Explaining the Time Value of Data

first_imgRunning Out Of Time….30 seconds remaining in the game up by 1 point my team is at the foul line. We go 1 for 1 on the free throws. Up 2 and the other team has the ball with 30 seconds. The opposing team takes the ball down the court as the clock expires and drains a 3 pointer.Game over!Time expired!The college basketball playoff season is a great reminder of the importance of playing to the clock. Did your team have more points than the opposing team when time expired?What about your data? Has time expired on the business value of your data?Does Data Expire?Most organizations are trying to wrap their head around how to make faster decisions based on their data. One of the quickest emerging trends is to use that data before their competitors even have a chance to react. This is where the concept of data expiration plays a key role. To prevent data expiration organizations must realize and execute on the business value of the data faster than the competition.Technologies Enabling Faster AnalyticsThe Internet of Things  (IoT) enables low powered sensors with an IP address to send data off to be processed. Imagine a washing machine connected to the internet. While it might be marvelous to manage the washing machine from a smartphone how about the ability for the manufacturer to monitor the machine’s performance. One day the analytics from the washing machine notices that a $10 part is failing. If the part is replaced quickly it could avoid the whole machine from needing to be replaced and prevent flood the laundry room. Next, the owner is sent an email is explaining the part needs to be replaced and coordinated list of available times. All of this is possible because the washing machine diagnostic files were analyzed before the machine failed.In Charles Duhigg’s ”Smarter Faster Better” he discusses how humans face information blindness when given too many choices. Organizations face the same problem when trying to analyze their data that is until recently. Machine Learning has given an organization the ability to sift through millions and billions of data points to find value in data. Early in my analytics career, I worked on a project to help systems administrators parse through proxy log files looking for bad actors. The administrators had an enormous task of sifting through millions to billions of log files. Most of the day to day work was only reporting on events some odd days or weeks after they occurred. Now with Machine Learning tools and software like Splunk, Tensorflow, Caffe, and others, those administrators can be alerted in real-time when security threats occur.Streaming Analytics allows for real-time analysis of data as it streams in. In the past analytical processing relied on batch systems using bound data sets. Batch processing tended to have long cycles to results that were out of date once processed. Now with processing frameworks like Apache Spark, Beam, Flink and others unbound infinite data sets are processed in real-time. Faster processing of the data is the feedback loop applications need to ensure business value is captured before the data expires.Capture Your Data Before Time Expires…..Our Story…..While time is expiring on this year’s NCAA Tournament and your team’s chances of a Championship, make sure the time value of your data doesn’t expire. Dell Technologies is strategically placed to help you capitalize on your data before the shot clock runs out. If you would like to know more, please contact us at Twitter at @DellEMCbigdata or email us at [email protected]last_img read more

E3 Witnesses the Birth of a Legend

first_imgWow!!! Since E3 started in 1995, I’ve been to 16 of them, and each year I’m still amazed how far gaming has advanced. Alienware was created one year after E3 started and much like the show, Alienware has also grown to be a trailblazing leader in PC gaming. This year at E3, Alienware will feature the latest Legend designed laptops and headsets since announcing the new ID at CES. In addition,  Dell G3 now has Game Shift to optimize your gaming experience in one button. But E3 is not all about our new rigs, we always want to cater to our community, and this year we have esports partnerships, display technology news, and other benefits sure to please our fans.I’m excited that visitors at this year’s E3 will be the first in North America to see and experience the newest Legend designed Alienware m15 an m17 laptops, recently announced at Computex 2019. This is the first time that Legend will be brought to Alienware’s thin & light systems, built for gamers who prioritize mobility without any compromises. But, laptops aren’t the only thing featuring the Legend design.The just announced Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset (AW510H) and Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset (AW310H) will not only join the rest of the already existing peripheral portfolio, like our Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset (AW988), but these two headsets will be the first to bring the Legend design to the portfolio – while still delivering unparalleled clarity, ultra-comfort and fully immersive audio experiences.Now, for you budget-conscious gamers, be sure to check out the newest member of our G-Series family, the Dell G3 15. We’ve been having a lot of fun with the new Game Shift feature that, with one button, enables maximum fan speed for optimal processor performance to support intense gameplay in short bursts. This newly debuted laptop is already supercharged with the latest 9th Gen Intel Core CPUs and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 16 series graphic cards. But the internal features aren’t the only thing getting upgraded.Alienware and G Series laptops have always offer various premium display options, but I’m excited that more systems will now offer our 144 Hz, 240 Hz, and OLED displays. Additionally, for the first time, we can talk about how our OLED displays include the industry-leading technology, Eyesafe®. For those of you who haven’t heard of Eyesafe® displays, it’s technology that maintains vivid colors while reducing potentially harmful effects of blue light exposure.Now, while all that is cool, E3 is more than just hardware announcements. It’s about everything gaming, including esports. Since the infancy of esports, I’ve made it a key priority for Alienware to invest and support esports. Educational institutions recognize this, and we are proud to help them infuse esports into their curriculum.  Along with the National Association of College Esports, close to 800 schools in North America belong to the High School Esports League and seek partners to help them develop varsity-level programs that can teach valuable STEM skills to students, whether playing or designing games. Committed to fostering tech literacy in youth, we’re taking this another step further with a new initiative, creating modular curriculum resources for K-12 school environments. You’ll hear more about everything we’re doing later this summer.Lastly, since its launch nine years ago, Alienware’s loyalty program, Arena Rewards, has benefited players across the U.S. – at E3, we announced its long-awaited expansion to Canada. Arena Rewards doesn’t require a purchase to earn points, which instead can be scored through games and community engagement. Dell Advantage dollars will be available to members in Canada later this Summer; however, Arena Rewards Points can be won today through daily and weekly quests. New Arena membership includes all the benefits of Dell Rewards and have access to game code giveaways, gaming news and more. Existing members can join Dell Advantage through their Arena account settings.Anyways, time to get the day started, it’s always great to come to E3 – seeing all those giant ads on buildings with gaming themes all around me – and getting to see everyone! I’d love to meet all of our customers and fans who made the trek out this year, so stop by the booth to meet the Alienware family. Our booth is at the entrance of the South Exhibit Hall (Booth #2301). But if coming to meet the team isn’t special enough, come visit just us to snag “first in line” privileges to play our partners’ latest AAA titles like Ring of Elysium, Zombie Army 4 and Rage 2. Our friends at Tobii Software will also be showing off their eye tracking technology on the Alienware m15, the first 15” laptop to integrate the technology. We’ll have a ton of other activities going on at the booth, but if you can’t make it to L.A., follow online at twitch.tv/alienware each day of E3 to get the latest updates or I’ll be sharing my personal experience on my Twitter handle, @AzorFrank.last_img read more

What’s Next for Management? Where Do We Go From Here?

first_imgManagement, in the meantime, continues to evolve: Hierarchy is out. Individual performance can’t succeed if not aligned to team values and objectives. Leaders should be more humble. These are just a few takeaways from a recent round table on ‘Innovative Management’.On September 19th, 2019, I had the honor and pleasure to participate in a round table on ‘Innovative Management’, organized by Montpellier Management, the business school of the University of Montpellier. The central topic? “When we talk about innovation, we very quickly refer to technology. Too often, we forget managerial innovation!”Key takeaways from the round table: On a personal note: I was very pleased to be the only male invitee around the table. Having been an avid promoter of #jamaissanselles for years, it’s good to see this is panning out. In a way, it’s a shame this fact still needs to be pointed out in 2019. Let’s all continue to promote #never_without_her (plural)! Even small changes in management practices can be innovative. While many business books emphasize the importance of ‘breakthrough and disruptive innovation’, when it comes to managerial innovation, radical changes aren’t always needed. A series of small steps taken regularly is often the wiser approach. It’s better to take team members along a journey than to make them jump from one rollercoaster to the next.Hierarchy is out. It’s better to emphasize what binds people within the organization, rather than to focus on hierarchy, roles or functional titles. As Françoise Nauton-Inglis, former General manager at Kaliop, said at the round table:  “Innovative management means harnessing the collective intelligence.” A good manager should give direction, not directions.Individual performance can’t succeed if it is not aligned to team values and objectives. Good managers empower people to try out new things and shine, but managers also need to ensure alignment with the values and objectives of the team. Irène Georgescu, professor at Montpellier Management, approached this in an original manner: “Learning from your mistakes is less important than learning from your successes.”Leaders should be more humble and above all drive values like openness and transparency. A direct and genuine management style fits best with this. I believe management has to be relevant and consistent. When it isn’t, it’s not management. And although this probably rings true to many of us, the numbers indicate we’re not there yet. 63% of leaders consider they walk this ‘new’ talk, but this is confirmed by only 29% of staff. As managers, we still need some practice!It’s up to every manager – and every organization – to take up this challenge. Within Dell Technologies, for instance, diversity and inclusion are placed centrally. One way we do this, is through reversed mentoring, where younger colleagues become mentors to more senior (often managerial) colleagues. This will become ever more important with the newest generations. Isabelle Bories-Azeau of Montpellier Management considers that Millennials will likely shift the balance: “Millennials adhere to a more ‘nomadic career’ spirit.” If you want to bring on board and keep the young talent of today, then as a company, you will have to provide a work culture that meets their needs as well. More complexity and more speed are what’s driving the ongoing disruption of businesses, and this greatly impacts people.You can’t make it in your own. Strong performance is a group effort. That’s why communication skills have become so important in business and why EQ (emotional intelligence) is trumping IQ.You need to develop and operate according a mid- to long-term vision. This enables people and businesses to create sufficient space for decision-making. It also means moving away from the pressure of quarterly reporting, which will take some time before we can get there.last_img read more

Russia rejects Western criticism over Navalny’s prison term

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) — Russian authorities have shrugged off protests against the jailing of top Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny and rejected Western criticism as “hysterics” as activists reported more than 1,400 new arrests. A Moscow court on Tuesday ordered Navalny to prison for more than 2 1/2 years, finding that he violated the terms of his probation while recuperating in Germany from a nerve-agent poisoning. The ruling immediately ignited protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg that followed massive rallies over the past two weekends. Speaking in court, Navalny denounced the accusations against him as fabricated and driven by President Vladimir Putin’s “fear and hatred.” He said the Russian leader will go down in history as a “poisoner.”last_img read more