The fundamental reason the Tao do not earn money

a guest, my friends, I think now Amoy even Taobao is the biggest problem: the proportion of China online shopping population is not high, unlike the western developed countries; Taobao Alipay shopping needs, but only 10% of people have Alipay, the actual proportion may be lower, you hard promotion, users see, but he is not Alipay, may there is no desire to buy, because now Alipay also registered to the real name authentication, too much trouble! Even if it is to buy, but also through online bank transfer or other payment, not Alipay, it is very difficult to get income. read more

O2O is sinking and local communities will usher in new opportunities

[introduction] at present, the two aspects of resistance is becoming a driving force, boost O2O development is sinking trend, local life service community forum will usher in the development of new opportunities in the field of O2O.

Author: Director of quality research director and analyst Huang Yuanpu

consulting found that two things have recently been linked to the next step in O2O’s development:

the first thing is, the United States Mission Network in the evening of May 30, 2013 opened a new three or four line 14 city group buying business. Including O2O, group purchase enterprises although nominally covers a lot of city, but in a very long period of time they are in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a few big city’s big city daily; many businesses had to deal with another wave of O2O enterprises, from the group purchase coupons from ERP to micro-blog, WeChat promotion, all kinds of O2O Beijing, Shanghai enterprises put into the market of the red sea. read more

Yogurt machine ten brands list

for yogurt, a lot of people love to drink, and many people are willing to make their own at home, so this will require the advent of professional yogurt machine. What is yogurt machine? It’s a machine for making yogurt. The fermentation of milk to provide a constant temperature device, the temperature of 35-45 degrees, in this environment, a large number of probiotic bacteria, milk lactose into lactic acid, milk fermented yogurt.

The heating mode of

high quality yogurt machine is very important, not only through the method of stereo heating to make dairy heating more average, strengthening the taste of yogurt, but also through the temperature automatic computer to ensure the success rate of homemade yogurt. General yogurt fermentation time of 8 hours or so, in winter to extend one to two hours. Following with the small series to look at the top ten yogurt brands list. read more

Talk about the domain name system should have a common heart

recently, a lot of discussions have been made about the domain name system. In January 14, 2010, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued an announcement on the verification of the registration of registered domain names. Look at the announcement, the domain name registration information as the domain name rights, the right to change the information transfer certificate, is the domain name holder of legitimate rights and interests and the important basis for the protection of the premise of this provision is very good. read more

Short rental website Airbnb valuation of 3 billion U S dollars why did not appear in the country


know the idea of Airbnb as a short-term rental house? Airbnb is actually the abbreviation of AirBed and Breakfast (air bed and breakfast). At first, the two founders were unable to pay the rent, so they got several air beds in their apartment for rent to the San Francisco conference and couldn’t find a place to live. In fact, behind the startup hidden message: Airbnb is not just pinched out of business, they have a certain cultural background behind the support: for example, by the early Internet derived "Backpackers" is a good example. But if the model is moved directly to the country, this cultural span could well limit the market. read more

Online education online pricing for online education

for China Internet online education business boom, author Wei Yan I horse specially invited to the online education for many years old skin entrepreneurs, a system depth study on line education. In 2009, he founded the first 1 to 1 online education website in China. Now, he is famous for his services in setting up an online education website for an Internet gangster. The old skin and small Wei belong to dry cargo control, a series of articles will be modified so removed all the fancy and useless words, with clear logic and detailed data to support, to discuss the different aspects of the online education industry. read more

Enhance online store revenue the core is to try to figure out consumer psychology

open shop competition is very fierce, there are a lot of shop closed every year, of course, every year there are many shop sales continue to break the record lows, so as to attract a lot of the bright younger generation poured into the open shop in this industry, even if the current business tax has been suspended in the shopkeepers on the head, still can not offset the enthusiasm of shopkeepers. But operating online shops is for making money, and shopkeepers are not willing to spend a lot of time on their business interests. read more

Case Operation watercress station just like chasing a good girl in watercress

how to make their own official account attention on a platform, whether you are selling, talk about the facts, adorable bitch, said the hot, engage in activities or products, you have to comply with a rule, is to put a low profile, sincere to the object you’re attracted to communication culture, feelings. And the establishment of this relationship, as you have a heart to go after a girl, we believe that as long as there is enough patience and correct strategy, there should be no missing girl. read more

Analysis of independent blog from 300P to 3000P method

day to see Lu Songsong’s blog sidebar ads "help wanted to see the curious point in July statistics screenshot showing the IP every day at around 3000. After seven confirmed that Lu Songsong was also a blog daily visits over 10000! His eight hundred million Hot Blog Lou loose blog space and making a comparison, look at the 300IP to 3000IP where the gap.

analysis reasons:


failed to see the visitors’ antecedents of the Lu Songsong blog, we could easily speculate.

: the first regular visitors, Zhezhe personal speculation in 3000IP every day not less than 1/3 is like me often to see if there is no new article, almost every day to the day to set the iGoogle home page, and the ten often focus on the blog of RSS placed in the home, just open the first page see who update, then to read new articles. In the Google reader initial experience, this article has graphic instructions. These loyal visitors laid the foundation for Lu Songsong’s new article’s review. read more

Can share friends to steal

does, does, and has a problem.

, eight silver tongue, and is invited to beg bend over backwards, and finally managed to threats, launched several circles of hardcore users to share their collections in Hardcore players, no matter what the industry, ashes, players retain things in the computer, always will be particularly attractive, in the visible future, such things generally, industry players must have the necessary tools. The ashes were really good to share, but suddenly they had a problem. A * * *, no, that’s not polite, it’s too vulgar. Met a guy in a frenzy, maybe he’s the original creator of the video tutorial, or not at all. read more