Yan, Mei Huang, Green Tea, spring, two Miss, several beauty style in the aftertaste; cross country sbanjj, Yudu, key customers Chen Hui, a beautiful life, two or three, HHS, GG5, liulianfeng, honest man, you are a veteran of the Yudu Forum; also, farmers Laobiao qkhheeq, orange, tea, Qing, observers, my heart fly, Guo Hua, Shirley, steven_zjh, YIWEI, liu340211664, 57125968, barefoot youth, old house, tube the onion root > Yudu