first_imgVehicular destruction is probably most associated with the Burnout games, but even Burnout: Paradise had its limits in this regard. The technological limitations of even that quite recent title meant that the Burnout cars were crunching in a wide and satisfying variety of ways. However, it was a well done system for deforming crashed cars, but hardcore players definitely noticed the repetition in wreck shapes.Bugbear Entertainment wants to change that, among other things, with their upcoming title Next Car Game. The maker of Flatout, Ridge Racer Unlimited, and Sega Rally Revo is no stranger to mad Mustangs and violent Vipers, so to drive home just how serious the team is about car destructibility, they’ve released a behind the scenes video all about their work in that area.It’s basically two and a half minutes of the same car crashing over and over — and damned if it isn’t entertaining.One of the things that makes the video so interesting is the fact that soft body physics are used to give the cars real deformation. In their own words, this means that cars will “have the right sized and shaped dent” when they run into an obstruction, or vice versa. No more rotating list of destruction animations; these cars will wreck as they really should.Bugbear is well acquainted with debris.The most interesting portion of the video shows a single care going through a series of rotating grinders, being broken down progressively more and more. Either they’ve built into the car models a truly dizzying number of pieces, or the engine is intelligently ripping apart the car’s body, as appropriate.A developer like Bugbear has seen the advantages of both licensed and unlicensed cars; with Sega Rally Revo they made a game with some of the most famous names is autosports, while with the Flatout series they’ve always worked with their own creations. Next Car Game will certainly have to be in the latter category, probably for the same reason as the Burnout series: automotive manufacturers are hesitant to be a part of games that will see their product continually maimed and defaced.Little else is known about this upcoming title, save that it will be heavily focused on crashing. It will, however, be a “PC first” development, with possible later versions for both current and next-gen consoles determined by how much money they are able to raise and/or make off the title.last_img

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