fourth, the enemy. The enemy is that we often in optimizing the enterprise website how to deal with some problems we face.

first look at the friend. Want to first define what we said today, the enterprise website represents the specific category of enterprise website is the enterprise website confidence distribution platform. For example, QQ every day with QQ, there are many websites, we are referring to the enterprise website is a Tencent representing the category of COM.

generally judge a business website of Shanghai Longfeng level is done well, the four main basis: first "the amount of revenue. Second natural search traffic, third keywords ranking, fourth PR have no value, in fact the four main factors to judge, it mainly avoid, for example, the PR value we will mention this thing, the PR value is actually wrong, the PR value can only represent the PR value of the quality of the data itself, if you need to judge a a website is a comprehensive level of Shanghai dragon, still need the four main factors.

second: know yourself, to know our competitors, see how they do.

introduces several optimization strategies: the first one, choosing the right keywords, website target words in general of an enterprise, is divided into three categories, the regional brand word. Second, products, third, industry general words, these three kinds of words, the degree of competition is more and more big, more and more traffic can bring, general business owners are willing to say that you can do better in common industry terms, this is the right way, but some is not suitable.

today to share the theme will be divided into four parts: the first piece of friends. To understand the characteristics of enterprise website, the scale and its role.

then look at the enterprise website which module. For example, products, solutions, company dynamic, contact us, statement of law, or customer service service, in fact there Shanghai, the role of relatively large, relatively small some Shanghai dragon, this piece of red Shanghai Longfeng function is relatively large, this piece of green Shanghai Dragon Phoenix effect was relatively weak.

why do you say so? From Shanghai dragon, a website if you need to get the Shanghai dragon effect, need time to accumulate.

specifically a corporate Web site, there are five main types of Web sites and Shanghai dragon. The first second home page, column page, general words to enter the industry, third refers to the product page, the product page is usually used to optimize products, key enterprises, fourth pages of information, the general news release enterprise, or the enterprise’s industry news, hot industry generally optimized fifth, about us. We can help him optimize some enterprises in brand evaluation in keywords, such as a certain enterprise is good, understand the friend after next look to see how our counterparts, our Shanghai dragon to do good, how to do.

third moves. We will have four big optimization strategy.

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