first_imgAnyone who’s played a Smash Bros. game knows how intense it can get and how much stress it can place on a controller. Nintendo has even gone so far as to add support for and resurrect the best controller to play Super Smash Bros. with: the GameCube controller.There’s two versions of Super Smash Bros. heading to retail, though. The first hits store shelves on October 3 for the 3DS. Wii U owners will be kept waiting until the end of December for their version with GameCube controller support built-in (and costing $100 in a bundle). Japanese gamers have already got their hands on the 3DS version and it is breaking the Slide Pad. The rubber top either falls off or the plastic underneath breaks due to the stresses placed on it from repeated play.The only real answer to this issue is to be more careful and gentle with your 3DS/2DS, but that’s not easy to do when you’re engrossed in the game. So modder Loopy came up with an alternative solution: he modded a 2DS to allow a GameCube controller to be used for input.Here’s the mod in action with the controller being used to play Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition:Since Loopy’s mod appeared the same has been implemented for the 3DS:Granted, this isn’t a fix the majority of 2DS/3DS owners would be capable of or willing to  implement. However, it could give Nintendo the idea of actually supporting the GameCube controller for its handheld hardware in some fashion. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a few extra sales of GameCube controllers and converters.last_img

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