first_imgStay on target Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseTop Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 After last week’s tense final scene where Dolores overcame her programming and was able to kill another host, last night’s episode gave us more of a slow burn. We learned more about why The Man in Black is looking for the maze, and we’re starting to see the consequences of “allowing” the hosts to keep their memories.The episode begins with Bernard interviewing Dolores about what happened at the end of last week. He discovers that Dolores has become suspicious about the world she’s living in. She says it feels wrong like there’s something underneath. Bernard tells her that a maze exists and if she can find the center of it, she’ll be free. She says she’d like that and wakes up right where she was last week: Next to William, holding her gun.Dolores isn’t the only host whose grown uncomfortable with her reality. Maeve is supervising the brothel when a guest shoots everyone inside. The park’s cleaners come in, collect all the bodies, reset the hosts and everything is back to normal.Evan Rachel Wood, Jimmi Simpson (Credit: John P. Johnson)Maeve hasn’t completely forgotten, though. The next morning, before her memory is erased, she draws a picture of one of the cleaners and goes to hide it under her floor. There, she finds out this isn’t the first time this has happened. The space under her floorboard is filled with drawings of the cleaners.We also check in with The Man in Black, who is still looking for the maze. His search for the place where the snakes lay their eggs leads him to a woman with a snake tattoo on her torso. When her posse ambushes them, he shoots two of the men, and he and Lawrence join her, hoping that the story behind her tattoo will lead him to the maze.We learn more about the nature of his quest. As we all assumed, he’s grown bored with the game of Westworld and is looking for something where the stakes are a little more real. He knows about Arnold, who we learned last week was one of the park’s original creators, who died in the park. The Man in Black thinks Arnold was working on one last story, one where death is a real possibility, and he wants to find it.Rodrigo Santoro (Credit: John P. Johnson)He learns that the woman’s mother was murdered by Wyatt and she fills in another part of the snake for every one of Wyatt’s men she kills. Thinking Wyatt is the next clue in his search, he leaves the woman and comes across Teddy. Miraculously, Teddy was not killed when he was ambushed by the death cult. Only tied naked to a cactus. The Man in Black cuts him down.As far as we know, Wyatt is a new addition to the park, part of Dr. Ford’s new story. Perhaps this means he and the death cult that attacked Teddy was always out there? Maybe Wyatt was part of Arnold’s last story. In a scene where Ford reveals how much he knows about Theresa and the rest of the “money people,” he reassures her that the story he’s working on isn’t a retrospective, as a large hill is destroyed behind them. Could he be finishing what Arnold started?Dolores is also looking for the maze now. As she travels with William, their party stops in a town and Dolores begins speaking with a little girl. It happens to be the same little girl who told The Man in Black “the maze is not for you” two weeks ago. Dolores notices that she is drawing out a map of the maze with a stick before a staff member comes to collect her for being so far from her loop. William assures the man that she’s with him and they travel on together.Chris Browning, Ben Barnes, Jimmi Simpson (Credit: John P. Johnson)William and Logan arrive at the bandit’s hideout, and William tells Dolores to stay behind, explaining that he can’t get hurt, but she can. They shoot up the place and capture the man they’re looking for. When Logan figures out that the man will lead them to what he calls “the best ride in town,” he convinces William to play black-hat for a while. Logan referring to Westworld as a game freaks Dolores out a bit.Finally, we check back in with Maeve, who has been searching for clues as to who the cleaners are. She learns that the natives worship them as spirits, making little carvings of them. When bandits attack the town, she has one of them cut into her stomach where she was shot earlier. When he fishes out a bullet, she realizes that she isn’t crazy and nothing she does really matter.By the end of this episode, we have two hosts going against their programming in different ways. Maeve has figured out that everything she does will be reset and is beginning to act like it. So now we have a new question going into next week: What happens when the androids figure out that anything they do will by wiped clean?Angela Sarafyan, Thandie Newton (Credit: John P. Johnson)Dolores is remembering things that happened to her and is starting to believe the world around her isn’t real. Now she’s searching for the maze, hoping it will give her a chance to be free from this world. Maybe that was the whole point of the maze to begin with. Maybe Arnold designed the maze for the hosts to prove they were human. That they could retain memories and learn from past experiences. That would explain why the little girl told The Man in Black that the maze wasn’t for him. It’s not for any guest. It’s for the Hosts.last_img

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