first_imgWant to build a laser project that will amaze your friends and could even make James Bond raise an eyebrow with interest? With just the right set of parts and tools you can convert a normal BIC Lighter into a pretty awesome small portable blue light laser lighter.All you need to start this project is to carefully remove the flint wheel, shield, and button in addition to the butane gas in the lighter. Then by using a multi-tool, you cut open the bottom of the lighter to make room for additional parts. These parts will include a blue laser driver, a blue laser diode, a momentary switch, a resistor and a couple of button batteries. Then after some wiring you install the new parts into the BIC Lighter Shell and reattach a modified lighter button. If all goes to plan you have yourself a pretty cool little portable blue laser capable of being used like a regular lighter.Just be sure to be extra careful and never point a blue laser at anyone or yourself for that matter.Read more at YouTube, via DEVOURlast_img

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