[i] the fresh 020 note network operators in the world has been lackluster, for 20 years the failure of Webvan, the less than 10 years of the Amazon is successful, the two case to prove the core viewpoint of "agriculture to do subtraction, the field of wading, put their focus on market a city or a region, even a community of extreme concentration, take orders to lower their cost of service.


began to make fresh O2O Webvan 20 years ago: the industry into the abyss,

than fresh O2O in China in full swing development, the United States fresh O2O has been no improvement. In fact, America’s fresh O2O can be traced back to 1996. But we all wonder if the United States had fresh O2O 20 years ago, but why is it lagging behind China? The reason must be from a company called Webvan.

Webvan was founded in 1996, is a very advanced concept of fresh fruits and vegetables company, online trading, offline transportation, has its own warehousing and distribution systems, distribution of fresh groceries. Nothing special today, but more than 20 years ago, it was unimaginable.

let’s take a look at the development of the company. The company was founded in December 1996, after 2 months of follow-up, the establishment of VC in 1997, VC invested the money first, after two years of development, the first comprehensive on-line storage system, the line after a month, began to receive the first order, with real users first intimate contact.

In 1999

Webvan storage system is built, located in San Francisco, the range can cover the entire 61 mile radius of San Francisco, the construction of storage system contains very complex algorithms, even now, some aspects are advanced. We can see from the two basic data how much effort the warehouse system has spent – $40 million, just $5 million for all lines.

, too, in 1999, Webvan signed a $1 billion contract to copy the warehouse system across the United states. A month after signing, IPO, in 1999 August, was well sought after, with a market capitalisation of $8 billion at its peak. But the company’s eventual fate was bankruptcy two years later, ie in 2001 July.


if you compare its order with the amount of money consumed, you can see that Webvan consumes $130 per order accepted. Not only that, the company’s bankruptcy, not only to bring themselves into the abyss, the most important thing is to bring the whole industry into the abyss.

because of the company’s fiasco, it’s been a long time for all VC