first_imgA piping hot pizza delivered right to your door could not have less in common with MS Paint, but artist Jonas Lund has created a site that puts them together in a deliciously fun way. At “Paint Your Pizza,” aspiring artists and hungry folks alike will be soon able to design MS Paint-style images and have them transposed onto real pizzas that will be delivered as ready to eat art (I’m using that term loosely).Paint Your Pizza grew out of a previous Lund project that allowed multiple people to collaborate in creating a simple works of art that would then be sold for an algorithmically-determined price. This venture was not terribly successful — only 3 of 3,500 paintings were sold. Lund decided to take the idea and add pizza, which history tells us tends to make everything better.If you visit Paint Your Pizza, you’ll be able to see some of the test pies that have been built from the simple MS Paint-like images. You will be invited to make a pizza right in your browser with a group of other pizza-lovers, or by yourself. Just pick a color (topping), and get to work.Before you start making dinner plans, be aware you can’t order any of the pizzas just yet. Lund is working with New York City’s Ray’s Pizza to get the actual deliveries worked out. However, these custom pizzas won’t come cheap. The estimated price for each pie will be $36 (not including tip). Lund hopes to partner with more pizzerias outside New York to expand the service, but it’s unclear if enough MS Paint doodlers will be interested to make the Paint Your Pizza viable.last_img

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