Bread mould sex cures Aids?

first_imgNow there’s a headline we bet you don’t see every day. Before you get the wrong idea, we’re not about to suggest that rancid bread should be used as some kind of – frankly unthinkable – contraceptive device.No, we’re talking about the sex the mould has among itself. It turns out that the bacterial coupling that can transform your lovely loaf into a white, furry mess within a week, could hold the secret to curing the uncurable diseases of our times.A University of Missouri scientist says that the way the cells reproduce in bread mould may lead to precise “targeting” of unwanted genes, such as those from the HIV virus, and effectively “silence” them.Patrick Shiu, assistant professor of biological sciences, says: “Knowing the process of how DNA in moulds is targeted for silencing could be important for silencing genes you don’t want to be expressed, like disease-causing genes.”How about that? The staff of life clonks death on the head.last_img read more

Chatwins moves over to Fairtrade

first_imgSouth Cheshire bakery, Chat-wins, has made the switch to Fairtrade in all its 20 coffee shops and four lounges.The family bakery, which hadn’t previously used Fairtrade products, now serves Fairtrade teas, filter coffee and fresh ground coffee, as part of its pledge to offer “quality with justice”.One of the towns that Chatwins is based in, Alsager, has become a Fairtrade town, and approached the bakery around 12 months ago with the idea about changing to Fairtrade. Chairman Edward Chatwin explained: “We spent time looking into it, and the issues with working conditions in the developing world.” He added that this fell in line with the company’s ethical stance.The Fairtrade products, supplied by MCS Coffee, have been in-store for about a month, while existing stock was cleared.last_img read more

Marco avoids going stale

first_imgMarco Beverage Systems has added the Maxibrew Freshcup to its product range. The bulk filter coffee brewer is programmed to dispose of stale coffee after a pre-set period of time, to avoid customers accidentally being served old coffee.The twin-urn coffee brewer is designed to aid busy staff who may not get around to disposing of stale coffee as often as needs be. It is fitted with a variable timer, and will dump the stale coffee mixed with cold water into the plumbed drain. The urn is then rinsed before a new batch can be brewed. The urn will only dump the old coffee if a replacement brew is available in the other.The urns are 11.5 litres in size and offer a full and half-brew facility. There is also a separate hot water facility with an immediate draw-off of up to 8.5 litres. Newly brewed coffee is kept hot by the twin-walled insulated urn, which is surrounded by hot water.[]last_img read more

In my world

first_imgUmer Ashraf is a young entrepreneur who owns the Glasgow-based iCafé chain of shops. He recently opened smoothie and juice bar Paradise Bay in Oban, on Scotland’s west coastI recently got nominated for a Career Award at the Young Scottish Ethnic Achievement Awards. The competition was stiff and I didn’t win it, but being a finalist is an achievement in itself. Upon reflection, though, with everything that has been happening recently in my personal life as well as in the business, I have realised some very important things. The first one is having a goal. This is very important. In business, some may call it “short-term planning” or “long-term strategy”. Whatever terminology, the principles are the same.Around this time last year, I planned my New Year’s resolutions for 2009. One of my business goals for iCafé was to open a 2,000sq ft flagship shop and I am pleased to say that, despite some setbacks and tough trading times, we have still managed to achieve this. Our doors opened last week.We have taken everything we have learnt in the past three years since the birth of iCafé and incorporated it into this new store on Woodlands Road, which will provide spacious seating and an excellent platform for us to open other stores in Glasgow and its suburbs. One of the other “goals” we had was to go up a notch on branding. Despite rising prices, slow business and generally tough trading conditions, we decided to go for it. Many independent firms keep their marketing budget very tight during tough trading times, but if you want to stand out, you need to focus on this department even more budget allowing, of course. Just like many others, we didn’t have the budget for it, but we managed to make savings elsewhere in order to allow us to achieve this goal. It’s a case of setting priorities. Ours was branding, yours might be changing the food menu, increasing the management team or simply increasing sales revenue without the need to “brand” certain items or products.What worked for me was having a good solid team who understood the challenges and were very adaptable to change. I do appraisals at this time of year. I think it is important to write some goals together with the team, so they have a focus for the year ahead. That way, we are both clear on what needs to be achieved and the New Year period acts like a “catalyst”.I will provisionally book my holidays at this time of the year. It may be July, March, November or any other month for that matter. But I will also put down things that need to be achieved before this holiday, which gives me a target to meet. This is also a good time to put expiry or renewal dates for contracts, service agreements, insurance and other management fees in the diary, so we can shop around to get the best deals. If I don’t do this now and that renewal notice comes in during the year, we are sometimes too busy and overlook it. By doing this now, while things are fairly quiet, iCafé has managed to save over £3,489 compared to 2008. This is a phenomenal figure, which we can use some other way.I hope these thoughts help you plan certain aspects of your business more effectively and I wish you all a prosperous and joyful 2010.last_img read more

My Career

first_imgRobert Done, head of sales & marketing UK, Tromp Bakery EquipmentWhat is your current job and responsibilities?I look after sales in the UK and Ireland from my office in Shrewsbury and travel around the country four days a week, visiting customers and developing new business basically with the aim of selling more Tromp machines. I enjoy the job and it keeps me very busy.How did you get into the industry?I started working after school at Whitfield & Noden craft bakery in Winsford, Cheshire, and stayed there for four years, doing my bakery certificates on day-release at Hollings College in Manchester.I then moved to Roberts Bakery in Northwich, where I worked with bread, pastry and confectionery, and was even sent to the Richemont School in Switzerland on a course.Can you chart your career progress after that?I came to London to work at Allied Bakeries, running the confectionery department, then became factory manager when this evolved into a frozen food department. After a number of years, I decided to move back up north with my family and took a job running an in-store Tesco bakery. I was promoted to a regional bakery executive then made the move into sales first with Machinery Collette, then Cox Denholm, then Rondo. After that, I wanted to fulfil a dream by opening my own bakery Beehive Bakery in North Wales which had three shops and was a good wholesale business. But ultimately we suffered from the bread price war and the business closed. I went back into sales with JBS, then at Auto-Bake where I got made redundant from my post of European sales manager last year. I then started working for Tromp last October.What has been your career highlight to date?I had always aspired to own my own bakery and I’m really proud of that. I’m also proud that I’ve worked in the bakery and food business all my working life and I’m now nearly 60. I plan to carry on for a few years yet, as I believe the baking industry is one of the best to work in people have always got to eat. If you’re prepared to work at it, you can find yourself a good opportunity.last_img read more

McVitie’s builds on festive celebration

first_imgUnited Biscuits (UBUK) has revealed its new line-up for the festive season, which includes a number of major biscuit launches. New for Christmas 2010 are: a McVitie’s Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Selection; McVitie’s Festive Faces jam ’n’ cream-filled biscuits; and McVitie’s Family Favourites Selection which includes Penguin, Club and Iced Gems.Meanwhile, its Jacob’s Heritage cracker tin, and Jacob’s Savoury Biscuit Selection have had a packaging revamp.Nick Stuart, commercial manager at UBUK commented: “Biscuits and snacks are two of the strongest performers at Christmas and they continue to be must-stock categories for retailers. While consumption in home accounts for the majority of sales in both categories, gifting ranges continue to be a key sales driver.”McVitie’s Cake Company will also see some new launches including McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Cranberry & Orange Cake Bars; McVitie’s Christmas Festive Fruity Spice Cake; and Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses Cake Bars. Penguin yule logs will be making an appearance again this year. The firm said seasonal cake sales in 2009 grew by 3%, with sales of small seasonal cakes particularly strong, growing at 42%.last_img read more

Tesco versus Hovis: Viewpoint

first_imgIt is a massive industry spat! Tesco the retail giant, described in the press last week as making £6,000 profit per minute, has delisted 11 Hovis lines because the bread baker has made clear its need to impose a price rise.It is easy to be envious of Tesco’s profits and forget its tremendous talent in retailing. But you’d also be blind not to have noticed the recent rise in UK and global wheat prices, due to floods, drought, hoarding of stocks and hedge-fund betting.It is not easy walking away from a customer like Tesco; it takes courage and principles. It is also easy to forget that British bread is among the cheapest in Europe and, like that other staple, milk, is often under-priced.Much has been made in the national press of the fact that Hovis’ parent company Premier Foods has £1.4bn debt. But the price rise for Hovis is about much, much more. It is about retailers wanting quality loaves, it is about investment in innovation (lots of that on the Hovis front), it is about supporting the brand in the media, it is about updating old plants to produce the wide choice of breads retailers demand and it is about passing on price rises in commodities such as flour that would cripple plant bakers if they were merely absorbed.Above all, it is about paying a fair price for a fair product – and in this case recognition must be given to the fact that Hovis supports British farmers by using 100% British wheat. Hovis’ presence on the shelves also keeps competition healthy alongside the two other major brands – Kingsmill, Warburtons – and other smaller ones.Amid all the rhetoric for and against the need for an ombudsman, it would be interesting to know what such a figurehead would contribute to the dramatic impasse. At two conferences I attended earlier this week, the British Society of Baking in Warwickshire and the Irish bakery conference in Belfast, the prevailing comments were that everyone needed to make a profit, not just a certain supermarket.On a softer note, Hovis is also supporting the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal, giving 4p from every Hovis Seed Sensations loaf sold between now and 16 November. It would be a shame if this worthy cause were to lose as much as a penny.last_img read more

Bakels’ Chia corners health conscious

first_imgBakery ingredients supplier Bakels has launched a new bread concentrate, helping bakers to further reach health-conscious consumers.The Chia Bread Concentrate is based on the superfood Chia and its plant seeds, which are high in Omega 3, contain eight essential amino acids as well as high levels of essential fatty acids.Pauline Ferrol, national sales controller of British Bakels, said: “There can be no doubt that bakers will be able to sell Chia bread on its healthy properties – but what will get consumers coming back time and time again is the great taste.“We launched Country Oven Low GI Multiseed Bread some eight years ago, based on the fact that it is a great-tasting bread that is good for you. It is now our top-selling bread concentrate, offering our customers a first-class selling price and great margins. Chia bread also tastes good and has a very healthy image. We are convinced that bakers who launch this bread will be on to a real winner.”The Chia plant – also known as salvia hispanica – is native to Mexico and South America and is considered a “super food” because it is a complete source of macro-nutrients. The European Union approved Chia seeds as a novel food in 2009, allowing use up to five per cent of bread’s total matter.Ferrol added: “It was Australian Bakels who first developed Chia Bread in the group, and initial sales of Chia Bread have been even higher than Multiseed when it launched there. Just as we were first into the UK with Low Gi bread, so we are first with Chia Bread – we’re convinced this has the potential to be every bit as big.”This is the third major healthy bread launch by British Bakels, joining the company’s Multiseed and Oat & Barley bread. Chia Bread has a usage of 50% of dough weight and is available in 12.5kg sacks.last_img read more

City of Elkhart issues directives to its employees in light of coronavirus concern

first_img Facebook WhatsApp CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Google+ By 95.3 MNC – March 14, 2020 0 511 Facebook (Photo supplied/City of Elkhart) The City of Elkhart has constructed a plan of action to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).The city issued a news release on Saturday, March 14, stating:We are committed to being proactive to stop the spread of this virus and know that the recommended sanitizing and social distancing procedures are key to achieving this end. This plan will evolve as we gather additional information, and we will adjust our measures accordingly. To ensure we have the most up-to-date information we have assembled a taskforce and are in constant contact with one another.For now, here are the policies we have implemented for the City of Elkhart and its employees:• We have cancelled or rescheduled events of 75 people or more• We have implemented sanitizing procedures are in place for all buildings and facilitiesthat are in line with the guidelines set forth by the CDC• Cancelled all city meetings except City Council, Board of Public Works, RedevelopmentCommission, Parks & Recreation Board and those that need to be held to remain incompliance with state statutes• The Council Chambers at City Hall have been rearranged to maintain social distancingbetween attendees• All employees are not to travel outside of Elkhart County for work and are encouragedto stop non-essential travel outside of the county• Until further notice, parks and recreations activities are cancelled, including and theTolson Center• We are in contact with the agencies that serve our most vulnerable populations and willensure they have access to safety protocols as prescribed by the CDC• Please purchase supplies in moderation to ensure all of our residents can have access tonecessary items.• As you have heard many times, but bears repeating, wash your hands as often as youcan, for at least 20 seconds; stay home when you are sick; stay at least 6 feet away from other people; contact the health department and your doctor if you develop symptoms Google+ Pinterest Pinterest City of Elkhart issues directives to its employees in light of coronavirus concern Twitter Twitter WhatsApp Previous articleCoronavirus fears close all gaming and racing operations in Indiana on MondayNext articleCoronavirus case reported in LaPorte County 95.3 MNCNews/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel is your breaking news and weather station for northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.last_img read more

Elkhart receives a $200,000 grant to help with the new Tolson Center

first_img Google+ Twitter Pinterest Pinterest WhatsApp IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market WhatsApp Facebook Elkhart receives a $200,000 grant to help with the new Tolson Center Twitter Previous articleTrader Joe’s is coming to South BendNext articleMichigan woman arrested after near head-on crash with Indiana State Trooper Tommie Lee Google+ (Photo supplied/ABC 57) The Community Foundation of Elkhart County has received a Lilly Endowment Grant.The Foundation has received a $200,000 Community Leadership Grant as part of the latest phase of the endowment’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow initiative.The grant will allow for the continued planning of a new and improved Tolson Center and Park. The planning process has resulted in a collaboration between the city, the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, and the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce to move forward with an $11 million project to rebuild and upgrade the center with the help of generous donors. Facebook By Tommie Lee – October 5, 2020 0 293 last_img read more