answer, consider the comprehensive, focusing on the theme of ADO

1. high quality content is not pure original;

love Shanghai know high quality standard answer:

3. neat layout, clear logic, regulate the use of punctuation, do not write typos.

High quality

summarized the following points from the above: Ke Xiping

love to know in Shanghai Shanghai love their own search engine platform still have higher weights in the other search engine platform, has a good ranking, there is no doubt that its content is of high quality. You know love Shanghai high quality content in the eyes of what is

is to transfer the weight. The common layout within the chain place, home page, channel home page, column page can be arranged on the inside pages of the important entrance and the latest articles, pages such as "a", "a" chain effect, relevant article recommended and popular articles recommendation etc.. Many sites will be used to label for each article label, so that the relevant content aggregation into a unified label page, and then in the whole.

content search engine once included, recognized will give itself a certain weight value. How to produce high quality articles, online search a lot, not repeat them here in this, Ke Xiping said to focus on high quality content under the eyes of love Shanghai.

The construction of internal links in


, to improve the quality of

2. high quality content should be concise, closely linked to the theme, in order to have the extension and description of some relevant knowledge, which is rich in content and comprehensive;


love Shanghai know the official given high quality standard answer actually Ke Xiping thinks that the criterion can also be used as a whole network of high quality content.

to regulate the use of punctuation, no typos; no answer words with "you" and "I", "hello", "thank you" and "dear" and "take" the emotional content of speech; answer does not violate the law, no advertising content.

also need to pay attention to:

recently found on the optimization of the website included the amount of fine, included rate reached more than 40%, but is not ranked, analyzed under the corresponding adjustment, the subsequent optimization effect will have to share out the. The following is about improving the website page weight view is valuable, there is nothing wrong with it, welcome to contact me.

answer the objective truth, if does not belong to the common sense of life, to provide a reference source; answer each question to be answered fully in place, have brief answer; popularize, let the questioner to understand and easy to understand.



the answer correct and detailed, can understand

two, internal link building


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