Although Android

bought snacks, the layout of the mobile products

for acquisitions, love Shanghai and snacks has been silent, but from the dim sum moved from innovation works, and love Shanghai spend 12 million acquisition figure elves, snacks if not wholly acquired, will also be holding strategy. I love Shanghai so interested in snacks, mainly because snacks as early mobile Internet products, grasp the relevant data of the initial users, and the product line and the ability of data mining gradually mature, the cooperation will be complementary.

snacks is not the same, first, its valuation is certainly not so strong, then, although the concept of mobile Internet mobile phone down, but the sum of two product lines, one can use the love of Shanghai, is a tool to optimize product line, Android master, as the representatives of snack consumption, second is the content of the product line, for the flow of data mining application.

optimization master products can help love Shanghai in the smart machine port one into the fold battle line, and dim sum data mining advantage, and also love Shanghai itself agree without prior without previous consultation services, especially mobile data mining more imagination, it will make mobile search has been suck love Shanghai to regain the opportunity.


said the recent actions of love Shanghai, everyone will think of Scindapsus released algorithm, this rule once launched, directly blocked the link trading platform, there are also some well-known platforms, such as Ali slightly. But this is not the only recent changes in the love of Shanghai, a lot of things to do in Shanghai love is low-key, low-key to layout, but it is worth mentioning that there is a lot of action of the strategic significance of the implementation of love Shanghai, and these messages may not arouse enough attention.

online shopping search, love sea system electric heart die

but the love of the acquisition of Shanghai snacks information is not to get everyone’s attention, but is all for love affair between UC and Shanghai are interested in. In fact, snacks and UC is not a complete level of the product, UC is mobile search, love Shanghai want it in order to better enhance the mobile search capabilities, but the price is too high, at least the industry rumors of UC valued at about $1 billion 200 million, the love is not a small number of Shanghai.

cool days of the failure was once considered to be a shame to love Shanghai, as Japan’s electricity supplier strength and Chinese search combination brother love Shanghai, cool days did not show their strength. It is beaten to the final launch point all a hideous mess, China market. But I want to say is love Shanghai for the electricity supplier peep has not stopped, because the love of Shanghai corporate culture, is itself a product search product fulcrum, love Shanghai want to do is fall in love with the sea, as a whole that covers the Internet enterprises, for the rapid development of the electricity industry certainly, love cannot be abandoned by Shanghai. And in February 6th online shopping search can be seen as another electricity supplier for Shanghai love >

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