One of the six resigners distances himself from Emili Rousaud

first_imgIn addition, he defended the current Board: “We are in times of special difficulty. My fellow Board members and club executives have to face a major challenge. I am aware that they are putting everything into trying to minimize the damage that this pandemic is causing. I give you my support and encouragement to continue working. “Calsamiglia urges the club president to” order the club, the commissions, appoint new positions and rearm to face this challenge. “Calsamiglia makes it clear that it is “a sad day” and that his resignation is based on personal issues and some “discrepancies” in the way the club is run. But he made it clear that he does not align himself with Rousaud in his accusations against the Board. “We all have to work together in the same direction. ‘Tous units fem força’. It is true that I am not an example of this slogan, but I ask all Barcelona fans, players, employees, managers, executives, future candidates, the media , to look ahead and make it possible to achieve the goal of returning to the place we were in. Then it will be time to review what has been done well or badly and, at home, address the folders that we have yet to close. “ Jordi Calsamiglia, one of the six former Barça executives who resigned this Thursday, published a statement this Friday in which he explicitly outlines Emili Rousaud, the former vice-president who made harsh accusations, insinuating that someone from the current Board has gotten in ” hand in the box. “ “For reasons of opportunity, I considered presenting it in a coordinated manner and in unity with the other colleagues on the Board who had decided to resign, but that does not want to decide that they share the same reasons,” he began.“After listening to Emili Rousaud’s statements in various media, I want to express my total disagreement with the public accusations that affect the honesty and credibility of the Barça Board of Directors and of each and every one of the accusations of its members. . This is not the time to make public accusations regarding events that are being the subject of an external audit and that will be presented at the appropriate time and before the Board, “he explained.last_img read more