first_imgBlizzard has remained a developer focused on the PC gaming market, but with a growing console gaming community eager to play the company’s games. While Blizzard has always said it wants to eventually tap into console gaming, it looks as though it might finally be about to happen.A job listing has appeared on Gamasutra’s Job Connect website and Blizzard’s own job section looking for a “Senior Producer, Console Diablo III.”If the job title wasn’t enough to convince you, the description adds:The ideal candidate has prior experience in console game development and has a keen knowledge of how each discipline operates and interacts. Blizzard also has a requirement listed that at least one AAA console title must have been shipped by candidates while working in a producer role, showing they really do want someone with managerial experience to see Diablo III through to completion on consoles.Some other good news this week for gamers awaiting this game. Blizzard has released a new trailer showing off the Demon Hunter class:Read more at CVGMatthew’s OpinionThis is good news for console gamers as Blizzard looks pretty committed to getting the next Diablo on to Microsoft and Sony hardware at least. If the game sells well, which undoubtedly it will, it also lays the foundation for a trilogy pack to appear eventually, incorporating the first two games.The biggest challenge for the team working on this project will be getting the control system to work well with a joypad. Everything else is easily transferable from PC, but the control system is going to take some work and fine tuning. Even so, I doubt it will be as good as a keyboard and mouse combo.last_img

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