first_img 7 Horror Movies You Forgot Were GreatThe 11 Scariest Religious Horror Movies Stay on target We’re only on episode two and we already have an exorcism. Last season made us wait until halfway through to see Fathers Tomas and Marcus extract a demon. Of course, this isn’t the main demon we’ll be dealing with this season. The scenes at Andy’s foster house are still playing close to the chest as far as what’s going on. My guess: There’s more than one demon. That’s not really based on anything right now, except that it would explain the constant misdirection the story has thrown at us so far. The only thing we can be absolutely sure about is there’s something weird going on with this island.As a nice surprise, this episode doesn’t open with either of last week’s two main stories. Instead, we check in with Father Bennett. I’m so glad he’s still around. He seems to be the only one interested in solving the worldwide demon conspiracy, rather than focusing on individual possessions. Don’t get me wrong, the show needs those. Much of the horror comes from the classic formula of two priests trapped in a small room with a terrifying monster. The demonic conspiracy was a really interesting way for the show to expand its mythology and universe beyond just being a sequel to the first movie. Father Bennett is the driving force behind that overarching plot, and I’m glad it’s not being ignored in season two.Philip Craig, Kurt Egyiawan and guest star Torrey Hanson (Cr: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX)Bennett is now living in the Vatican, compiling evidence of church officials who’ve integrated with a demon. When he’s called to present his evidence before it’s ready, he knows something’s up. The demons have infiltrated the highest levels of the church. The cardinal who kidnapped Bennett last season is still here, and nobody believes he is possessed. He even drinks blessed saline solution to prove it. (Although, if a cardinal is possessed by a demon, does his blessing still make holy water?) It’s then we learn that Father Marcus was blamed for trying to kill the pope. The man who actually tried is seen as a fallen brother who tried to prevent the murder. Bennett has been keeping Marcus’ location secret from the church and feeding him information on demonic possessions in America.Speaking of, that exorcism isn’t going well. The woman’s husband and his buddies have the two priests tied up while his wife is taken to intensive care. He changes his tune real quick when she starts making scary noises and killing people. For the first exorcism of the season, this was much scarier than the show’s initial attempt last year. There was no going outside to take a break, no quarantining the possessed off where she can’t hurt anyone. She was in a hospital with people and she put her razor-sharp nail to work. That’s what made it so unsettling when the priests find her in the nursery, next to a murdered nurse, holding a kid. My one criticism of these scenes is they cut back to the foster house too much. I know they have to move that story along too, but during an exorcism, I want the horror to be unrelenting. Its pattern of show a scary thing-cut to unrelated scene let us off the hook too easily.Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera (Cr: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX)Of course, things weren’t all happy times at Andy’s house either, particularly as the episode went on. It starts with the family dealing with the fallout of Caleb’s adventure the previous night. The horror slowly ramps up over the course of the episode. Strange things are happening with Caleb, though it’s not entirely clear if he’s the possessed one. He takes a bite into an apple and spits it out. We see that it’s covered in maggots. We also learn that he believes Verity took him to the well at night and left him there. She denies it, angry at Andy for believing she would do something like that. And then there’s Grace. The creepiest little girl, who’s always standing in the hallway when Andy fights with someone. There’s something not right about her.Andy’s scenes aren’t short on baby horror either. Shelby accepts an invite from the farmers next door to watch a lamb being born. The birth doesn’t go well. Instead of a baby lamb, the sheep gives birth to a weird, deformed thing. The farmer kills it, and the next time we see Shelby, he’s running from something in the woods. As the episode ends, he’s gone back to get the deformed lamb-thing because the Bible says lambs blood will protect a house from evil. So he spreads some on Andy’s door. How much you want to bet he just cursed the house?John Cho (Cr: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX)The Exorcist dialed up the dread for its second episode, setting up some (hopefully) big things for the season to come. Father Tomas once again allowed the demon in as part of the exorcism, which let us see what it looks like for a demon to be pulled from someone’s body. That set off what looks to be the big conflict between the priests for the season to come. Father Marcus doesn’t trust Tomas’ new ability, and Tomas just tells him he’s afraid. Whoever ends up being right, Father Tomas is listening to the demon. Nothing good is going to come from that. Andy’s house continues to keep its answers just out of reach, which is only making things more suspenseful as it goes on. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get concrete answers anytime soon. If they use that uncertainty right, they’ll really scare the crap out of us this season. For now, I’ll be glued to the couch every Friday night. Especially now that Marcus and Tomas are headed to the Pacific Northwest.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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