, who works for WeChat, must have a headache for WeChat editing, because he can’t plug in backgrounds, animations, etc.. Can only edit with the most primitive Song typeface and so on. Editing out the effect can only be said to be general, so, if there is a better editor, edit the article out of a lot of good typography, the user experience will be much better, the probability of forwarding a lot.

so, you must think, if you can do the following page layout so well, at the end of the article can also be a little cute, even if not the artist can also use, that would be good.

so, today, Wang will share with you an editor that you found in use. And more advanced micro – site

when you pay attention for the first time, the following text messages will be displayed directly.

and then click in, is a classification of micro web site, click on the classification, then you can see the specific classification of all articles. If you have a lot of articles, every time you want to reply to the corresponding number of fans to view, the fans experience is not too good. Moreover, fans may be reluctant to respond.

so, I introduce myself in the use of the utility software today, in order to cause unnecessary trouble, said I was advertising, so I won’t mention the name of the editor and free micro website

after you download it, click on it to appear on this page, you need to bind to the public number, the specific steps will not say more.

The main use of

is to edit and sort articles.

as an example of the article I’m currently editing. Similar to the specific text editor and WeChat, the main function is that I can click on "online style", and then select the module I need, is the focus of the text style or style, or the bottom of the style and so on, you can choose. After you’ve chosen it, edit it directly in the style.

when you’ve edited all 4 articles, you save it, and then click on the bottom right corner to send it to WeChat, and the following picture will appear. The most useful feature of this picture is that in your article, sorting can be adjusted. Edit directly in WeChat, there is no such function. Determine the good order, you can choose to send to WeChat material preview, or you can directly send mass.

so, you edit the article, and Wang Ye as good-looking.

another is micro web site, at present, the development of this aspect of the Internet is still a lot, but many are the most basic, to better, you have to pay.

Wang Ye’s use of this, are free of charge, as long as you study thoroughly, and better interface and game interaction can be done, including group buying, micro mall, turntable sweepstakes, inquiries, life services, and so on.