I also recently engaged in Shanghai Longfeng blog, not what Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing, originally the business blog to engage in, now do Foshan Shanghai dragon, but still every day to write a "business daily" Shanghai dragon contest ranking summary record, Shanghai Longfeng electric district contest ranking. In fact, I love Shanghai 11 phenomenon is not very understanding, I just write what you know, I want to say, if the write >


space or the server is not stable to 11, this is a point I think of it. However, if the site does not have access to 80, the server can also link the site, there is absolutely no problem. Because I once tried once, the domain name DNS was strong off 12 hours, has been unable to visit, but the server is normal, love Shanghai as usual is the 200 spider crawling code, there is no 404 phenomenon, therefore, is to love Shanghai spiders crawl web content according to IP address.

chain construction led to excessive love Shanghai in 11 place, with the front said, love Shanghai for one site assessment period, considering the keywords should make the website home page, this is a mechanism to love Shanghai, ranking the phenomena of nature, good performance of the website can go up, just like a man, the result can be advertised, commend, praise list.

recently in many Shanghai dragon blog to see many webmaster at the mention of love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, many Shanghai dragon stationmaster said is love Shanghai right down the site to the space or the server is not stable in the chain do too much lead, there are more Shanghai Longfeng owners said that intervention leads to but, I don’t think so, this is a very normal phenomenon, as long as you seriously do their own website, to regularly update the site, the construction rules of the chain, the ranking will rise.

is the first love of Shanghai down the right, I said in the "Foshan Shanghai dragon heaven love Shanghai home" 22 words in the text, my blog keywords Foshan Shanghai dragon in Shanghai love search ranking in the second page to maintain a week after the sixth home, the new station has no ranking to ranking, drop right phenomenon does not exist any. This is the natural ranking, love Shanghai algorithm for a new station, or a web site and an assessment period, in consideration of the web site on the home page, it wants you to do your own website, you must give to others.

artificial intervention love Shanghai ranking, I think this is unlikely. Because in the Internet, there are many large and small sites, there are many variety of keywords, can interfere with how many love Shanghai? Not to mention those humble words, no one bother. But there is one point, is the hottest word, has the possibility to intervene, the intervention can be ranked windfall after all. Take the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest for it, if you can find someone to secret intervention, you can also ranked rise, many people are concerned that there will be opportunities for making money, only more or less problems.

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