first_imgIf you simply cannot get enough of slaying evil, egg-stealing pigs  and you have finished all of the Angry Birds titles, we’ve found five games that will tide you over until Rovio decides to publish the next installment. While playing something else might feel strange at first, don’t worry, these aren’t low-budget, ersatz versions of the bird-catapulting game you love (for the most part). Trust us when we say that each is enormously fun in their own right… if you give them a chance!World of GooI can honestly say that World of Goo is one of the most original titles I have ever had the pleasure to play. Created by an independent duo of developers working in their basement, the title makes use of physics puzzles to challenge players to complete goals. Featuring stunning visuals and inventive gameplay, you are challenged in each level to complete what looks like a simple goal but may require a complex solution. How you finish each level is totally up to you, as the game gives you goo balls with different properties to play with.At first it might not seem like a game lie Angry Birds, but both prominently feature an environment that presents obstacles that you must overcome, physics puzzles, and a fair bit of trial-and-error.While we know that a lot of the appeal of Rovio’s hit title is the ease in which anyone can play, World of Goo is a bit of a deeper game in the mental sense, so young children may get frustrated. The title has received a ton of awards and has been downloaded millions of times on iOS and Android. Originally released as a PC title, World of Goo $9.99 on Steam, and is $4.99 on iOS and the Play Store.FraggerIf you’re looking for something less cerebral than World of Goo and are just wanting to mindlessly blow things up, then Fragger is the title for you. A blatant Angry Birds clone as far as gameplay and physics, the title places you in the role of a grenade-wielding hero looking to do away with your enemies. Each level presents you with a challenge on how to figure out the best method to blow up invaders with the least number of grenades used.This free title isn’t as deep as other games in this genre, but it’s a fun time-waster on your tablet or handheld device. If your strictly a PC gamer it’s available on the web via a Flash-based version. All versions are free to play, but have in-game purchases to get hints on solutions and other power-up goodies.OrbitalWhile Orbital may look simple, don’t be fooled. It’s a challenging title that fits the old cliche, “easy to learn, difficult to master.” Your goal is to launch orbs into the playing field, aiming them so that they hit other orbs that already exist. When you have either physically hit them or touch them with a shockwave five time, they burst to give you points. Here’s the challenge though: every time you launch and orb, it becomes another obstacle after it was a weapon for you. The similarity to Angry Birds is obvious, but has enough of a varied twist that the gameplay remains original.Originally released for iOS, the developers have made an excellent Android version that is identical to the original. Right now it has three different modes of play that will challenge you for a good amount of time. Again, not as deep as World of Goo but not as light as Fragger.Available for download for both iOS and Android, Orbital is priced at $3.00 which may seem a little steep at first. Once you start playing the game however, you’ll realize the amount of work that has gone into the title.Crush the CastleAt $0.99 it’s hard to go wrong with the title Crush the Castle. While it doesn’t look as polished as other titles in the genre, it’s has a satisfying gameplay experience where you use trebuchets to destroy your enemies’ castles. The physics are very similar to levels in Angry Birds where there are structures to knock down before being able to do away with those evil green pigs. Another simple casual style game, anyone can pick it up and be able to do well hand have fun. It includes a create-a-castle mode where you can setup structures that you want to have fun destroying.Crush the Castle is available to play for free on the web and on Android for $0.99.Pandas vs NinjasThe developer behind Pandas VS Ninjas are shameless when it comes to comparing their game to Angry Birds. With the exact same gameplay, the title will give you another set of levels to play through, only instead of birds you have a giant panda shooting baby pandas at pesky ninjas protected by various structures. There are two versions of the game, an ad-driven free download or a $0.99 premium offering that removes the various commercial banners.The biggest difference with this offering is that there is actually a BlackBerry version available for download in addition to the Android and Window Phone versions. Not something you see very often anymore.last_img

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