third, each article must highlight the theme. I like writing today is the direction of writing methods, the original article Guantanamo, if I am here again talking about website optimization, ranking techniques, the website chain making method. Although Shanghai is the Dragon category, but the user must be confused, because of a problem, only focus on the different aspects and detail, can be more popular, people can feel after reading your professional and sincere, if what they think about anything, there is no fixed theme, this article has no depth, no get customer approval, only through a different argument, has always been closely linked to the writing theme, to make their own deep thinking, can you introduce the core argument to explain clearly.

second, writing is a kind of creative thinking is the basis of observation and. Especially enterprise class text, if you only through the product characteristics and product function is discussed, then later your writing ideas will be greatly limited, and finally become a source of water, and this time to extend and enhance our thinking of writing is very important, such as products for the user’s help is what? Stand in the user point of view, product users encountered in the process of what is the problem? In writing before constantly thinking and observing their real user’s purchase intention and demand, so as to expand their inspiration and inspiration from their usual accumulation, observation and thinking, and thinking of the accumulation process once found into the idea of writing. Writing state, inspiration will provide Everfount nutrients for our creation, we will make the idea of writing more fluent and clear Clear.

fourth, to carefully analyze their background user search keywords. The writing is not only to please the user, we also need to consider the transaction conversion Q >

website optimization we all know the importance of the original content, this point is self-evident, but a lot of the time we did not pay attention to quality of the original article how to write, we should pass those details to improve the writing level of their original content, only know the importance of no use, especially when many newcomers need is writing so, today I guide, to build their own original ideas and content analysis.

The current

first, the first step is to copy the original writing. Of course, this is a copy of the doorway, is not a simple copy and paste, I was the most commonly used approach is to find some of their related books, or product PDF, nothing else when to practice typing speed and training their writing consciousness, such as looking for some of the waste paper or directly in txt practice this copy of a week. In the process of re copying is to imitate others ideas, after a long time of practice, you can discard this way and form their own thinking, pay attention to copy the text is just practice is not to go directly to the website, but through practice promoted writing inspiration, culminating in their satisfaction with the original works.

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