has just started, ranking is quite stable, I did not pay attention to what is updated every day, the hair even, but after a week, ranking is not normal, fluctuations began, has been changed, in my heart is very disturbed. So repeatedly lasted for half a month. An update after half a month, I completely collapsed, originally ranking good site, now all the keywords in Shanghai and other search engines 200 pages can’t find, it makes me a touch of the mind, is not where I did not do a good job, then began to analyze the reasons for it.

point here, this is just one of my personal experience, does not mean that that station is not suitable for making grade two, I had considered a

08 years begin to contact the web, so far, do the station also has a 20-30, before is because had two level station loss, so now do stand generally do not use the two stations, in fact, by two with optimized directory is the same, we can see the station, walk there are a lot of column ranking is also very good, I have a station, was ranked quite good, but then thought to make web content more comprehensive, then consider the web site is to add a column or two meters with a new, after three to consider the last decided to select two level meters, two meters without why selected columns, then heart is because see peers have a station two level do very when, think you do not also be, so he decided to do a two station, which is The beginning of a nightmare…

is the webmaster of the site optimization, a discussion the most popular vocabulary, good website optimization, to get good rankings have some negative effects, but everything has its two sides, improper operation, will play a negative role. Then we will talk about how to avoid the wrong operation optimization process listen to a lot of senior webmaster, said that the station optimization can be divided a lot of policy two stations, the station optimization should be used as little as possible or not two meters, because of the small and medium-sized station weight was the bottom, if do a lot of two stations, weight will be scattered, so the small station is suitable for the optimization of the directory.

thought it was the beginning of link is a problem, but checked the friends even very good, did not see the webmaster to connect me, so I think is not two meters out of the strange, was also not clear the cause is not two meters, but think the site is no other change was good ranking how suddenly say no not yet. So I put two stand off, just started a few days, nothing changes, I think will take some time, so, what also didn’t want to, every day with the previous work done by. A week past, past a month ranked or not. Let me very depressed. After a week, ranking suddenly at the top of the first page of the last one, let my heart be like the work of the hands, not neglect, continue to adhere to the original update every day, and often sent outside the company, finally restored in the big update the The original ranking.

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