a good operation consists of two factors: personal quality and working ability.

work ability refers to the skills required for the job, such as new, incentive and retention. Personal qualities, as of humour or character, such as humor, openness, diligence, learning, etc..

talked about the ability to work before, this time about personal qualities. Because the concept of operation is too broad, this paper focuses on the user operation area, and needs to have these personal qualities.

1. wide interest in

operation should be a group of interesting, full of passion for life, the world is full of curiosity, only in this way, they can transfer positive energy, interesting, eye-opening information to the user, in order to attract users with better products and connections. This is actually from a higher perspective, the interpretation of user operations.

In order to do this,

needs to have a wealth of knowledge and work as a "ammunition depot" at any time. The source of "ammunition depot" is not a goal to break through each other, but a knowledge system formed by the information that usually contacts with each other after a long period of time.

users operate on people, so there are similarities in all fields. Such as movie app, not only concerned about the film, because the film also belongs to the pan entertainment, and entertainment stars, the most popular star and fan group, group size and combat strength of the fans crowd are 90, 90, 95 and two dimensional culture was covered, so do the film app. You can only focus on the Star Wars small plums.

and I have a higher level to discuss what is good reviews, his view is a combination of user interest and aesthetic content, so I asked him the content of aesthetic ability is how to practice it, simply look and a bit of flair. This is not the result of reading and studying, but rather paying attention to the people and things around you, and participating and thinking more.

go back to the point, and if a person has a wide range of interests, that’s the basic condition for doing well. If you don’t have such a wide range of interests, then at least don’t reject it. Of course, to do this, you need to have their own way to ensure a degree, do not go to extremes.

2., empathy awareness,


and designers communicate their needs, many people say, "just change it here and there. It’s easy.".

heard this, the designer must want to kick you. First of all, for a designer, not what "simple", even if only the active page title, there are design process; secondly, this design works is the designer’s work, you emphasize a simple equivalent to others as contempt of occupation, the designer looking forward to simple need to do things carelessly.

operations always hope to get the support of products, designers, research and development colleagues, and some articles talk about the way of communication and the process of demand, all of them are "dog feces", which is not the point at all. The key is >

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