is also reflected in the media since a word in the limelight, everyone from the media, but in the end we should do from the media? Is it really is you say is from the media since the media is actually doing? What are the hard work will be rewarded, this day will come to I have to share a little experience from the media! How grassroots counter attack has become the media


my literary talent is not very good, but I hope you can give everyone do not mind, focusing on sharing experience,


do grassroots, from the media, there are several difficult situation

(1) is a popular problem, what do not popularity is not done, also talk about what you are looking for from the media? Method in the effort, but we missed the point, is the most simple way is to start from the self, if all I do is complain, today you have no money, the next day you feeling frustrated so, to send a few people to see you


must be inspirational youth, sunshine, can let you feel the other is a person with feelings that Bing Bing’s computer side, don’t let others feel the other end is just a machine, just to win popularity


(2) to write the article, if you have a concern because every day you are not what transmission, so how many people will pay attention to you, how many people will always pay attention to you. This is the key to keep output by writing articles, get attention, more and more people’s attention, I believe you your fans will be more and more, from the media to do how much traffic is followed, the most important is how many


but writing articles, many people do not know how to write, write what, in fact, writing the article is not difficult, seize the following points, I think everyone will write the article is very easy,

1: write memories, actually write memory is relatively easy, but also easy to gather fans, because everyone has a childhood, we write some stories of childhood, as long as the same people will not look at? You write down every day, one thing you can a lot of people like to draw! "My 28" when I was young I ride a bicycle, you ride over


2: learning to write, put some things you learn to share, some like-minded friends will certainly pay attention to you, because you learn more, understand more and more, to share


3: write the feelings, every day a lot of reading some inspirational articles, news, magazines, learning is the need to supplement their own today, as we read an article, we share it by reading this article after feeling, a popular article is certainly a lot of people to read, so you must often share book some of the feelings of the fans of


(3) independent blog and platform, if you do not have the technology, you can build a blog, but the main update is best to rely on platforms, such as Tencent, Sina, NetEase, etc.

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