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is a love love fresh and innovative, before reading a lot about how to do the chain of the post, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar BBS signature, blog, classification of information, but also the organization and so on question! Language smoothly, do signature, how blogs are clearly written, but only after you will find the are the same, is equivalent to an article pseudo original tool changes N times, made and changed, changed again, the more I feel hurt my eyes, but to tell the truth, I have to admire the "recycling" the spirit and courage, a further one, over and over again to the old chain practice in a prominent position in various forums, I had to sigh, Shanghai dragon industry does need something new , through continuous research and practice, summed up some good methods for everyone to share!

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share four, quiz >

share three, how to make the forum outside the chain to maximize the role? Answer: to maintain the diversity of the chain, don’t do a forum of householders, that is very childish, so, after the registration of a forum of two posts, three posts, almost all the same, to change the Forum next! In a forum made a total of one thousand chain and 50 in the forum made 1 chain is different! The former is no comparison with the

share high weight forum not to send any links to do, nor can I sign here, to mop贵族宝贝 forum as an example, we all know this forum, included fast, but to send a chain like bullying in Fengjie before there will be directly rejected, teach you a good way to search for "Shanghai love you will find after mop贵族宝贝 advertising" to enter the forum, which is full of advertising posts, you a post with one hundred links are your brothers, included speed is quite amazing

share firstly, insists the share is mainly the chain around the forum and answer these two platforms, may be here, a lot of people feel sick in my face is not to say that the forum signature slobber, old teeth and you said, why? Which one end is singing here, please keep? The egg! Do not have the mood of anger and excitement, the behavior of injured liver and lung you vulnerable! There is no doubt that the forum is almost the most source of all site outside the chain, before to see the article is to emphasize the forum signature, rarely mentioned how to find good forum, here I teach you a good method allows you to quickly find the weight is high, included fast! For example: November 11, 2011 is the day, we are talking about the day the topic, you love Shanghai search "singles day forum" five words, in the front row The 10 page of the forum basic is the second forum, you can register to post a try, included the speed you absolutely shocking! All 10 pages a day is enough for you to register the forum, by October 12th, and continue to search for another hot news, absolutely is page ten seconds of the forum. Don’t tell me you’re not


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