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published no, I think of using Chrome incognito model. According to the official interpretation of the noble baby, content will not download the Incognito Mode to download records, all cookies will be automatically deleted after the launch of the browser. This can be obtained without the "personalized" search results, but also a little bit more depressed: I’m open after incognito search records will be remembered. For example, the first flag search, then search for California, we get the following results:

I first turn off the personalization, and search Windows Phone, and then open the personalization, the same search. The results are as follows: (on the left is no personal results, on the right is personal)

on the left side of the search results is personal, that will remove the personal right of the search results.


three is an arrow pointing to because of my noble baby + social relationships on to produce results. The first CNET article.

first, I think the logout account. I want to change because of the recent mobile phone, search Windows Phone in the noble baby, then ran his noble baby account, then the same search. Two search results were as like as two peas. It seems, noble baby search personalization (customization) is not only through the implementation of account, at least by cookies.

what happened: the original nobility baby is to provide "personalized search" this feature! Too much, I am so hard to make, noble baby actually own have this function. Login nobility baby account, you can see the following in search of time:

well, originally so simple, we can now formally do the experiment.

recently, more and more when I search in the nobility baby found some from my friends on the trail + nobility baby. Joy, but also disturbed. In order to clarify the noble baby what do change, I do a little experiment.

noble baby will remember my personal search records, then associate flag of California. This is the memory before the search function of the Never mind and the content of our discussion today, but I want to ensure the impartiality of the experiment. In fact, want to get no personal search results can be, as long as each time to re open a incognito on the line, but this is really too much trouble, and I was very lazy, so I want to find a more simple method.

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